Vallée Forklift Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Vallée Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Vallée 2CR18C & 2CR20C Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 360.7kb Download
Vallée 4DA10D Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 3.2Mb Download
Vallée 4DA20C, 4DA25C and 4DA27C Lift Trucks Technical Specifications [PDF] 553.4kb Download
Vallée 4DA20D XRT & 4DA25D XRT OTR Tire Lift Trucks Technical Specifications [PDF] 305.4kb Download
Vallée 4DA30D, 4DA35D, 4DA40D Lift Trucks Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
Vallée 4DA36D XRT Lift Trucks Technical Specifications [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
Vallée 4DA50D Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 924.2kb Download

Vallée Forklift Manuals PDF

A well-known producer of forklifts and other material-handling equipment is Vallée.

Vallee 4DA10D

The goal of Vallée 4DA10D is subterranean mining. The specialized equipment 4DA10D can bear heavy weights. Larger trucks can carry loads that a tiny forklift cannot.

The development of compact subterranean transportation is the 4DA10D. Due to its diminutive size, it can easily go through tight spaces like tight aisles.

With benefits such as:

  • Articulated frame design.
  • Power steering.
  • 4-wheel drive.
  • Structural feature of the carriage.

Operating under various circumstances, including a rough surface, a slope, and a small area, is possible.

CEO Frédéric Beaulieu claims that nothing like it is currently available. Working underground requires that you do it in a small area. An articulated loader with a small turning radius, the 4DA10D can maneuver through even the narrowest aisles.

The revolutionary electrical and hydraulic technology dramatically lowers the diesel fuel used. Low noise loader with minimal emissions. It’s important to note that the cabin is completely sealed, preserving cozy, working circumstances.

The loader is relatively small in size yet can carry huge loads: 4,535 t – lifting capacity 3.66 m – loader length 1.72 m – loader width 38.6 m – turning radius 2.23 m.

Vallee Forklift Manuals PDF

Vallee 4DA10D

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