SANY Truck Cranes: Load Charts, Service, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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SANY Truck Cranes: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, load charts, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Sany Truck Manuals PDF

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Sany Crane Manuals PDF

The SANY truck cranes are mobile cranes that may be transported with the help of a wheeled or tracked chassis. These truck cranes are necessary for many tasks, including loading and unloading materials during construction and deconstruction, mounting particularly complex and heavy sections of frame buildings, and lifting a wide range of cargo to significant heights. This method boasts rapid speed and dexterous handling, with pleasant working circumstances and a substantial payload.

Among the many useful features of the SANY truck crane is its capacity to lift heavy objects. A crane’s carrying capacity is the heaviest load it can safely lift in its normal mode of operation, taking into account all relevant safety regulations and industry best practices for the protection of workers. Vehicle weight, the strength of the hydraulic system, and the design characteristics of the chassis’ wheels or tracks all affect the load that can be lifted by the vehicle.

The SANY crane uses state-of-the-art hydraulics. This motor makes it possible to adjust the boom’s length, rotate the gadget around its axis, tilt it at different angles, lift and lower a wide variety of loads, and more. All this means that various processes can be integrated and run simultaneously.

The hydraulic drive mechanism enables regulation of the hydraulic jacking tools of the collapsible support legs. This is essential for enhancing stability when handling large components. The truck crane doesn’t need mobile racks for support. Hence it can be used in confined urban areas.

Modern SANY truck cranes feature a telescoping boom attachment. When in the open, functioning position, it may lift materials to the specified height. After assembly, this boom may easily move about on municipal construction sites and along walls.

Specifications of the Sany QY25C Truck-Mounted Crane

The functional tasks for its operation, the needed height of lifting activities, and the allowable weight level of the cargo mass must all be determined prior to purchase this equipment. This is important in determining the reach of the boom device and the necessary load capacity of the car crane equipment you’re looking to buy.

Its main boom can extend to a full 33.5 meters, and the SANY QY25C truck crane can lift objects as high as 42 meters in the air. The building’s framework is made out of low-alloy steel with a high-strength structural composition and a 6-section rounded cross-section.

The 962 kN * m lifting capacity of the boom is a notable feature. The truck crane can reach a top speed of 83 kilometers per hour when accelerated to its full potential. The maximum possible inclination of the boom mechanism is 30%. The method incorporates a gearbox made in the USA by EATO and a rotary motor developed in Germany (2E). The machinery is dependable and simple to use.

The SANY crawler cranes have an SC8DK260Q3 engine. The engine’s performance data shows that it generates 261 horsepower. The formula for the transport’s wheelbase is 4125 + 1350 mm. Furthermore, the first track is 2079 mm in width, and the second is 1845 mm, and so on. Crane mechanisms typically have a radial travel distance of 10,000 mm or more. A total of 25 tons can be hoisted by the truck crane. This vehicle uses 40 gallons of fuel per 100 kilometers. The standard length of the given apparatus is 12600 mm. The apparatus stands at the height of 3450mm and a width of 2500mm.

A Palfinger Sany QY50C (STC500) Truck Crane Can Lift 50 Tons.

New from PALFINGER SANY, the STC500 (QY50 C) is a popular truck crane with a long boom that can handle any work.

With a maximum load of 50.5 tons and a telescoping boom that extends to a height of 42 meters, the QY 50C truck crane is an exceptional piece of machinery. The crane also features a two-piece jib that is 16 meters in length, Japanese cables, two hook blocks, steel cord rubber, BOSH REXROTH HYDAC hydraulics, and a KZ certification. Like other name-brand products, you can trust the PALFINGER SANY QY50C.

Among the many popular products made by a prominent Austrian-Chinese firm, the QY50C truck crane is always in high demand.

Sany Crane Manuals & Load Charts PDF

Sany STC500

The crane has a five-section boom that can extend to a maximum of 42.5 meters and a minimum of 11.5 meters in length. Included in the box is a 16-meter-long customized crane jib whose swivel can be set to one of three angles (30, 15, or 0 degrees). The Palfinger-Sany QY50C is a piece of specialized machinery with a 9-ton maximum load capacity and two separate winches fitted on the jib and the boom. The truck crane has an extremely powerful Euro-4 engine and an 8×4 wheel configuration.

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