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CAMC Trucks owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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CAMC Automobile Maintenance Manual [PDF] 27.7Mb Download
CAMC FW350HR480 / FW350HR510 / FW350HR530 Technical Specifications [PDF] 30Mb Download
CAMC H08 Products Catalogue [PDF] 4.6Mb Download
CAMC HN4250HP40C2M3 Technical Specifications [PDF] 446.3kb Download
CAMC HN4250P43CLM3 Technical Specifications [PDF] 446.3kb Download
CAMC INSERT2 Mixer Truck 6×4, 8×4 FA Technical Specifications [PDF] 37.4Mb Download
CAMC SG420HR317N Technical Specifications [PDF] 27.9Mb Download
CAMC Truck Service Manual [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
CAMC Truck Spare Parts Manual [PDF] 16.5Mb Download

CAMC heavy trucks manufactured in China are quickly becoming the industry standard bearers. Just what is the key to your phenomenal success? First, it’s possible because manufacturers provide a diverse selection of models and because they’ve found the sweet spot between equipment quality and price. We encourage you to read evaluations of CAMC vehicles, think about their vital technical aspects, and examine the products of a firm that specializes in the construction of truck tractors, dump trucks, and concrete mixer trucks.

Starting in 1999, CAMC competed on a worldwide scale in the automobile industry. Despite its youth, the company has already cemented its place among the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers by consistently turning out over 50,000 vehicles annually. The original company, CAMC Automobile Co., was established in Maanshan, China, in 1980 to assemble concrete mixers using MITSUBISHI chassis.

At the beginning of 2003, CAMC, which had just acquired a stake in Anhui Hualing Automobile, a major automaker in China, signed a technology transfer and sharing deal with the Japanese automaker MITSUBISHI. As a result, the company’s first heavy vehicle, built on its assembly line, rolled off the lot in 2004.

Today’s CAMC automobile plant facility spans about 500,000 square feet and is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery. It employs over 2000 individuals who use state-of-the-art French SAMES spray booths and MITSUBISHI metalworking machinery in its factories.

Only the finest components and cutting-edge machinery are utilized in constructing a CAMC heavy truck.

All CAMC vehicle units are mounted on reinforced two-layer frames equipped with a spar-to-spar subframe; in the production of cabins, the cathodic electrophoresis method is used, which offers protection against corrosion; the KAWASAKI hydraulic press is the pride of the enterprise, capable of forming an integral car frame with one blow at a force of 5,000 tons;

More than 50,000 vehicles per year are manufactured at the modern CAMC automotive facility, which has two conveyors: a general (230 m) and an interior (120 m) assembly.

CAMC H08 family (6×4, 8×4, 10×4)

Bertone was responsible for the design of the cabin for the new H08 series (pictured as a 4×2 truck tractor).

One member of the new family is a truck tractor (6×4) powered by a Euro-4-class 416-horsepower Cummins ISME420.30 turbodiesel equipped with an intercooler and Common Rail. The tractor has a ZF 16S1650 16-speed manual transmission. Left spring up front, right spring in the back. Drums in brake systems. A 32-ton CAMC 3310 dump truck with an 8×4 wheel configuration, 24-cc body, and an exhaust gas heating system round out the clan’s vehicles. The vehicle has a Cummins ISLe 375 diesel engine producing 375 horsepower and a Fast 9JS165T nine-speed automatic transmission. Tires of 12.00R20 circumference are mounted on the truck’s chassis, and a 350-liter gas tank is included. Concrete pump trucks may now use the new family’s five-axle (10×4) chassis 5474P42E2M3J, which has a gross weight of 47 tons, a 420-horsepower Cummins ISMe 420 diesel engine, and a 9-speed manual ZF 9S1820 gearbox.

CAMC Trucks Service Manuals PDF


Varieties of CAMC Trucks Models

The last decade has seen CAMC produce various heavy trucks with wheel configurations, including 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, and 8×4. In addition, several hundred variations of truck tractors and two-axle, three-axle, and four-axle chassis are spread over the two families of trucks, CAMC HN and CAMC H08, that dominate the enterprise’s production schedule.

26 alternative low-fuel consumption diesel engines ranging in horsepower from 270 to 500 are available for installation in Chinese CAMC vehicles. In addition, all European environmental regulations may be satisfied by power units powered by American CATERPILLAR engines, Chinese DONGFENG CUMMINS engines, or Japanese MITSUBISHI and HINO engines.

CAMC engineers often consult with overseas collaborators for assistance while developing automobile interiors. As a result, buildings that have modern electrically driven tilting devices and cozy sleeping quarters are characterized by:

Features like high-quality decor, relaxing design, ergonomically-sound workspaces, enough natural light, a broad viewing angle, easy administration, and plenty of open floor plans are all pluses.

Compared to its forebears, the new CAMC H08 heavy trucks are distinguished by their high- and low-roof cabins, which are both more contemporary and more comfortable. In addition, upgraded diesel engines producing more than 400 horsepower and 16-speed automatic transmissions are available for vehicles in this line.

Standard features on Chinese CAMC trucks include a 9-speed FAST GEAR transmission, leaf spring suspension, an 8.9- or 10.8-liter diesel engine licensed from DONGFENG CUMMINS, and a WABCO braking system with drum-type mechanisms. Each vehicle has air conditioning, CD players, and power windows. All trucks have an automated fault diagnostic system communicating with the vehicle’s onboard computers to prevent catastrophic failures.

The following CAMC heavy equipment models have established themselves as market leaders among the many that have been introduced to the automobile industry:

Tractors with two and three axles (4×2 and 6×4), truck mixers with a drum capacity of 9-12 m3, and dump trucks with a volume of 15-19 and 20-25 m3 on three and four axles, respectively.

CAMC truck tractors service manuals PDF

Incorporating MITSUBISHI technology, Chinese CAMC truck tractors have the equipment, components, and assemblies from top global manufacturers. In addition, design elements of bridges and frames made under an Austrian license assure the excellent performance of the equipment. Synchronized EATON gears, suitable for 1200,000 kilometers of driving, are paired with robust truck engines.

Concrete mixer trucks CAMC Manuals PDF

One of the most accessible, roomy, and high-quality examples of this specialized machinery is the CAMC auto mobile concrete mixer. All the trucks in this line are designed to make and transport concrete mix for building roads and other structures. CAMC mixers are known for their adaptability, durability, and longevity.

Dump trucks CAMC (6×4, 8×4) manuals PDF

Dump trucks from CAMC come standard with 8.9-liter (345 hp) or 10.8-liter (375 hp) Dongfeng Cummins ISLe 375 40 (Euro-4) diesel engines and 10.5-liter (350 hp) or 10.5-ton (380 hp) HINO diesel, much as the previous generation’s base chassis. The mechanical gearbox has either nine or twelve ratios. Dump trucks have a rearward-shifted body and an exhaust gas heating system. A bed may be found in the cabin’s low, longitudinal layout. The original box-type dump platform has a carrying capacity of 20 tons and a capacity of 24 m3 for three axles and 25.7 tons for four. CAMC also offers dump trucks with a body capacity of 19 and 25 “cubes” on three and four axles. 12.00R20 tires and a 350-liter gas tank are standard features.

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