Komatsu Forklift Service, Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manuals PDF

Komatsu forklifts AX20 Series, BX50, FG20 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35-16, FD20 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35-16, Komatsu FG10 / 14 / 15 / 18-17, FG15H / 18H-17, FD15 / 18, FG40Z-10 35 / 40 / 45 / 50A-10, FD40Z(Y)-10 35(Y) / 40(Y) / 45(Y) / 50A(Y)-10: owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Komatsu Forklift Service Manuals Free Download

Title File Size Download Links
Komatsu Forklift Parts Catalog.doc 185kb Download
Komatsu AX-Series Forklifts Parts Book [PDF] 31.8Mb Download
Komatsu AX20 Series Forklifts Service Manual [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
Komatsu Ax50 FD FG 10 / 15 / 18-20 Parts Catalogue [PDF] 12.4Mb Download
Komatsu BX50 Forklift Trucks FG20 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35-16, FD20 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35-16 Parts Manual [PDF] 47.3Mb Download
Komatsu CX-Series Forklift Trucks FG40 / 45-7, FG50AT2-7, FG35S / 45S-7, FG35BCS / 45BCS-7, FD40 / 45-7, FD50AT2-7 Parts Manual [PDF] 21.3Mb Download
Komatsu CX20 Service Manual [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Komatsu CX50 Series Shop Manual [PDF] 23Mb Download
Komatsu FD-, FG-series Forklifts Shop Manual [PDF] 11.1Mb Download
Komatsu FG10 / 14 / 15 / 18-17, FG15H / 18H-17, FD15 / 18 Shop Manual [PDF] 15.6Mb Download
Komatsu FG10 / 15 / 18-20, FG15H / 18H-20, FD10 / 15 / 18-20, FG20 / 25 / 30-16, FG20H / 25H-16 Shop Manual [PDF] [PDF] 12.3Mb Download
Komatsu FG20 / 25 / 30-14, FG20H / 25H30H-14, FD20 / 25 / 30-14, FD20H / 25H / 30H-24, FD20J / 25J / 30J-14 Forklift Trucks Shop Manual [PDF] 16.7Mb Download
Komatsu FG25T Workshop Manual [PDF] 10.2Mb Download
Komatsu FG25T-14 Operation & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 15.9Mb Download
Komatsu FG35 / 40 / 45-7, FG35Z / 40Z-7, FG50A-7, FD35 / 40 / 45-7, FD35 / 40 / 45-8, FD35Z / 40Z-8, FD50A-8 Operation & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 3.4Mb Download
Komatsu FG40Z-10 35 / 40 / 45 / 50A-10, FD40Z(Y)-10 35(Y) / 40(Y) / 45(Y) / 50A(Y)-10 Parts Book [PDF] 12.2Mb Download
Komatsu Forklift Hydraulic System – Service Manual Part 2 [PDF] 3.6Mb Download

Komatsu Forklift Manual PDF

The very first Komatsu forklift was born in 1945. After that, in 1972, North America received its cars and appreciated the Japanese manufacturers.

Various engines can be installed on this equipment: diesel, gas, or gasoline. This factor determines the differences in power and load capacity. Each type of engine has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, using a diesel unit allows fuel of lower quality, which means minimizing costs.

Depending on the modification, Komatsu forklifts can load from 500 kg to 45 tons. They can reach speeds of up to 16.5 km per hour.

Compared with other types of equipment, forklifts are more environmentally friendly, economical, and easy to maintain and manage.

The kit includes a hydraulic system that allows you to lift the load even at idle. Also, the forklift can be equipped with an additional device in the form of attachments.

Some of the modifications:

  • Series AX 50. After the modification, this series has significantly increased performance and environmental friendliness. New design solutions have increased the uptime by 40%. A new cooling system was also created. Its use helps to maintain the optimum temperature in all working conditions.
  • Series BX 50 109. After this technique’s appearance, it earned many diplomas and awards for technical performance and design. The devices use special tires equipped with air holes on both sides. This made it possible to reduce the size of the case.
  • PE series. Forklifts of this series do not have the largest load capacity, but they effectively perform various operations. The main advantage of this technique is the two-stage type mast. Its use helps to reduce the time of lifting the load and therefore speeds up the work.

Komatsu FD15T-21

The models integrate the best design solutions that optimize the operational capabilities of the equipment while increasing economic performance, regardless of operating conditions. Furthermore, all components, mechanisms, and main structural parts of the forklift are made by a Japanese company, which guarantees the high reliability of the equipment.

Features and advantages of Komatsu FD15T-21

The design features of the forklifts and a wide range of operating temperatures allow the use of equipment indoors and outdoors equally;

Forklift trucks are characterized by high functionality, productivity, and load capacity (up to 1.5 tons), demonstrate high speed and excellent load lifting performance without increasing engine speed;

The special equipment is equipped with an informative control system that guarantees a smooth start even when turning on the spot, confident driving, maneuverability, and quick response to the slightest change in direction;

Komatsu FD30T-17

The carrying capacity of the model is three tons, which allows you to demonstrate high productivity in loading, unloading, and moving goods. Furthermore, the machine, with its significant dimensions, is distinguished by good maneuverability, which is of fundamental importance in confined spaces with poor traffic.

The dual pump system guarantees the successful operation of the steering and high-speed hydraulic systems independently of each other, even at idle. Having decided to buy a Komatsu FD30T-17 forklift, you will be able to ensure a high level of cargo handling in your warehouse with tangible savings in fuel resources.

Komatsu FD25T-17

The forklift has high load capacity and maneuverability and guarantees the fastest and most efficient performance of a large daily volume of tasks.

Features and advantages of FD25T-17

  • High load capacity, enabling fast movement of loads up to 2500 kg. At a time;
  • It is distinguished by exceptional performance and long service life and is characterized by the reliability of the design and all components/mechanisms, which is the main factor in reducing the cost of equipment maintenance;
  • It can be completed with various attachments, which expands the functionality and possibilities of using the special vehicle.
  • Increased stability of the machine due to reliable fastening of wheels and rubber of a unique configuration;
  • The reliability of the reinforced suspension directly affects the increase and maintenance of the working capacity of mechanisms in any climatic conditions;
  • The new counterweight design provides exceptional heat exchange and smooth cooling system performance.
  • It provides a smooth start and free steering in one place with a quick change of direction of the turn, guarantees fast lifting of the load without increasing the engine speed, and demonstrates easy and confident control.

Komatsu FD50AYT-10

The powerful forklift delivers high performance for successful work in warehouses and indoor and outdoor storage areas. This is a reliable and productive machine with a nominal load capacity of five tons, which you can buy in our company at an optimally balanced price. Furthermore, the model is equipped with a protective railing for the cab roof, which is located at different levels with the carrier frame, so the operator has all the conditions for comfortable and safe work.

A simple and convenient control format is provided by an automatic transmission. An optimized arrangement of controls also facilitates this. In addition, comfortable and safe conditions have been created for the operator, including a presence control system and a comfortable seat with premium cushioning.

Komatsu FD15T-17

This model is no longer produced (2001-2012), so we will briefly present the characteristics:

  • Load capacity, kg. 1500.
  • Engine model. Komatsu 4D92E.
  • Engine’s type. Diesel.
  • Engine power, kW. 36.
  • Loading center, mm. 500.
  • Turning radius, mm 1955.
  • Tire type. Pneumatic.
  • Operating weight, kg. 2650.
  • Lifting height, mm. 3300.

Komatsu FB15-12 Features, benefits

  • increased stability due to increased track
  • ride comfort with the long wheelbase
  • signal in case of speeding
  • comfortable handrails and steps
  • ergonomic adjustable seat
  • panoramic view
  • Comfortable, effortless pedals
  • high rear lights
  • hydrostatic power steering for good and comfortable maneuverability
  • combined control lever
  • ability to adjust settings
  • komtrax monitoring system
  • the OPS system determines the presence of the driver at the workplace when moving

Komatsu FD20T-11

This model is no longer in production, so let’s briefly present the characteristics:

  • Engine model. Komatsu 4D95S.
  • Engine power, kW. 43.
  • Engine’s type. Diesel.
  • Load capacity, kg. 1500.
  • Load center, mm. 500.
  • Tire type. Pneumatic.

Komatsu FD15D-15

This model is no longer in production, so let’s briefly present the characteristics:

  • Load capacity, kg: 1500.
  • Lifting height, mm: 4000.
  • Checkpoint: Mechanical.
  • Engine’s type: Diesel.

Komatsu FD20T-17

Komatsu FD15T-21 is a type of forklift equipped with an L-shaped fork. As a rule, Komatsu FD20T-17 is used to lift various loads. However, in addition to forks, various attachments can also be used on the forklift, which allows you to lift even non-standard loads. Thanks to this, Komatsu FD20T-17 diesel forklifts have wide applications in various fields. Most often, the forklift is used in commercial and industrial warehouses of enterprises, hypermarkets, and warehouse terminals. Diesel forklift trucks Komatsu FD20T-17 are suitable for moving large and heavy loads and carrying out loading and unloading operations.

Komatsu FD20T-17 Service Manuals PDF

Komatsu FD20T-17

Komatsu  FD35AT-17

The Komatsu FD35AT-17 forklift has all the features required for long-term trouble-free operation and creates a comfortable and safe environment for operators operating the equipment. In addition, the truck is equipped with a high-performance diesel engine that has low fuel consumption and meets EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA environmental standards.

Komatsu FG15

Several models fit this popular request of Internet users. Consider them:

  • Komatsu FG15T-21 is equipped with a gasoline engine that provides high performance with low emissions. Machine with a load capacity of 1450 kg. Copes with large volumes of loads, having the ability to lift forks with a load at a speed of 570 mm. in a second. The forklift is easy to maintain and requires high operating costs. The model is equipped with a comfortable shock-absorbed seat for the operator, who uses an optimized control format to carry out efficient work management. Additional security is provided by the presence of an operator presence control system.
  • Komatsu FG15T-20 has a large load capacity – up to 1500 kg. The powerful forklift meets tough standards and performs all functions flawlessly. The models integrate the latest solutions to help optimize operational capabilities and increase economic performance regardless of operating conditions. Additional devices that the forklift is equipped with help to optimize the configuration of the equipment right at the workplace for specific tasks and keep it in good condition. Easily accessible equipment systems with long service life and a direct method of maintenance distinguish the forklift from other models in this segment. Thanks to them, the time allocated for daily technical inspection is reduced, which allows more efficient use of the work shift.
  • Four-wheel forklift Komatsu FG15T-21 with a load capacity of 1500 kg. Comfortable conditions for the operator are created in the model: a spacious cab, a low step for entering it, exit from the cab is possible in both directions, six positions of seat adjustment, which can move back and forth by 0.17 m, reduced steering wheel diameter, large handrail. High technical characteristics allow it to provide stable high performance, work efficiency, and reliable operation. The gasoline engine of the forklift is powered by a lead-acid traction battery with a nominal voltage of 12V and a capacity that ensures continuous operation for 5 hours – 33 A/hour. The compact dimensions allow the electric forklift to perform work in the narrow aisles of the warehouse.

Komatsu FD70-7

This model is no longer in production (1998-2005), so we will briefly present the characteristics:

  • Load capacity, kg. 7000.
  • Engine model. Komatsu 6D102E.
  • Engine’s type. Diesel.
  • Engine power, kW. 73
  • Rotation frequency, rpm 2250.
  • Manufacturer/brand. Komatsu.
  • Loading center, mm. 600.
  • Operating weight, kg. 9150.

Komatsu FD18T-21 Features, Benefits

  • A wide range of operating temperatures and the possibility of intensive and productive work not only indoors but also outdoors;
  • High productivity of the working process, versatility, and carrying capacity of equipment allows for the transportation of large volumes of cargo;
  • Excellent maneuverability of the equipment, complemented by confident control, smooth start, quick reactions to a change in the direction of movement, and the ability to turn/turn the forklift on the spot;
  • Engine power is enough for lifting/lowering and transporting cargo weighing up to 1750 kg;
  • Introduced super hydraulic lift system with dual pump, which serves separately power steering and lift, lifts loads twice as fast at low idle;
  • New counterweight design and fan operation provide exceptional heat balance and improved cooling system efficiency;
  • Innovative developments used in the creation of the frame have increased the reliability of the equipment, and high-alloy steel with galvanization provides maximum metal protection against corrosion.
Komatsu FH50-1 Service Manuals PDF

Komatsu FH50-1

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