BYD Electric Forklifts Service, Repair and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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BYD Electric Forklifts owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
BYD ECB16 / 18 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
BYD ECB16 / ECB18 Maintenance and Operator Manual [PDF] 17.7Mb Download
BYD ECB16D / 18D Technical Specifications [PDF] 651kb Download
BYD ECB20 / 25 / 27 Technical Specifications [PDF] 663.5kb Download
BYD ECB20S Electrical Forklift Tecnical Specifications [PDF] 1.3Mb Download
BYD ECB30 / 35 Technical Specifications [PDF] 652.9kb Download
BYD ECB30 / ECB35 Parts Manual [PDF] 15.1Mb Download
BYD ECB40 / 45 / 50 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
BYD ECB50 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1Mb Download
BYD ECB60 / 70 / 80 Heavy-Duty Counterbalance Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 4.6Mb Download
BYD EPS14Pi / EPS14P / EPS14 Stacker Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
BYD EPS15I / EPS14P / EPS14 Technical Specifications [PDF] 2Mb Download
BYD Forklifts Specifications Sheet [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
BYD How to calibrate ECB or phone usage directives [PDF] 6.3Mb Download
BYD PTW20S / PTP20P / PTP20S Technical Specifications [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
BYD Reachtruck RTR16 Technical Specifications [PDF] 669.3kb Download
BYD SEF25 / 35 Electrical Forklift [PDF] 1.9Mb Download

BYD Electric Forklifts Manual PDF

Having started in the IT sector, BYD has expanded into the car industry and the renewable energy sector since its inception in 1995.

With the greatest shipments of nickel-cadmium and lithium batteries for mobile phones, the most significant shipments of mobile phone buttons, and the second largest shipments of mobile phone casings, BYD has a prominent place among the world’s major battery producers.

Shaoguan BYD Industrial Co., Ltd., a BYD Co., Ltd. affiliate, was established in 2009. It’s in Shaoguan City, specifically the Zhenjiang District. The project has an estimated 700,000 square meters of space and an investment of 515 million yuan. He is primarily accountable for the BYD electric forklift series’ manufacture. Electric counterbalance forklifts, warehouse forklifts, electric tractors, and so on are all in the works or already in production.

Shaoguan BYD Industrial Co., Ltd. can produce an average of 30,000 forklifts every year with four machining and welding lines, one painting line, and three assembly lines. Also, the manufacturer has an ISO9001 certification, a professional inspection line, and a full-quality system, so you’ll get a high-quality forklift and excellent service.

Forklifts as heavy as 1800kg are available from BYD, among other configurations and capacities. Models available with three and four solid pneumatic wheels with a maximum load of 4800 kg. LED lights (front, rear, and strobe), a 4-way hydraulic valve, a rear grab handle with a “horn,” and rear-view mirrors are just some of the many features that come standard on each loader, in addition to the 80V AC drive motors that power them and the regenerative braking that charges them.

There is a turning speed reducer, a ramp hold assist, a sensor that detects when the driver is present, and an orange locked seat belt as standard safety features. A BYD loader may be customized in several ways to meet the needs of individual jobs. BYD provides a 10-year (or 20,000-hour) battery guarantee, a 5-year (or 10,000-hour) gearbox warranty, and an 18-month (or 2,000-mile) warranty on all other components (or 3,000 hours).

BYD Electric Forklift Manuals PDF


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