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Kalmar Forklifts, Reachstackers, Wheel Loader Workshop Manuals, Spare Parts Catalog,  Error Codes List PDF free download

Kalmar Forklifts Workshop Manuals PDF free Download

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Kalmar Forklifts Workshop Manuals download

Title File Size Download Link
Contmaster 45 Tons Technical Information Container Handler.pdf 569.2kb Download
Kalmar ContChamp Onderhoud DRD-GB DRD-S technical handbook.pdf 8.8Mb Download
Kalmar DCD90-180 Tchnical Handbook.pdf 11.7Mb Download
Kalmar DCE 90–180, DCE 70-32E3–70-35E4 2006 Workshop Manual.pdf 53.2Mb Download
Kalmar DCE90-180, diesel forklift – technical information.pdf 1.4Mb Download
Kalmar DCF360-450CSG Toplift container handlers 36 – 45 tonnes.pdf 1.5Mb Download
Kalmar DCG90-180Lift trucks 9 – 18 tonnes.pdf 1009.3kb Download
Kalmar DNG3196.pdf 681.9kb Download
Kalmar DRD 420 Container Stacker – Brake Pump.pps 2Mb Download
Kalmar DRD 420 Schematic.pdf 1.2Mb Download
Kalmar DRD-S Tchnical Handbook.pdf 8.8Mb Download
KALMAR DRF 400-450 Maintenance Manual.pdf 17Mb Download
Kalmar DRF 400-450 Workshop Manual.pdf 38.5Mb Download
Kalmar DRF 400–450 Error Codes List.pdf 11.6Mb Download
Kalmar DRF KDU Training Presentation.ppt 250.5kb Download
Kalmar DRF400-450C Reachstackers de 40 – 45 tonedalas.pdf 1.2Mb Download
Kalmar DRF420-450L Technical brochure.pdf 4.4Mb Download
Kalmar DRF450 Workshop Manual.pdf 29.8Mb Download
Kalmar DRT450 Reach Stacker Spec.pdf 4.2Mb Download
Kalmar DRT450 VDRT02_02GB Reachstackers Workshop Manual.pdf 40.9Mb Download
Kalmar Drt450.pdf 938kb Download
Kalmar montacargas DCE 90–180, DCE 70-32E3–70-35E Workshop Manual.pdf 53.2Mb Download
Kalmar ReachStackers 42-45 t.pdf 684.1kb Download
Kalmar Rs045xx Drf450 Service Manual.pdf 22.1Mb Download
Kalmar RT240 Handler 6pp Web.pdf 412.5kb Download
Kalmar RT240 Technical Brochure.pdf 1.9Mb Download
Reach Stackers Kalmar.pdf 1.2Mb Download

Kalmar Forklifts Spare Parts Catalogs download

Title File Size Download Link
Kalmar DC 9-16 Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf 17.5Mb Download
Kalmar DCD 200-300 Parts Manual.pdf 15.5Mb Download
Kalmar DCD250 Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf 15.5Mb Download
Kalmar DRD 420-450 Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf 36.4Mb Download
Kalmar DRS4527–S5 Spare Parts List.pdf 9Mb Download
Kalmar Items.pdf 551.1kb Download
Kalmar R70 spare parts book.pdf 8.7Mb Download
KALMAR R70-60, 70, 80 Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf 8.7Mb Download
Kalmar reach stacker parts.pdf 551.1kb Download

Kalmar Brand Story

Kalmar Industries AB is a Swedish manufacturer of machinery for loading and unloading.

Kalmar Contchamp DRD 450 PDF manuals

Kalmar Contchamp DRD 450

The history of the formation and development of Kalmar, a well-known manufacturer of loading equipment, has already crossed a century-old frontier.
Kalmar has manufacturing plants in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the United States, more than 10 own equipment sales companies and over 150 dealers in all parts of the globe.

1921 – State Aircraft Factory was established in Helsinki (later to be renamed Valmet Ltd.)
1940 – the creation of the first timber truck company
1949 – the first loader in Sweden
1953 – the first port crane
1955 – the creation of the first center of after-sales customer support
1959 – sale of the first loader to a sawmill located in Austria
1960 – the first side-loader and container loader were created
1973 – company name changed to Kalmar
1985 – Series production of reachstackers
1997 – the company focuses on the development of new container and heavy loaders, as well as terminal tractors
2007 – Kalmar becomes part of Cargotec holding.

As of today, the company’s line of equipment is represented by:

  • bridge cranes
  • log loaders
  • front and forklift trucks
  • reachstackers (container loaders)
  • tractors, including terminal
  • loggers.

Kalmar reachstackers are designed to handle small and medium sized containers. They are able to handle containers and trailers, as well as to perform loading and unloading work in an industrial environment.

Kalmar forklifts are machines with a load capacity from 5 to 52 tons. They are suitable for work in the port, in mining enterprises, in the woodworking industry, in the production of building materials, in the automotive industry.

Kalmar RT-240 PDF Service Manual

Kalmar RT-240

The lineup of Kalmar

  • Machines with a carrying capacity of 5–9 tons. They are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions, electric, gas or diesel engines, optionally equipped with three types of cabs.
  • Equipment for working with loads of 9-18 tons. The machines are equipped with a hydraulic system, sensitive to the load, and a special double-rod device for the safe lifting of steel coils.
  • Equipment with a carrying capacity of 20–50 tons. Machines with the function of fast lifting of loads, disk brakes with oil cooling and hydrodynamic transmission.
  • The Kalmar loaders of the Ro-Ro series with a lifting capacity of 28 and 33 tons. A new generation of equipment that is more compact and sensitive to control than other models of the brand.
  • Container handlers with a load capacity of 36–45 tons. Used for lifting and storing loaded containers. Model DCF360CSG is designed to work with four containers, models DCF410CSG and DCF450CSG are able to simultaneously move five containers.

The Kalmar loader is a machine designed for lifting heavy loads in demanding conditions. The models are equipped with Volvo and Cummins engines, as well as an electronic control system, with the help of which the operator controls the operation of the forklift truck, changes the speed of lifting and lowering the load, performs diagnostics of the equipment.

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