Bobcat Telehandler Service, Maintenance and Operation Manuals PDF

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Bobcat Telehandlers T2250, T3571, T40140, V417, V518, V519, V623, V723 operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Bobcat Т40140 / Т40170 Parts Manual [PDF] 38.7Mb Download
Bobcat T2556 Hydraulic Schematic [PDF] 235.8kb Download
Bobcat T35120SL Operators & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.7Mb Download
Bobcat T3571 / T3571L Parts Manual [PDF] 36.7Mb Download
Bobcat T3571 / T3571L Service Manual [PDF] 178.2Mb Download

Bobcat telehandlers

Bobcat telehandler (telescopic loader) is a universal machine that can be used at all stages of construction. Increased maneuverability and cross-country ability are combined with multifunctionality that allows you to connect a mobile crane on one chassis, the front, and forklift loader – because the manufacturer provides the equipment a wide selection of additional mounting equipment, for example, buckets, capture for bales. In addition, a feature of new machines is installed on a loader of a telescopic arrow, which allows lifting goods to a height comparable to the height of the boom of self-propelled construction cranes. However, smaller sizes and more excellent maneuverability will enable the use of such a technique where cranes are unsafe, for example, in the construction of overpasses, tunnels, and bridges.

Bobcat V519

The world leader in the production of universal and compact mini loaders – BobCat, introduced its new product – the Bobcat V519 telehandler. For the market renting special equipment is the first frontal loader with a telescopic arrow in the equipment line of this brand.

Bobcat V519 got its uniqueness thanks to the equipment of the Bob-Tach with a branded node, which allows a quick change in attachment equipment, which is the widest selection of various hitch produced by BobCat for telehandlers.

The new loader is equipped with a telescopic arrow with a total height of the rise – of 6.2 meters and horizontal remnants – of 3.5 meters. The carrying capacity of the telehandler is 2.5 tons. The V519 is equipped with a 74-hp Bobcat D34 diesel engine. And it can work in a remarkable fuel-saving mode – Eco Mode. Moreover, it is equipped with two-speed hydrostatic transmission.

For the most convenient control of the V519, all the essential functions of the telehandlers are carried out on a one-handed joystick. It needs to pay attention to the unique cruise mode – control. When the operator chooses the optimal speed of the loader, the machine will operate in a given speed mode.

To prevent rolling and movement in general, the telehandler, after stopping, automatically gets onto the parking brake. Therefore, it is worthwhile to remove the leg from the gas pedal.

Bobcat v723

Bobcat expanded the line of telehandlers by releasing the model under the Versahandler index. The machine has a low profile, which makes it more compact and maneuverable, but capable of withstanding large loads characteristic of more overall loaders.

With its weight of 8 tons, the machine can process goods up to 3.5 tons and deliver them to a height of 7 m. The rotary arrow of the telehandler is made of thick reinforced steel, and frame welds additionally strengthen the frame to maximize the strength of the entire structure. The V723 cabin has a 360 review and is equipped with standard air heating and air conditioning systems for BOBCAT. In addition, a three-sided adjustable chair, a steering column, and joystick control of the arrow are installed in the cab.

V723 is equipped with a diesel engine with a turbocharged capacity of 100 hp. They provide a solid movement speed along the highway up to 30 km. Automatic transmission with a differential allows the loader to work in mode as a complete front-wheel drive, depending on the surface type and tasks set. Specialized suspension and depreciation racks have been installed for a more comfortable cross-country ride.

Bobcat v923

Bobcat v923

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