Luzhong Tractor Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Luzhong Tractor owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, tech specs, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Luzhong 304 Technical Specifications [PDF] 601.1kb Download
Luzhong LZ 120-130hp Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 316.9kb Download
Luzhong LZ 140-150hp Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 337.1kb Download
Luzhong LZ 160-180hp Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 290.8kb Download
Luzhong LZ 60-75hp, 2WD Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 332.4kb Download
Luzhong LZ 60-80hp, 4WD Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 333.4kb Download
Luzhong LZ 90-110hp, 2WD Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 324.4kb Download
Luzhong LZ 90-110hp, 4WD Tractor Technical Specifications [PDF] 333.8kb Download
Luzhong LZ2250 / LZ300 / LZ350A / LZ400A Technical Specifications [PDF] 318kb Download
Luzhong LZ254 / LZ304 / LZ354A / LZ404A Technical Specifications [PDF] 331.7kb Download
Luzhong LZ350B / LZ400B / LZ450B Technical Specifications [PDF] 319.2kb Download
Luzhong LZ350G / LZ354G / LZ404G / LZ450G / LZ454G / LZ500G / LZ504G Technical Specifications [PDF] 342.1kb Download
Luzhong LZ354B / LZ404B / LZ454B Technical Specifications [PDF] 330kb Download
Luzhong LZ400 / LZ450 / LZ400 / LZ650 / LZ550 Technical Specifications [PDF] 341.1kb Download
Luzhong LZ404 / LZ454 / LZ504 / LZ554 Technical Specifications [PDF] 336.5kb Download
Luzhong LZ550G / LZ554G / LZ600G / LZ604G / LZ650G / LZ654G / LZ754G / LZ804G / LZ1004G Technical Specifications [PDF] 337.2kb Download
Luzhong Series 40 Wheeled Tractors Parts Catalogue [PDF] 8.2Mb Download

Here is a list of technical specifications and parts catalogs for various models of Luzhong tractors with varying horsepower, ranging from 12hp to 240hp. The technical specifications provide detailed information about the different tractors, including their horsepower, transmission, weight, and dimensions. Each PDF file corresponds to a specific model or series of tractors, with some models designed for specific applications such as 2WD or 4WD. The parts catalog guides the components and parts used in the Luzhong Series 40 Wheeled Tractors, which can be useful for maintenance and repair purposes. Overall, this list of technical specifications and parts catalogs provides valuable information for farmers and industrial users who are interested in purchasing or maintaining Luzhong tractors.

Luzhong Tractor is a well-known tractor manufacturer in China that produces a wide range of tractors for various agricultural and industrial applications. The company was founded in 1994 and has since become a leader in the Chinese tractor industry, with a strong reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and efficient tractors.

Luzhong offers a variety of tractor models that cater to the specific needs of farmers and industrial users. Some of the most popular models of Luzhong tractors include:

  • Luzhong 254 Tractor – This compact tractor is designed for small farms and gardens. It features a 25-horsepower engine and a range of attachments, including plows, tillers, and mowers.
  • Luzhong 304 Tractor – This versatile tractor can handle a wide range of tasks, from tilling fields to hauling heavy loads. It comes equipped with a 30-horsepower engine and can be fitted with various attachments.
  • Luzhong 354 Tractor – This powerful tractor is designed for large farms and industrial applications. It features a 35-horsepower engine and a range of advanced features, such as power steering, hydraulic brakes, and a synchronized transmission.
  • Luzhong 404 Tractor – This heavy-duty tractor is designed for the toughest jobs. It features a 40-horsepower engine and can handle tasks such as plowing, planting, and harvesting.
  • Luzhong 454 Tractor – This high-performance tractor is designed for commercial and industrial applications. It features a 45-horsepower engine and can handle heavy-duty tasks such as excavation and construction.

Overall, Luzhong tractors are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, and farmers and industrial users across China and beyond widely use them. With a wide range of models, there is a Luzhong tractor to suit every need and budget.

Luzhong Tractor Manuals PDF

Luzhong 304

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