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ETF Trucks owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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ETF Truck Manuals PDF

The Slovenian business ETF Mining recently announced the completion and release of a brand new, five-axis goliath. The MT-240, conceived by ETF Mining and given a simple moniker, will be justifiably hailed as the enormous dump truck ever built. Machines may have anything from four to twenty wheels.

The industry titan, hailed as a true technological marvel, outperforms its competitors. Not only does one need to be large, robust, and hardy, but other factors are at play. One distinct benefit is the truck’s revolutionary modular construction strategy, which enables the addition of motor wheels, loaders, batteries, and other components to change the truck’s configuration into the world’s most enormous.

The world’s giant dump truck, the BelAZ-75710, is no match for the ETF MT-240. However, the idea behind the Slovenian mining truck’s design and construction is fascinating. The method is reminiscent of a giant Lego builder, with the cabs detaching to transform the massive vehicle into a trailer that can move on its own.

Massive dump trucks have wheels linked to the drivetrain and the steering system. The ETF MT-240’s cross-country capability is remarkable; the machine can do a U-turn right there, independent of the condition of the road or the quarry.

ETF Technical Characteristics

Finally, we’ll compare based on the well-known BelAZ-75710 to evaluate the heaviest and largest vehicle on the planet.

The Belarusian behemoth can lift to 450 tons, while the Slovenian innovation can handle loads of as much as 760 tons. Consider again that the record weight in the Guinness Book is 503.5 tons.

As for the wheelbase and cross-country capabilities, BelAZ is a two-axle vehicle, while the MT-240 offers customization from two to eight axles. The 14.5 m turning radius is for the five-axle segment. For ETF, machine length is an abstract term. The length of the dump truck ranges from 12.5 meters in its shortest configuration to 29 meters in its longest. The BelAZ is a total of 20.60 meters in length. At 500 tons, the weight on the rear axle is 250 tons for BelAZ and 60 tons for the ETF MT-240.

The road width on which the world’s heaviest truck may go is an intriguing feature in and of itself. This number is 4 meters less than the width of the lanes in the BelAZ quarry, coming in at 24 meters.

Consider the most crucial components, such as the engine and the suspension. Motors capable of producing 2,500 horsepower will be installed in the MT-240. Despite being powered by two 2330 hp diesel engines, the Slovenian manufacturer’s autonomous axles and hydropneumatic drive prevent the BelAZ from shaking when being driven or unloaded.

ETF Modifications

The MT-240 is unlike any other dump truck since it can be converted “on the fly,” meaning that it is transported to the quarries in the form of modular groups completed by containers and then integrated once it arrives.

Land and sand, marsh and heavy quarry sites, and tight roadways are all needed for a giant dump truck. A large, cargo-hauling vehicle can be quickly converted into a trailer that, like a train, can tow other ETF variants thanks to its onboard command center. The adoption of such devices is inevitable. Undoubtedly, the ETF MT-240 has ushered in a new era for massive haulers. Using these vehicles will save fuel costs by at least 25% and boost output by 12%. Carmakers claim that a road train consisting of their trucks can transport more than 850 tons, a new industry record.

ETF MT-240

ETF MT-240

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