Cranes: Load Charts, Service, Operation and Maintenance Manuals PDF

On this pager are presented workshop, service and operation manuals, load charts for: truck cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, boom cranes, jib cranes.

Truck Crane Manuals PDF


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A truck crane is a piece of machinery with a self-propelled chassis that carries out activities to carry cargo. Without it, it would not be easy to envision constructing structures or moving heavy objects in vertical and horizontal directions.

Every crane features an arrow in its pattern. These components are divided into several types:

  • telescopic;
  • lattice;
  • having a tower-boom version;
  • jib crane.

Some arrows use steel wires, while others have a stiff suspension.

According to their weight-carrying capability, truck cranes are split into three categories:

  • small crane (4 tons);
  • medium crane (10 tons);
  • large crane (more than 10 tons). This is the maximum load capacity.

The use and type of job a crane is used for directly affect how many parts it has.

Use two-section arrows for loads under ten tons; three-section and four-section arrows should be used for weights beyond ten tons. Strict adherence to safety requirements is crucial when establishing the item’s weight to be lifted. In contrast to telescopic ones, lattice booms need complicated installation.

It takes expert training and safety knowledge to do the challenging work of operating a crane. The crane must be promptly inspected for malfunctions in its parts and systems since it poses an elevated risk. Pass yearly inspections, and minor and major repairs. The crane can endure a very long period if these guidelines are followed.