KATO Mobile Cranes: Load Charts, Service and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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KATO Mobile Cranes: Load Charts, operators, service and maintenance manuals, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Kato 25ton Hydraulic Crane Load Chart [PDF] 132.4kb Download
KATO ACS MS-10E Service Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Kato ACS Service Manual [PDF] 70.4kb Download
Kato HD1023 Excavator Operator Manual [PDF] 3.2Mb Download
KATO HD2310-3 Excavator Workshop Manual [PDF] 11Mb Download
Kato HD820-III Service Manual [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
KATO KAPASITAS 25 TON Mobile Crane [PDF] 1Mb Download
Kato KR-20H-L Loading Chart [PDF] 994.8kb Download
Kato KR-22H Load Chart [PDF] 809.8kb Download
Kato KR-25H Rough Terrain Crane Load Chart [PDF] 185.1kb Download
Kato KR-25H Service Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
KATO KR-35H-V2 35-Ton Rough Terrain Crane Network [PDF] 618.3kb Download
Kato KR20H Datasheet [PDF] 408.2kb Download
Kato N Einfuehrung [PDF] 56.5kb Download
Kato N Scale FEF 844 Parts List [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
KATO NK 250 Service Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Kato NK 500 M-3 Parts Manual [PDF] 9.3Mb Download
Kato NK 550VR Loading Chart [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Kato NK-300 Load Chart [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Kato NK-555VR Technical Specifications [PDF] 826.1kb Download
Kato NK-800 Catalog [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Kato NK250 Loading Chart [PDF] 292.7kb Download
Kato NK450 BV Technical Specifications [PDF] 409.3kb Download
Kato REDGZM HD514MR-7, HD514MRLC-7 Instruction Manual [PDF] 27.5Mb Download
Kato SR 250 Technical Specifications [PDF] 700.3kb Download
Kato SR 700L Load Chart [PDF] 2Mb Download
Kato SR-250SP Parts List [PDF] 20.9Mb Download
Kato SR-700LS Crane Instruction Manual [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Kato SR-700LS Operator Manual [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Kato SR250 Load Chart [PDF] 128.4kb Download
Kato SR300L Instruction Manual [PDF] 8Mb Download
Service Hd1430 Service Manual [PDF] 8Mb Download

KATO Crane Manuals PDF

Japanese manufacturer KATO is responsible for a wide range of cranes and other lifting tools. The KATO crane is a tried-and-true, top-tier method utilized all over the globe. In the nineteenth century, the firm first opened for business. It has since expanded to become the world’s preeminent maker of mobile lifting systems. There is a discrepancy in the weight they can bear. The manufacturing phase of a crane that can lift and transport 500 tons has begun.

KATO 10 tons

Japanese car lifts are widely sought in export markets. The wheeled vehicle-based KATO crane is an essential feature of any building process. It can be used in many different ways and is always fitted with the most cutting-edge technology. Common vehicles for crane installation are those manufactured by Mitsubishi and Nissan. For its size, the KATO 10-ton crane has gained a solid reputation. That’s what it’s put to use for, though:

  • performance of installation work indoors, in warehouses, and in production workshops;
  • work in cramped conditions;
  • implementation of infill development;
  • suburban construction.

The 10 t short base crane’s agility and speed shine through when handling lightweight loads. The robot can swiftly and independently travel from one object to another on the construction site without evacuation machinery. The horizontal and vertical reach of the 24 m long boom makes it possible to transport loads across great distances. Comparative advantages of similar devices include:

  • small dimensions (6.6x2x2.79 m);
  • crab move (2 pairs of wheels are steering);
  • the possibility of circular work.

The compact size and narrow wheelbase make it possible to navigate between the city’s arches and into industrial facilities. This equipment can work in the suburbs because of its narrow turning radius. Cargo handling with a crane:

  • pallets loaded with bricks with a total weight of up to 3 tons and moving them up to 10-12 m;
  • pallets loaded with slate weighing up to 2600 kg;
  • pallets with cement, foam blocks, and building mixtures up to 2 tons;
  • floor slabs brand PK-60.15.8 with dimensions 6000x1500x220 mm and weight 2.86 tons;
  • KAMAZ with boards, beams, round timber, and other lumber weighing 20 tons;
  • container, stall, change house;
  • miniature models of loaders or excavators weighing up to 8 tons.

The 800-kilogram floor slabs of levels 1-2 are lifted by a crane with a lifting capability of 10 tons and set on the foundation. Brick and other construction materials can be hauled to the eighth floor using the boom’s lifting capacity. Ventilation and advertising steel structures are common applications for the truck crane. It may transform into an airborne platform by using the mounting cradle on its boom.

KATO 25 tons

A truck crane can be used for anything from loading to unloading. Its agility is one of its defining features. The KATO crane’s compact footprint allows it to function in tight spaces. The 30+ meter boom can swivel through 360 degrees, allowing you to raise or lower the weight or move it in a horizontal plane. The crane can lift up to 25 tons at once. The SR250R is the name of the model.

The entire system on Mitsubishi weighs in at a massive 26.4 tons. Speeds of up to 49 kilometers per hour are possible with the crane in operation. The arrow, which measures 30.51 m in length, has had a lattice extension added to it. The modification lengthens the boom to 43.60 meters. The crane can now lift loads that are much higher than before. The truck crane has no trouble driving on roads with snow on it. More powerful tools can be utilized if the 25 t capacity is insufficient.

KATO Mobile Cranes Load Charts & Manuals PDF

KATO 25 tons

KATO 50 tons

Having a 50 t truck crane, which has a 40 m boom, is a more potent method. The KATO 50-tonne unit is made up of 4 separate pieces and features a telescoping construction. The crane’s microprocessor-based limiter prevents it from raising a load heavier than the maximum safe limit set by the manufacturer. The length of the boom and its loading capacity are both controlled by a digital screen. The heaviest load that can be lifted is 50 tons. The crane drives itself to the target. Speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour are possible.

KATO 70 tons

Most of the world’s cranes can be found in this one flock. There are three primary types:

  • SL650R;
  • SR700L;
  • SR700R.

There is a 65-ton capability for lifting with the SL650R. It has a 44.5-meter telescopic boom. The maximum lifting height is 58.6m when a jib is installed. The SR700L can handle loads of up to 70t. With the addition of a jib, its maximum length can reach 57.7 meters. Only his goose is 17.5 m in length. These mechanisms are typically found in huge buildings that have a need for robust machinery.

The truck crane measures 12.90 x 2.99 x 3.57 m and weighs 54 tons. Independently, the unit may reach up to 49 kilometers per hour.

In addition, there are bigger cranes that can carry loads of over 100 tons. The KA1300SL is a member of the lift family in question. This is a car-derived all-terrain crane. It has excellent responsiveness and speed. When combined with the vehicle, the unit weighs more than 90 tons. The maximum allowable weight of the lifted load is 130 tons. The crane can reach up to 75 km/h when traveling untethered on roads. It expands to a radius of roughly 10 m. The telescoping boom may extend to a maximum of 52 meters in length. The unit is standard equipment for building tall structures like skyscrapers.

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