Dongfeng Tractors Owner’s Service Repair Manuals PDF

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Dongfeng Tractors DF-254G2 / 304G2 / 354G2 / 404G2, DF304G2-E / DF404G2-E / DF504G3-E , ZB25 / 35 / 45  operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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The Dongfeng Chinese concern is one of the most famous in the world for the production of equipment for farms. For more than 50 years, the company has been producing tractors and equipment for them.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, a multi-stage system of control in production, and a successful design, tractors have gained wide popularity not only in their homeland but throughout the world.
Numerous diplomas and awards that the Dongfeng technique conquered once again prove its quality. The lineup is represented by machines with three and 4-cylinder engines, which are characterized by power and traction. The company’s specialists are constantly working on the modernization of technology, so they have achieved significant results in lowering the level of noise and vibrations.

Dongfeng DF-240

The Dongfeng DF-240 mini tractor is a compact model equipped with rear-wheel drive and a three-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 24 hp. The professional level unit was developed specifically for large farms. The front axis is parted, which allows you to adjust the track.
The model is characterized by two -a speed power selection shafts, separate brake pedals, and the presence of the front and rear mounting mechanisms. The ergonomic instrument panel provides all the necessary information about the unit. The driver’s place is equipped with increased comfort, so the driver will be able to work almost without breaks.

Dongfeng 244

The Dongfeng-244 mini-tractor is equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine with a working capacity of 24 hp, which allows you to cope even with the most difficult work, including plowing virgin lands in large areas and solving various construction problems. To facilitate the control of the device, the steering wheel is equipped with a hydraulic wrap.

Soft, adjustable sitting provides comfort to the driver during operation. The model is equipped with a stand, which is designed to attach a front loader.

Among the features of the configuration can be distinguished:

  • Powerful hitch.
  • Brake pedals on different wheels.
  • Front cargo.
  • The presence of a parking brake.
  • VOM with two speeds.
  • The presence of 2 hydraulic pumps.

Dongfeng DF-244s

A mini tractor DF-244C differs from the previous model by the presence of a comfortable cabin, in which it is convenient to place not only during the spring-autumn period of work but also in winter. An attractive appearance hides excellent technical characteristics.

A powerful diesel engine with 24 horses is characterized by gravity and is able to develop speeds up to 50 km/h. Wheel formula 4×4, together with the power steering hydraulic power steering, allows you to easily control the machine on any off-road. The gearbox has four front speeds and one rear.

Dongfeng DF-404s

The mini tractor Dongfeng DF-404C is an all-wheel drive model that is equipped with the most powerful engine in the ruler-40 horsepower. This professional-level unit is designed to solve a wide range of problems. There is a stand for fastening the front loader. The brake pedals are divided into each wheel separately.

To use hinged equipment, a power selection shaft with two speeds is installed, and the equipment mount itself will not take much time.

Attractive appearance and excellent technical characteristics make a tractor in demand in the market for agricultural equipment. A sealed cabin is heated, giving the driver the opportunity to feel comfortable in any weather. An excellent display from all sides opens from the cab. Side glasses open, carrying out additional ventilation of the space in the warm season.

Dongfeng DF-404

On this page you can find Dongfeng DF-404 manuals also.

The mini tractor Dongfeng DF-404 repeats its fellow, with the only difference being made without a cab. This is largely reduced by the reduction of the unit.

Dongfeng DF-404


The presence of all-wheel drive and power steering increases the maneuverability of the tractor. Significant weight and powerful engine did not particularly increase the dimensions of a mini tractor. The advantages can be attributed to a low level of noise, vibrations, and fuel consumption. For the use of attachments, a hinged three-point system is provided.

Dongfeng 354

The Dongfeng-354 mini tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine operating on a diesel engine. A feature of the model is a heating cabin, which makes it possible to work with comfort on a tractor, even in the cold. Additional convenience is ensured by the convenient location of all controls, as well as pedals.

The presence of hydraulic steering and equipping a 4×4 wheel formula gives high maneuverability to the mini tractor. In order for the tractor to be used for various agricultural work, the design provides for a power shaft with two speeds. On the unit, it is convenient to move not only along the country roads but also along the roads for general purposes because it installed overall lights, front light headlights, and spherical rear views.

Dongfeng 354d

The Dongfeng-354D mini tractor is a simplified version compared to the previous model. The differences are not significant and are only in the absence of a cab and a lower speed of rotation. Otherwise, the unit fully repeats its fellow.

Liquid cooling, built-in protection against random launch, and a hydraulic steering wheel enhancer make a model easy to control. Wheel formula 4×4 allows you to maneuver even in a small area. Despite the fact that there are no cabs in a mini tractor, the workplace is fully adapted to the driver with maximum comfort. All controls are located in the access zone.


Carrying out a set of measures, the purpose of which is to prevent the premature failure of the engine and the tractor as a whole, is called running-in. It does not take much time, but its necessity is obvious. The condition of all parts becomes better because, during the running-in, the lubrication and grinding of the surfaces of the parts occur.

  • Run the engine and let it work at low speeds, gradually increasing them. In order to complete the engine it takes only half an hour.
  • To carry out the run -in the tractor, it is necessary to follow the plan given in the operating instructions.
  • Important! After running in, it is necessary to drain the used oil and dispose of it according to the safety rules and without a threat to the environment.
  • You can not operate the engine when the fuel filter is removed.

You can acquaint yourself with the instructions for the Dongfeng tractors on this page.

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