Sterling Trucks: Workshop, Repair and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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Sterling Trucks: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
2008 Sterling 360 Workshop Manual – Electrical Wiring Diagrams [PDF] 16.3Mb Download
2009 Sterling 360 Workshop Manual – Electrical Wiring Diagrams [PDF] 24.2Mb Download
Sterling 360 Driver’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 6.5Mb Download
Sterling Acterra Driver Manual [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Sterling Acterra Operator’s & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.4Mb Download
Sterling Acterra Workshop Repair Manual [PDF] 71.6Mb Download
Sterling Cargo Driver’s Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Sterling Cargo Maintenance Manual [PDF] 995kb Download
Sterling Acterra Driver’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.3Mb
Sterling L & A Lines Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb
Sterling L-line and A-line Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.4Mb
Sterling Trucks Acterra MX Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb

Sterling Truck Manuals PDF

The establishment of the world’s newest but already well-respected heavy truck manufacturer, STERLING TRUCK CORPORATION, in the United States in October 1997 struck the decisive blow in the battle of enthusiasts to protect the storied STERLING name. There are a total of five businesses with this name. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the first of them other than the fact that it only existed for two years (1909–1910) and manufactured numerous trucks with a base length of 88 inches.

This moniker was practically his own for the second. The creator Willaim Sternberg gave her the moniker (in 1907-1915, he had a company for the production of trucks under his name). The second business, in contrast to the first, was there for a lot longer (1916–1953), and she was remembered. Before 1953, several models were still produced exclusively under the Sterling name. In 1951, Sterling amalgamated with the somewhat bigger WHITE firm to become the Sterling-White corporation.

The Sterling brand gradually disappeared from the business’s portfolio (in 1957) and was forgotten until 1973, when it was sold to a tiny Kansas City company that produced emergency tractors and vehicle cranes. However, even there, the Sterling name only lasted until 1982. At the end of 1997, the FREIGHTLINER firm (a Daimler-Chrysler corporation) purchased the previous FORD freight division, which was known by this moniker. All vehicle manufacturing has been moved to Canada.

Except for the Cargo model, which according to the deal, will be produced by FREIGHTLINER but offered under two brands — FORD and STERLING — they now have the silver STERLING insignia. It became apparent after Freightliner bought the Ford Corporation’s Sterling-branded freight division.

Large investments by the company “DaimlerChrysler,” which comprises both businesses, allowed for the restoration of medium cabover range “Cargo” 4×2 / 6×4 production at Sterling in just two or three years. Additionally, the Canadian branch of “Freightliner” was able to start producing the low-frame chassis “Condor” and significantly modernize and expand the range of the “L” and “A” series inherited from “Ford,” which formerly went by the names. These series have been available with a particularly eye-catching front cladding since 2000. The new mainline tractor “Silver Star” with an engine power of up to 500 horsepower and air suspension for road trains with a gross weight of up to 62.6 tons is one of the most costly and comfortable options for the previous range “L” and is also one of the most luxurious.

Sterling Truck Manuals PDF

Sterling Acterra

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