Bis Mining Trucks Technical Specifications and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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Bis Mining Trucks owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Bis Rexx 2020 160-tonne mine haulage truck Bochure [PDF] 580.7kb Download
Bis Rexx 2020 Technical Specifications [PDF] 307.6kb Download

Bis Rexx Background Information

To provide businesses with a “gradual shift in flexibility and efficiency,” the Australian firm has introduced a new product for carrying items in mines.

Australia’s BIS Productions has created a product they name REXX. REXX, it is said, can go four times farther than traditional dump trucks (up to 40 km), with a load of up to 160 tons, due to the vehicle’s use of 20 regular tires on a roadway rather than the four extra -big tires common of other career dump trucks. The fact that “regular” tires aren’t essential means you can travel longer if you puncture one or more of them.

This is the Glencore Carerin Rexx is 30% more fuel efficient than conventional dump trucks, according to tests conducted on the Murrin Murrin career. There is, of course, the effort to make new technologies autonomous wherever they may be lacking.

The Rexx, a 160-ton rugged and agile performer, gives miners a versatile haulage option that can improve their haulage cycle and pit design in previously impossible ways.

Rexx’s tiny width of 4.8m, tight turning radius of 4.8m, and capacity to manage grades of up to 12% allow it to work on more challenging haul roads, smaller benches, and steeper inclines.

Plus, it may save 20% to 30% on gasoline while covering the same ground (up to 40 kilometers) as a conventional vehicle.

Rexx’s 4.8-meter width, tight turning radius capabilities, uniform weight distribution, and capacity to haul on up to 12% grades allow for more efficient drive pit construction, which translates to smaller and steeper haul roads with fewer cutbacks and less environmental impact.

Avoid needless and expensive rework. With no need to back up or turn around, Rexx can go four times farther than regular dump trucks on one load without hitting TKPH limits.

Compared to standard dump trucks, you may save your fuel consumption per tonne carried by as much as 20 percent.

The low-profile design may be loaded by excavators ranging in class from 100 to 300 tons, enabling efficient waste- and selective-mining operations.

Bis Rexx

Bis Rexx

Operators will have greater vision and cabin access than ever because of Rexx’s state-of-the-art fatigue detection, driver monitoring systems, and 360-degree visibility.

Rexx is Automation ready as it can contain our proprietary automation software and hardware, Auto-mate, and has Next Gen Energy Adaptability for accommodating or retrofitting future hybrid, battery electric, and hydrogen platforms.

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