Hania Trucks: Service, Repair and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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Hania Trucks: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hania Truck Service Repair Manual [PDF] 7.1Mb Download
Hania Trucks 4х2, 6х2, 6х4 Spare Parts Catalog (Part 1) [PDF] 23.4Mb Download
Hania Trucks 4х2, 6х2, 6х4 Spare Parts Catalog (Part 2) [PDF] 22.9Mb Download
Hania Trucks Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals rus [PDF] 7.7Mb Download

Hania Dump Truck Manuals PDF

The Hania brand of dump trucks manufactured in Jining China National Commercial Vehicle Group Ltd’s factories is growing in demand. Although they are technically better than many trucks, they are much more expensive than comparable models from European or American manufacturers and suffer from a few notable flaws. This brand’s automobiles are widely distributed throughout the United States. They are produced in such fields as building, agriculture, and the housing and community service sectors. Ownership transitions to business owners and multinational corporations.

Reasons for popularity

It’s not simply how cheap it is. Hania dump trucks are popular in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with both tech-savvy professionals and regular motorists due to their:

  • A really roomy and relaxing taxi. There are two variants available: one is shorter and has a berth for sleeping. The cabs of SCANIA trucks served as inspiration for the design.
  • Large cargo hold that can accommodate a lot of bulky items.
  • High levels of traction are achieved by trucks’ powerful engines.
  • Superior hydraulics that effortlessly powers the primary and secondary machinery.

The fast growth of the network of technical centers engaged in the repair and maintenance of equipment imported from China has allowed for the effective resolution of occasional reliability issues.

Close cooperation with leading brands

The firm sources certain components from globally recognized brands and makes other parts in-house. More specifically, authorized vehicles are mounted on the following:

  • Steyr diesel engines and axles up front (Austria).
  • Eaton Fuller (USA) or ZF mechanical transmissions (Germany).

Companies like ZF (Zahnradfabrik) provide hydraulically boosted steering systems. A high-strength steel structure supports each and every unit.

Main characteristics

We don’t rest on our laurels. Therefore the dump truck design team is always working to make them better and adding new models to the portfolio. Most common vehicles with these upgrades:

  • ZZ3325N3645B.
  • ZZ3325N4345B.
  • ZZ3315S3065B.
  • ZZ3315S3865B.

Power units

Hania trucks have inline, six-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 9726 cc. They’ve had a turbocharger installed, so they’re really fast. Power ranges from 266 to 410 hp, depending on the level of pushing and other design factors. In all, the power unit weighs about 850 kg with all its accessories.

A motor can be relied on to do its job. The value of their assets, assuming regular upkeep, is pegged at 800 thousand kilometers. Obtaining consumables and replacement components are simple. There are both genuine Hania replacement components and aftermarket alternatives available. Most operational issues are caused by poor gasoline quality.


Careful consideration was given to the driver’s ergonomics while designing their workspace. The roomy interior features:

  • The seat’s height may be adjusted thanks to a spring mechanism.
  • Easily accessible buttons.
  • Document and stockpile storage slots on the doors and control panel.

The driver has excellent peripheral vision because of the car’s big windshield, well-positioned rearview mirrors, and optimal sitting posture.

Optional equipment

All stated versions of the cars have the following features standard:

  • Cargo platform exhaust gas heating system. Logistics for transporting items at low temperatures are simplified.
  • Cabin protection is provided by a detachable peak.
  • Spoke stoppers

Truck operators will feel more secure with this equipment installed.

Reminder to Motorists

There is a lack of information about the hauling capability of Hania dump trucks on various websites that detail the vehicles. Some motorists respond to this by transporting excessive loads. There is plenty of power in the engine, but the gearbox and suspension will break under the weight of the vehicle. Transmissions and clutches are the first to be negatively affected. Equipment upkeep and repairs are becoming more expensive because of this.

Hania Dump Trucks: Service Repair Manuals PDF

Hania Dump Truck

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