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A truck is a remarkably complex vehicle in terms of operation and maintenance. Truck repair and maintenance manuals will help you to carry out the amount of work that needs to be carried out to ensure the safety of movement, much more than that of passenger vehicles. The truck is more prominent in size and dimensions, experiences much more loads, and the appearance of any malfunctions and breakdowns entails serious consequences and mortal danger for the driver or passengers.

To avoid putting yourself at risk and to ensure a long service life of the vehicle, you need to know about the rules and features of the operation of a truck both at the enterprise and when used for personal purposes. And the truck owner’s or operator’s manuals will help you with this.

To ensure maximum safety, a freight vehicle’s driver must check the condition before any trip—breakdowns where the movement by truck and its operation is strictly prohibited. You can learn more about the malfunction from the service manuals for trucks.

Brake system

Depress the brake pedal with the engine off to check if the brake is working correctly. It should stop immediately and not move if the driver tries to squeeze forward. If the pedal begins to jam, the brake system cannot be considered serviceable. You can find out more about brake failures in the relevant truck manuals PDF.

To check the vacuum brake booster, you need to press the pedal and then, without removing your feet, start the engine. If the pedal does not “fail” when starting the engine and you hear a hiss, then the amplifier must be replaced.

To prevent a malfunction of the handbrake, raise the lever and count the number of clicks in which it came to a vertical position. There should be 3-4 of them.


To check, it is necessary to start the engine and develop a low speed – no more than 10 km / h. Next, turn from the wheel to one extreme position, then to the opposite, using the movement of the steering wheel. The wheels should not move in jerks without increased effort on the driver’s part. This procedure is often detailed in truck repair manuals.


Before driving, unhitching and hitching the road train is required (as described in the operator’s manual for this truck). It should be carried out efficiently and without much effort on the driver’s part. Check the condition of the connecting and fixing elements for damage, and inspect the drawbar and fasteners.

Headlights and Position Lights

Turn them on and off before driving. If a light bulb burns out on any device, it must be replaced. The truck service manuals can find how to replace a light bulb. In cases where the headlights are on, but the light is too dim, check whether the lamp is securely fixed and whether the contact is good. Also, insufficient illumination can be the result of a discharging battery.

Windshield wiper

It must be serviceable on the driver’s side; otherwise, you can lose sight of the road during rain or snow. If, when the motor is turned on, the wipers do not move, but a click is heard, check the contacts.

If a malfunction is detected during the check of these systems and cannot be eliminated on your own, you cannot transport goods and passengers nor travel in such a car. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a car service and not use the vehicle until the repair is completed. To make repairs, at least you need to have a truck repair manual.

Circumstances that affect the safety of truck operation (according to truck owner’s manuals)

Some malfunctions limit the ability to use a truck. For example, if the driver gets into specific conditions, they can provoke an emergency.

  • The heating does not work.
    • This is not a problem if the transportation is carried out in a warm climate. However, in severe frosts, the car’s windows may become covered with ice, and the view of the road will deteriorate. In addition, if the cabin is too cold, the driver will not be able to concentrate, attention may be scattered, and this will lead to an accident.
  • The power window does not work.
    • It also depends on the climate. The driver will not be able to do his job if the cabin is too hot (the glass does not go down) or, on the contrary, it is windy and cold (the glass is stuck on the rise).
  • The sound signal does not work.
    • For some drivers, such detail seems insignificant, and they continue to drive a truck with this malfunction. However, such a breakdown directly affects safety. Anything can happen on the roads, and if an emergency occurs and you need to give a signal, the driver cannot do it. To repair the sound signal, you need a truck service repair manuals.