Mercedes Benz MB-trac Technical Specifications, Brochures and Parts Catalog PDF

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Mercedes Benz MB-trac 1100, 1300, 700, 800, turbo 900, and 1000 models: technical manuals, technical specifications, spare parts manuals & catalogs, free download PDF

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Mercedes Benz MB-trac 1100 / MB trac 1300 Brochure & Specifications [PDF] 4.9Mb Download
Mercedes Benz MB-trac 700 / MB trac 800 / MB trac turbo 900 / / MB trac 1000 Brochure & Specifications [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
Mercedes Benz MB-trac tractors & truck Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 1.4Mb Download

The provided documents are brochures and specifications for various models of Mercedes Benz MB-trac tractors and a spare parts catalog for both tractors and trucks. The brochures and specifications include details about the MB-trac 1100, 1300, 700, 800, turbo 900, and 1000 models, including technical specifications, features, and images. These documents may be useful for individuals or businesses interested in purchasing or learning more about these Mercedes Benz tractors or for those who need to reference technical information for maintenance and repairs. In addition, the spare parts catalog provides a comprehensive list of available replacement parts for the MB-trac tractors and trucks.

Mercedes Benz MB-trac tractors

Benz and A. Ritter established a metallurgical workshop in 1871, which marked the beginning of Daimler-Benz. After eight years, Karl developed the first internal combustion engine and submitted a patent. Finally, in 1908, he started the production of tractors under the WiB and Daimler brands. In the latter instance, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, who eventually joined forces with Benz, was the developer.

A new era in the creation of tractors under the German brand started in 1972. Representatives of the Mercedes corporation considered developing equipment for the agricultural industry in the late 1960s of the 20th century. Before it, Unimog was in demand, but it was nearly never utilized in agriculture and is more geared towards the road sector. Competitors like Volvo, Fiat, Sterv, and others were gaining ground simultaneously.

The Mercedes-Benz Trac 65 was the first tractor in this line; the figure shows the engine power. It was constructed using the renowned Unimog’s ladder frame and four-wheel drive. The potential of manufacturers has resulted in developing over 15 models with various engines and transmissions.

During the release, Mercedes-Benz was able to develop at least 20 tractor types for the road and agricultural markets. A truck and tractor combination known as the Unimog first appeared in 1951, following the war’s end. The first 400th edition was supplied all over Europe as a helper for building projects, agricultural support, harvesting, fire extinguishing, etc.

The following MB Trac models were subsequently made available:

  • The MB Trac 65/70 is a comfortable work machine for big businesses.
  • The 1980 release of the MB Trac 1500 quickly gained popularity. A 150 HP, 6-cylinder engine is included. Conditionally categorized into heavy (442.443), medium (442.443), and light classes (441).
  • MB Trac 700-1600 comes in eight versions and has been produced since 1987. They are employed in construction, forestry, and agriculture.
  • MB Trac 1800 Intercooler, a new Mercedes-Benz tractor model and a modified version of the 1600 type, was unveiled in Hannover from June 13–17, 1990.
MB trac Manuals PDF

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