Mitsubishi Tractor Service, Repair and Owner’s Manuals PDF

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Mitsubishi Tractor owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Mitsubishi Tractors

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary that specializes in manufacturing tractors. An entire division is dedicated to ensuring the tractors they make are of the highest standard in terms of quality, productivity, and fuel efficiency. It’s excellent that Japanese technology isn’t narrowly focused but can do various jobs depending on the attachments used.

Mass-produced agriculture equipment is subjected to stringent inspections at every level of the production process, ensuring that any signs of adultery are either avoided altogether or quickly discovered and confiscated.

Among the many benefits of Mitsubishi micro tractors are:

  • First the adaptability of mechanical systems. The option to link several attachments increases their usefulness in many areas of human endeavor.
  • To sum up: 2. decreased bulk and enhanced long-distance running potential. In addition, Mitsubishi minitractors’ high-tread wheels and innovative design make them almost impossible to become stuck when driving.
  • Third, automobiles can run on low-quality gasoline thanks to a multi-stage defense system.

Mitsubishi’s extensive lineup of tractor models

Mitsubishi mini tractors’ engines, which come in a range of horsepower ratings but all have a reputation for durability, are the machines’ unsung heroes. Smaller devices need less upkeep and may be used in various settings, including agriculture, public works, and building. Think about the most popular micro tractors made by Mitsubishi.

The Mitsubishi MT135 is a popular model with a 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that generates 13.5 horsepower. You can handle even the most strenuous tasks with that kind of strength. The electronic starter on this tractor makes it easy to get the engine going. Since its primary function is fieldwork, a water-cooling system has been included to ensure the motor runs smoothly. The transmission has twelve gears, and it may shift between two modes to maximize speed.

The new Mitsubishi MT15 is a considerable improvement over the MT14. The engine now has fifteen horsepower. The primary goal is to find employment in the countryside or construction sites. There is a size disparity between the front and rear wheels. To enhance off-road performance, this was.

The diesel Mitsubishi MT2001D comes with an engine output that, depending on the configuration, may range from 10 to 40 horsepower. All hydraulics for the power take-off shaft is set up, and water is used for cooling. An included cutter is a nice touch.

The Kubota-branded Mitsubishi MTX 245 is powered by a 28-horsepower diesel engine. There are a total of 950 kg of machinery. It can go up to 17 km/h while traveling forward. Thanks to the liquid cooling system, you’ll be able to keep working for hours in the warmest temperatures. The smallest possible radius for a turn is 2.3m.

Another excellent helpful model on the farm is the Mitsubishi MT 265. The engine produces 26.5 horsepower while using just 1.5-2.5 l/h of gasoline. The vehicle has a power steering system, can go in reverse, and has a liquid-based engine cooling system for the driver’s comfort. The maximum forward speed is 25 km/h, while the maximum reverse speed is 10 km/h. In addition, three different velocities are available from the power take-off shaft.

The pictured model of the Mitsubishi shakti MT180D, seen here, is one of the most popular because its sleek, well-designed exterior complements the vehicle’s dependable performance and comfortable interior. The tractor features a 3-cylinder engine that produces 18.5 horsepower. The transmission uses a mechanical “gearbox” with four stages. The maximum speed of the Mitsubishi shakti tractor is 17 km/h. Even though the minitractor has a mass of 700 kg, its most extraordinary lifting capacity is just 488 kg.

The motor output of the Mitsubishi MT20D, 20 horsepower, is sufficient for various fields. The model’s track may be modified in front and back. The tractor has a maximum forward speed of 17 km/h thanks to its 4-speed transmission. Three different velocities are available from the power take-off shaft. A sample model is shown here for your perusal.

The sole difference between the Mitsubishi MT205 (with 21 horsepower) and the Mitsubishi MT265D (with 27 hp) is in the power of their engines.

Mitsubishi Tractor Service Manuals PDF

Mitsubishi MT 36

Powered by a 22-horsepower 4-cylinder engine, the Mitsubishi MT2201 is a capable machine. Despite its power, the tractor is surprisingly fuel efficient, using around 2–2.5 l/h. Because of the electronic starter, cranking the engine is less chore in the cold. In addition, the tractor’s vast, heavily treaded wheels make it possible to go freely and easily off-road.

Mitsubishi tractors user manual

The operation of Mitsubishi mini tractors does not cause trouble only if the owner conducts regular technical inspections and maintenance of his unit. In this case, he will serve for a long time and justify his high price.

The first time, namely the first 50 hours, is run-in, during which all parts of the tractor are run into each other.

Do not use the machine at full power; also include reduced speeds. All periods through which it is necessary to change the oil are indicated in the operating instructions.

After every 100 hours of operation, maintenance is carried out with a check of the performance of all mechanisms. After 400 hours, all filter elements must be thoroughly cleaned and replaced. Engine oil uses API class, and hydraulics is not lower than GL-3 class.

You can download the Mitsubishi Mini Tractor Owner’s Manual on this page.

If it is necessary to preserve the equipment for an extended period, it is essential first to clean it from dirt sticking, wash it from dust and wipe everything dry. Then lubricate the moving parts and mechanisms with an oil rag. Finally, the tractor is installed in a dry, ventilated room and covered with a tight cover.

Malfunctions of Mitsubishi mini tractors

Although this is a Japanese technique, and its principal characteristic is quality and durability, sometimes malfunctions can occur.

  1. There is no transmission of torque by the clutch. For this, you need:
    • Adjust the pedal stroke;
    • Replace/clean disks;
    • Check and repair disc warping.
  1. The attachment does not lift
    • Check the amount of oil in the system;
    • Switch on the pump;
    • Check the operation of the safety valve.
  1. Poor brake performance
    • Adjust the position of the brake pedal for free play;
    • Replace the brake pads.
  1. The temperature of the gearbox rises
    • Adjust the gear clearance;
    • Add oil to the transmission or replace it with a better one.

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