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Austin Trucks PDF Manuals

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Austin Trucks Manuals PDF

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Austin Tilly 10 Light Utility THistorystory


Wheel formula: rear-wheel wheel drive
The engine: 4-cylinder in-line petrol Hillman G3-222АВ, the volume of 1184,5 cubes cm.
Power: 30 hp, 4100 rpm
Carburettor: Solex 30RFAI
Number of gears: 4 front, one rear
Brake system: Bendix’Duo Servo’, mechanical all-wheel drive, manual and foot.
Electrics: Lucas 12V
Length: 3988 mm
Width: 1607 mm
Height: 1968 mm
Base: 2407 mm
Track: 1322×1308 mm
Ground clearance: 217 mm
Net weight: 1033 kg
Full weight: 1263 kg

Austin Tilly 10 Light Utility Truck PDF Service Manual

Austin Tilly 10 Light Utility Truck

A series of light army pick-ups Tilly is an excellent example of improvisation in the face of a deficit undertaken by the British with the outbreak of World War II. The car industry converted ordinary civil sedans, so Tilly pickups, being reliable and enduring machines, still suffered from a lack of engine power and low cross-country terrain. However, they served throughout the even though by the middle of the war, the all-wheel drive American jeeps Willis and Dodge had gradually pushed them from the front to a lighter rear service. The release of Tilly did not stop until 1945. Front photos show little workers from Dunkirk to the Battle of England, from Day D to Holland, Malta, North Africa, and the Balfour manufacturers produced Tilly pickup users – Austin (based on 8HP chassis and 10 HP), Hillman, Morris and Standard.

Austin Tilly 10 Utility Truck was released based on the Austin 10HR sedan. The chassis has the exact dimensions and uses a platform obtained by welding the stamped steel floor and frame. Unlike the civilian version, Austin Tilly has a more powerful engine, an additional water pump and a larger gas tank, a simpler grille, and also uses wide army tires. The double metal double cabin was open from the rear. Some machines were equipped with two additional folding seats. A characteristic detail of the external appearance of Tilly was a spare heel transported on the roof of the cabin. On the top roof is sometimes mounted bracket for fastening the manual machine gun Breg.

Even before the war, since 1932, the British army used sedans Austin 10 with engines capable of; in the e 30s, the troops received a tourist version with a two-door open body and a 7-hp engine – Austin 7. In May 1939, it aced Austin 8. With the onset of the war, they were all used by the British army.

Austin Tilly was used not only in the ground forces but also in aviation. After the appearance of American jeeps, they remained the role of military police vehicles, liaison, auxiliary and staff units. Lend-Lease was not delivered to the USSR (Austin’s model of Austin K2 trucks fell into the Soviet Union.) Some of the cars captured by the British were used by Germany, including on the Eastern Front.
The serial production of Austin Tilly began in April 1940 and lasted until August 1945. Of the 29,128 vehicles released during the war, up to 160 of our units have survived in a different state – from ruins to completely reconstructed ones. The total number of Tilly machines (including the other three manufacturers) was about 65,000.

They served in the British army until the early 1950s. Many were later transferred to civilian organizations, where they continued to be used for many more years.

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