Montana Tractors Manuals free download PDF

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This list of manuals in PDF format includes parts and chassis manuals for various Montana Tractor models, such as the 3040, 3840, 4340, 4940, 4540, 5740, LT330HST, LT360HST, R2844, R3644, HST, T2334, T2734, and T7074. These manuals provide detailed information about each tractor model and are essential for maintenance and repair purposes.

Title File Size Download Links
Montana 3040 / 3840 Parts Manual [PDF] 11.3Mb Download
Montana 4340 / 4940 Chassis Part Manual [PDF] 21Mb Download
Montana 4540 Parts Manual [PDF] 12.3Mb Download
Montana 5740 Parts Manual [PDF] 22.9Mb Download
Montana LT330HST / LT360HST Parts Manual [PDF] 16.6Mb Download
Montana R2844 & R3644 and HST Parts Manual [PDF] 15.9Mb Download
Montana R2844 / 3644 HST Parts Manual [PDF] 10.5Mb Download
Montana T2334 & T2734 Parts Manual [PDF] 12.7Mb Download
Montana T7074 Parts Manual [PDF] 15.5Mb Download

Montana Tractor Manuals PDF

Manuals in PDF format for different Montana Tractor models. These manuals include parts manuals, chassis part manuals, and other relevant information for maintenance and repair purposes. Each manual contains detailed information about specific tractor models and provides diagrams, illustrations, and descriptions of various parts and components. These manuals are an essential resource for Montana Tractor owners and technicians, as they provide valuable information for troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing parts on their machines. Whether you are a farmer, a landscaper, or a contractor, having access to these manuals can help you keep your Montana Tractor in top condition and extend its lifespan. These manuals are available in electronic format, making them easily accessible and searchable, providing a convenient and efficient way to access the necessary information for maintenance and repair of Montana Tractor models.

Montana Tractors

In 2004, J.B. Hunt, Charlie Goforth, and Dan Downing established Montana Tractors in Springdale, Arkansas. J.B. Hunt, founder of JB Hunt Trucking, was left with 500 tractors and unpaid freight bills after the failure of Agracat Tractors. LG Montana Tractors was the company’s initial name, reflecting the company’s origins as a distributor of LG tractors. The LG was omitted from the name, and Montana expanded its network of suppliers.

LG’s tractor division, which supplied Montana, rebranded as LS Tractors. Universal in Romania, TYM and Kukje in South Korea, and Sonalika in India also supplied tractors.

After Farmtrac North America declared bankruptcy in 2008, Montana purchased their remaining inventory of LG/LS and Escorts Group (Farmtrac’s Indian parent business) tractors. Even though they were rebranded as Montana Limited, the Farmtrac tractors kept their signature blue.

In 2009, LS declared their intention to sell LS-branded tractors in the United States, effectively ending Montana’s relationship with the company. In 2009, Montana initiated merger talks with Branson Tractors, a branch of Kukje, to combine their respective American operations. The merger was scrapped, but Kukje was brought on as a vendor. Montana rebranded some Branson tractors as the Montana Special Edition.

Since their old supplier, LS, began selling tractors in the States at the end of 2010, Montana Tractors has only been marketing parts for their machines.

Montana Tractors Manuals PDF

Montana U5784

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