Astra HD8Ec Fault Codes list

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Astra HD8Ec Fault Codes list (Blink Codes)

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Astra HD8 Fault Codes

Astra HD8


Electrical faults and certain mechanical faults detected by the electronic control unit can be diagnosed by means of the Blink Code and diagnostic instruments.

Blink Code

The EDC is designed to provide information on engine faults. The warning light comes on while the engine is running, to indicate a fault has occurred, which could be:

Warning light on Serious fault

Degraded system function

Warning     light    blinking Very serious fault

Degraded system function Loss of one or more safety functions and possible engine stop

Information on the type of fault is given in the form of a code by the EDC warning light consisting of a series of long or short blinks (the blink code).

To check the fault, use the diagnosis button located under the UCI compartment hatch, which has another EDC warning light operating in parallel with the one on the dashboard.

Dashboard warnings lights

Fault checking/identification procedure

  • Stop vehicle and switch off engine (STOP);
  • Turn key to RUN (warning lights on and engine off);
  • Press diagnosis button and check that the EDC warning light blinks once;
  • After a short interval during which the warning light remains off, it begins to blink initially at long intervals and then shorter.
Edc Diagnosis Button

EDC Diagnosis Button

EDC Diagnosis Button

The fault code is explained in the following pages.

For example: code 1.4 means that the warning light has given one long blink and four short ones. The procedure should be repeated until the code of the first indicated fault is repeated again.

  • Fault memory cancellation procedure from drivers seat
  • Press the Blink Code button (with key to stop);
  • Turn key to RUN holding down the button;
  • Wait 5 seconds;
  • Turn key to stop;
  • Check cancellation by reading number by means of test button.

EDC electronic control unit blink code table

Blink Code EDC warning light * Fault
1.1 ON Vehicle speed sensor
1.2 ON Torque selector
1.3 OFF Cruise control
1.4 ON Accelerator pedal
1.5 OFF Clutch pressure switch
1.6 ON Brake pedal switch signal plausibility
1.7 OFF Plausibility between brake / accelerator pedal
2.1 OFF Water temperature sensor
2.2 OFF Air temperature sensor
2.3 OFF Fuel temperature sensor
2.4 ON Turbo pressure sensor
2.5 OFF (Control unit) ambient temperature sensor
2.6 ON Engine braking switch signal
3.5 OFF Battery voltage
4.1 OFF Turbo actuator pressure sensor
4.2 ON Turbine revs sensor
4.3 ON Turbine overspeed
4.4 ON Turbo management (mechanical fault)
4.5 ON VGT solenoid valve
4.6 BLINKING Engine braking solenoid valve
5.1 ON Cylinder 1 injector fault
5.4 ON Cylinder 4 injector fault
5.2 ON Cylinder 2 injector fault
5.6 ON Cylinder 6 injector fault
5.3 ON Cylinder 3 injector fault
5.5 ON Cylinder 5 injector fault
6.1 ON Flywheel sensor
6.2 ON Valve train sensor
6.4 OFF Engine overspeed
7.1 OFF P.W.M. ABS/ASR interface
7.2 OFF CAN line
7.3 OFF CAN line (ASR management)
7.4 OFF CAN line (gearbox data management)
9.1 BLINKING Faulty control unit
9.2 ON EEPROM data incorrect
9.3 BLINKING Immobilizer
9.4 ON Main relay
9.5 ON Engine stop procedure error
9.6 ON Control unit data recording error

*    Blink code warning light off             –          Slight fault

Blink code warning light on        –               Serious fault

Blink code warning light blinking         –       Very serious fault

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