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Avia Trucks PDF Workshop Manuals & Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalog

Avia Trucks PDF Manuals

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Avia Renault Saviem sg2 manual guide 76 [PDF] 7.5Mb Download
Avia A31 repair shop manual-clutch [PDF] 7.2Mb Download
Avia A60-A80 E2 Owner Manual [PDF] 1.9Mb Download
Avia D120 E3 (since 2006) Owner Manual [PDF] 3.8Mb Download
Avia D60-D120 E3 (since 2006) Owner Manual [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Avia D60-D120 E4 Owner Manual [PDF] 4.7Mb Download
Avia D60-D120 E5 Owner Manual [PDF] 4.4Mb Download
Avia D60-D90 E3 (by 2006) Owner Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
Avia supplement 4×4 Owner Manual [PDF] 708.1kb Download

AVIA Motors

AVIA Motors is a Czech company founded in 1919 for the production of aircraft. Since 1946 also produced trucks and buses. Production of aircraft was completed in 1963, when the construction of licensed IL-14 was completed. In 1960-2000, the manufacturer of light and medium trucks. Suspended the production of cars on July 31, 2013, continuing to produce spare parts.

Avia 120

The firm was founded in 1919 by engineers Pavel Benes and Miloslav Gayn. The first product was a BH-1 fighter. Before the war, the plant in Prague-Letnany released a large number of civil and military aircraft, both its own design and licensed (for example, the Soviet bomber SB). In 1928, Avia was bought by the Skoda concern.

During the war, Avia produced Arado airplanes and Argus Motoren engines. After the war, continued the production of training aircraft Arado Ar 96, as well as Czechoslovak versions of Messerschmitt Bf.109 (Avia S-199) and Messerschmitt Me.262 (Avia S-92). In addition, licensed production of Il-10 (Avia B-33) and Il-14 passenger aircraft (Avia Av-14) was licensed.

In 1946, the production of Škoda 706R trucks and Škoda 706RO buses was started, later trucks Tatra 805 and Praga V3S (1961-1988). Since 1963, parts of the OT-64 SKOT armored personnel carrier have been manufactured here.

In 1967, a license was purchased for the production of Renault SAVIEM cars SG2 and SG4 with a load capacity of 1.5 and 3 tons respectively, which received the factory marking A15 and AZ0. A little later, there was a two-ton model A20. Each of the models was produced in three variants: short-base (with attachment K), long-base (L) and normal (N). All modifications of the family were similar to each other and had the same cabins. In total, 30 different modifications of the Avia body were created.

The purchase of a license allowed to raise the level of the automotive industry to a new level corresponding to the world level. Until 1976, these models were supplied only to the domestic market of Czechoslovakia, from 1979 they were exported to the Soviet Union, where mainly tent cars of A30N model, isothermal vans A30K-S1 and two-toned A20 vans were delivered.

In 1983, Avia reached a maximum production capacity of 19 thousand units. Most of them were exported, mainly to the USSR. In total, 40 thousand cars were delivered to the USSR.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Avia had to look for new markets, but obsolete models proved to be uncompetitive.

In 1995, the joint venture Daewoo-Avia was formed. For some time modernized old models D75, D90, D100 were manufactured, with new engines and updated cabs.

In 2006, Avia was purchased by the Indian truck manufacturer Ashok Leyland.

Since 2007, in Russia, supplies of AVIA (21/31/60/65/75/80 / Turbo) and spare parts to them are carried out by the company “SNV-Service”, St. Petersburg.

Since March 2010, by signing an agreement with the company “Avia Ashok Leyland Motors”, the company “Block Comtrans”, Moscow, engaged in the sale and maintenance of trucks AVIA in the Moscow region. Until the end of 2010, the company “AALM” planned to occupy a significant share in the Russian market due to the sales of AVIA types D60, D90 and D120. Moreover, two variants of engines meeting the requirements of Euro 3 and Euro 4 were offered. However, it was not possible to achieve much sales, according to the GIBDD, Avia registered in Russia in 2010: 1 unit, in 2011 – 26 units, in 2012 -m – 96 units.

April 21, 2016 the owner of the company was CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s., which bought the plant from Ashok Leyland [3].

July 13, 2016 the company was renamed from Avia Ashok Leyland Motors s.r.o. in AVIA Motors s.r.o ..

During 2017, the production facilities of the company were transferred from Prague to Přelouč, into the industrial zone of the new owner of the CSG (CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP).

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