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Astra HD8 Troubleshooting


 Astra HD8 Troubleshooting (Blinking Codes) See also: Astra HD8Ec Fault Codes list Astra Truck PDF Workshop Manuals Troubleshooting An effective diagnosis can be made above all using the electronic diagnosis tools (IT2000) developed by Iveco. When the vehicle arrives at the workshop, the information provided by the driver should be given due consideration, although the first thing to… Read More »

Astra HD8Ec Fault Codes list


 Astra HD8Ec Fault Codes list (Blink Codes) See also: Astra Truck PDF Workshop Manuals Diagnosis Electrical faults and certain mechanical faults detected by the electronic control unit can be diagnosed by means of the Blink Code and diagnostic instruments. Blink Code The EDC is designed to provide information on engine faults. The warning light comes on while the engine… Read More »

Astra Truck PDF Workshop Manuals


 Astra Truck PDF Workshop Manuals & Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalog Astra Truck Manuals PDF Free Download ASTRA RD Truck – tech data ASTRA RD Truck Astra truck H8DE Workshop Manual PDF ASTRA Truck HD 8E Tire 3 – tech data ASTRA Truck HD 8E Tire 3 ASTRA Truck HD 9 – tech data ASTRA truck HHD… Read More »