CATERPILLAR Fault Codes (DTCs) list

By | 05/06/2018

CATERPILLAR Fault Codes (DTCs) list

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Title File Size Download Link
Caterpillar 320C/330C Fault Codes.pdf 209.4kb Download
Caterpillar CID MID FMI Fault Codes.pdf 771.6kb Download
Diagnostic Flash Codes For CAT C15 & C18 Engines.pdf 582.8kb Download
IT938G Caterpillar 38G II Fault Codes.pdf 124.4kb Download

12 The sensor of the level of the cooling liquid is not working,

13 fuel temperature sensor not working,

14 in the motor brake system malfunction,

21 the sensor power supply circuit is faulty,

24 oil pressure switch not working,

25 the charge pressure sensor is not working,

26 the gauge of atmospheric pressure not working,

27 sensor the temperature of the coolant is not working,

28 the accelerator pedal is not calibrated,

29 cruise control fault in the chain,

31 speed sensor not working,

32 the accelerator pedal is faulty,

34 the crankshaft position sensor is not working,

35 high engine speed alarm,

36 the speed sensor readings are incorrect,

38 air temperature sensor. in the intake manifold is not working,

41 additional speed alarm,

42 it is necessary to calibrate the dcp sensor,

46 oil pressure is below normal,

47 engine stop in power take-off mode or idle,

51 is not a stable voltage for the controller,

55 there is no malfunction,

56 check the controller configuration,

59 controller program failure,

61 temp. coolant high,

62 level of cooling liquid. low,

64 in the intake manifold, the air temperature is high,

65 the fuel temperature is too high,

66 the output from the controller is not working,

67 the output from the controller is not working,

68 there is no signal from the gearbox controller,

71 the ignition feed is lost,

72 cylinders 1 or 2 do not work,

73 Cylinders 3 or 4 do not work,

74 cylinders 5 or 6 do not work,

92 electromagnet of the drive

72 cylinder 1 or 2 do not work

cylinder 3 or 4 do not work

74 cylinder 5 or 6 do not work

92 Inlet valve solenoid valve 1 or 2 cylinders not working

93 intake valve actuator solenoid 3 or 4 cylinders not working

94 intake valve actuator 5 or 6 cylinder not working

95 Malfunction of the oil pressure sensor in the intake manifold system

97 solenoid malfunction in the intake valve drive system

98 malfunction of the solenoid of the coolant overflow valve

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