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DW Tractor owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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DW 120HX / 160HX Operators and Maintenance Manual rus [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
DW 244B, DW 240B Operators and Maintenance Manual UA [PDF] 8.9Mb Download
DW 244B, DW 240B Technical Manual [PDF] 450.1kb Download

DW mini tractors PDF

DW mini tractors are high-quality agricultural devices made in China. They are used in summer cottages, fields, and gardens and cope well with various tasks, including lifting loads and cleaning.

Although few mini tractors are in the DW assortment, they have long gained high popularity. The DV range is an excellent device that can be used in any area and any condition.

Features of DW mini tractors:

  • The presence of a three or 4-cylinder engine.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Power 12-40 l. With.
  • Multi-speed gearbox.
  • Strength and safety.

Interestingly, such models, like homemade mini tractors, do not require high costs for their maintenance or repair. Due to the availability of components, spare parts can be replaced by hand.

Minitractor DW 244

This model is universal and all-wheel drive, which runs on a high-quality three-cylinder engine. Due to its great economy, the DW mini tractor does not require high fuel consumption, even when working in difficult areas. In addition, comfort provides a comfortable seat for the driver.

Main characteristics:

  • Engine power is 24 liters. With;
  • the starting system is electric;
  • Four forward and one reverse speed are provided;
  • accelerates to 11.18 km / h;
  • can be used with attachments.

Motor-tractor DV 160 LH

The upgraded 2016 model is an excellent choice for agricultural or utility applications. The DW 160 LX minitractor has a well-designed frame and a more powerful engine and is used with any attachments. Thoughtful controls provide easier operation. The driver has a soft seat.

Main characteristics:

  • Motor, power 16 l. With;
  • the starting system is electric;
  • water cooling;
  • the gearbox has six speeds forward and two reverse;
  • accelerates to 22 km / h;
  • the possibility of using attachments.

Tractor DW 150 PX

A full-fledged high-quality unit is used for field work, performing various agricultural tasks. It is often chosen for farms. Attachments can be used with it.


  • The motor has a power of 15 liters. With;
  • the launch system is electronic;
  • Three forward and one reverse speed are provided;
  • accelerates to 22.78 km / h.

Tractors under the DV brand will be good options for processing vegetable gardens and fields. They are distinguished by the high quality of work, withstand heavy loads, and are quite economical.

Minitractor DW 184 CX

This model was created taking into account the specifics of the domestic climate and working conditions. The device is equipped with water cooling, so it can work successfully even on the hottest summer day.


  • Engine model – ZN1105N;
  • Engine power – 17 liters. With.;
  • Wheel formula – 4×4;
  • Engine start system – manually and with the help of an electric starter;
  • Engine displacement – 996 cm3;
  • Clutch – dry, 2-disk;
  • Type of brakes – drum;
  • Steering – with hydraulic booster;
  • Weight – 755 kg.

The all-wheel drive DW 184 CK minitractor is equipped with diesel engine traction, which contributes to maximum productivity even in the most difficult conditions.

Minitractor DW 160 GX

When creating this model, all the problems that occurred in the operation of previous versions were corrected, so it is supplemented with inexpensive but reliable hydraulics and a hydraulic pump distributor for the front and rear hydraulic cylinders, and the front and rear structures can be controlled directly from the operator’s cab.


  • Hydraulics – two-vector;
  • Wheel formula – 4×2;
  • Starter – electric starter, manual start;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 5.5 l;
  • Engine – single-cylinder 4-stroke XT16 with direct injection;
  • Steering – mechanical;
  • Weight – 432 kg.

An important point: the DW 160GX motor tractor can be equipped with a special tractor rototiller of the new type FN-100MB/22. Moreover, this option is in incredible demand because its knives are of considerable thickness and can cultivate the earth at a serious depth.

Motor-tractor DW 154 CX

The unit was created on the basis of the 150th model (DW150R), which is popular with most farmers. The all-wheel drive of the minitractor has contributed to the fact that now you can safely work with the device even on viscous and wet soil and a wide variety of terrain.


  • Engine type – diesel four-stroke DD15VE;
  • Cooling – water;
  • Clutch – single disc, dry;
  • Brakes – 2 drums;
  • Rated speed – 2400 rpm;
  • Weight – 480 kg.

The most powerful four-stroke engine with 15 horsepower can be attributed to the features of the product. Since the gears operate according to the scheme of 6 forward and two reverses, the unit’s speed reaches 23 km / h.

DW Tractor Manuals PDF


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