XCMG Cranes: Load Charts, Service and Operation Manuals PDF

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XCMG Cranes: load charts, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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XCMG BR750 Load Charts [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
XCMG 25 Ton Crane Load Chart [PDF] 843.6kb Download
XCMG 50 Ton Crane Load Chart [PDF] 8.8kb Download
XCMG 5522-180 Load Chart [PDF] 227.7kb Download
XCMG 750 [PDF] 652.7kb Download
XCMG Catalogue 2017 [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
XCMG Iflex5 Operators Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
XCMG QUY150 Load Chart [PDF] 4Mb Download
XCMG QUY55 Crawler Crane Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7Mb Download
XCMG QY-12 Electrical Wiring schematic [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
XCMG QY25K Operation Manual [PDF] 11.6Mb Download
XCMG QY25K5 Load Chart [PDF] 843.6kb Download
XCMG QY25K5 mobile crane – Parts List [PDF] 11.6Mb Download
XCMG Qy25K5-I Load Chart [PDF] 843.6kb Download
XCMG QY25K5-I Parts Manual [PDF] 4.8Mb Download
XCMG Qy50K Full Hydraulic Truck Crane [PDF] 758.1kb Download
XCMG QY50K Truck Crane Highlights [PDF] 451.9kb Download
XCMG QY50K [PDF] 758.1kb Download
XCMG QY70K Operation Manual [PDF] 62.5Mb Download
XCMG QY70K Truck Crane [PDF] 326.7kb Download
XCMG QY70KL Operation Manual [PDF] 7.2Mb Download
XCMG RT70E Load Chart [PDF] 7.1Mb Download
XCMG SQ10SK3Q Operation And Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
XCMG XCT130 Load Chart [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
XCMG XCT80 Operation Manual [PDF] 33.2Mb Download
XCMG XZJ5222JQZ16K – Service Manual [PDF] 10Mb Download

XCMG Truck Crane Manuals PDF

One of the biggest equipment producers in China, XCMG has acquired recognition in many nations by exporting most of its goods. For example, truck cranes made by XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group), which are among the most well-liked construction equipment in our nation and widely regarded as the finest among many Chinese competitors, are equivalent to European construction equipment in terms of quality and dependability. It is important to note that this kind of machinery is created under licenses from well-known international companies like KATO and Liebherr, ensuring the dependability and superior quality of the products. Additionally, many manufacturing and construction enterprises can afford XCMG truck cranes.

Truck cranes have a very broad range of applications. In addition to being essential tools on building sites, they are also actively utilized in warehouses and industrial bases, as well as in production and motor vehicle businesses, agricultural, and deposit development. You can move big and large items with the help of this strong lifting technology, which is known for its outstanding performance.

In reality, the mobility of XCMG truck cranes and similar machinery in this class is an advantage. These tools make it simple to install large constructions, execute different loading and unloading activities, and put certain equipment together. This method simplifies reducing the amount of labor needed while yet doing the task at hand quickly.

Differences between the various models of XCMG truck cranes

The complete line of XCMG truck cranes is separated into many categories. They separate: based on the carrying capacity.

  • 2–16 tons;
  • 20–25 tons;
  • 30–80 tons;
  • models for 100, 130, and 160 tons and above.

The equipment’s cargo platform is supported by a three- or four-axle foundation due to the lifted tonnage and, consequently, the bulk of the truck crane construction. Wheel combinations include 6×4, 8×4, and 12×6.

The company manufactures truck cranes with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Road cranes are the first category of equipment, and they are created to carry out building, installation, loading, and unloading tasks at locations with a well-established network of access roads. The initial capital letters of the Latin alphabet, QY, indicate this in the model name. The numbers indicate the greatest weight that such a truck crane can hoist following the letters.

The XCMG facility produces all-wheel drive vehicles with improved cross-country performance and off-road mobility. Their maximum load lifting capacity typically ranges from 25 tons to 1200 tons for specific use variants. The method is denoted by QAY, followed by the maximum weight a truck crane can hoist.

For fuel efficiency and a 40% decrease in maintenance costs, XCMG 4WD Truck Cranes have a single engine. As a result, only 30 gallons of diesel are consumed every 100 kilometers of travel (12% less than cranes made in the past). In addition, the Chinese manufacturer’s experts also implemented energy recovery technology, which increased equipment output by 5%.

Machines from XCMG offer a lot of torque at slow speeds. This enables you to manage steep slopes, which are more than 45% on highway cranes and 70% on all-wheel drive.

The primary characteristics of each type of XCMG equipment


A mobile hydraulic truck crane variant is available for lifting objects up to 25 tons. Equipped with a jib and an arrow in four pieces (cantilever boom). One front hydraulic cylinder controls the boom reach, while two independently acting winches regulate the boom extension. Dimensions of a Truck Crane:

  • Engine brand of equipment – SC8DK280Q3, power 206 kW;
  • Wheel formula – 6×4;
  • Boom lifting height – 32.50 meters, with a jib – 40.00 m;
  • Dimensions LSHV 12.36×2.50×3.38 meters;
  • Curb weight – 26.40 tons.


Model for lifting up 30 tons of weight. It includes a five-section telescopic boom, an upgraded crane chassis, and outriggers that are widely extended for great work stability. Parameters for the crane:

  • Engine brand of equipment – SC8DK280Q3, power 206 kW;
  • Wheel formula – 6×4;
  • Boom lifting height – 38.70 meters, with a jib – 47.60 m;
  • Dimensions LSHV 12.07×2.50×3.39 meters;
  • Curb weight – 32.40 tons.


XCMG crane model for lifting to 50 tons of weight. A five-part boom and an outrigger system with an additional fifth section for enhanced stability are included. You can maneuver the boom at any angle inside a 360-degree circle. XCMG QY50K Truck crane specifications

  • Engine brand of equipment – 46, power – 266 kW;
  • Wheel formula – 8×4;
  • Boom lifting height – 40.00 meters, with a jib – 55.80 m;
  • Dimensions LSHV 13.10×2.75×3.35 meters;
  • Curb weight – 38.58 tons.


A truck crane can lift up to 70 t:

  • Engine brand of equipment – 46, power – 266 kW;
  • Wheel formula – 8×4;
  • Boom lifting height – 42.00 meters, with a jib – 58.00 m;
  • Dimensions LSHV 13.50×2.80×3.51 meters;
  • Curb weighs 41.00 tons.


Model for up to 100 t of lifting:

  • Engine brand of equipment – Cummins NTA855-C400, power – 324 kW;
  • Wheel formula – 8×4;
  • Boom lifting height – 47.90 meters, with a jib – 65.90 m;
  • Dimensions LSHV 15.23×3.00×3.86 meters;
  • Curb weight – 100.00 tons.

New series: XCMG truck cranes from 25 to 100 tons

The new XCT range of XCMG road cranes consists of equipment with a lifting capability ranging from 25 to 100 tons.

There are four variations of the 25-ton crane, the youngest model which vary by the length of the boom and the kind of motor. As a result, the XCMG XCT25L S version has a primary working equipment indication of 42 meters, which is the maximum indicator for equipment in this class. For reference, the 39-meter boom on the previous QY25K5S model. Additionally, the load capacity has increased: it is now 6,200 kg vs. 5,500 kg for the QY25K5S at a fully extended boom and a 78-degree angle of inclination. Using a jib also boosted working height (up to 51 m).

The 25-ton truck cranes in the XCT25L4 category have a shorter 4-section boom (length – 34 m). The machine’s overall weight comprises the main boom, main winch, hook, and counterweight, which together weigh 2.5 tons. Therefore, the weight distribution along the axes of this type is 9x8x8 tons.

Additionally, XCMG provides 25 tons capacity cranes with both types of booms with all-wheel drive.

Let’s talk briefly about the brand-new 50-tonner. This model is built on a 4-axle chassis that XCMG created. 5-section, 44.5-meter arrow. The XCT55L5 S was outfitted with stacked counterweights and K-shaped outriggers with a support contour of 7.3×8.035 m to boost stability while in operation.

Repair of the XCMG QY30, QY50, and QY25K5 truck cranes:

  1. If the hydraulic pump makes sounds, add oil, remove any air that has gotten into the system, repair or cleans the pump, check the universal joint, and replace it if required.
  2. The oil cylinder should be checked for damage, the front valve pressure should be adjusted, the hydraulic motor should be changed, and the muffler should be checked if the valve won’t turn.
  3. If the hook won’t lift, adjust the valve pressure and look for damage to the high-pressure gasoline pump.
XCMG Crane Load Charts and Manuals PDF

XCMG 50 Ton crane

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