Renault Truck Fault Code 200

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Renault Truck Fault Code 200

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Renault Magnum

The panel on the Renault Magnum or Premium may reflect on the display the inscription “fault code 200″ (Defect code 200 – Theft defect). What does this mean and how to deal with it? It is important to remember that many things can be eliminated.

The main causes of Defect 200

Among the most common causes of the Error 200 defect are the following:

  • no or poor CAN bus contact;
  • mechanical damage to the wiring;
  • poor contact with the “mass” on one of the devices;
  • most often there is a problem with the wires 12 and 13 of the body control unit;
  • connection of additional or non-native devices, for example, a radio tape recorder (even if it is removed from another Renault Magnum; Premium);
  • malfunction of the electrical system or one of its components, such as reversing lights, etc .;
  • the absence or unreliability of the contact on the wire number 1;
  • the integrity of the soldering on the immobilizer is broken;
  • breakage of electronic components of the immobilizer (often detected when the car is cooled in the cold).

What can be done?

If the truck worked perfectly and was always pleased with stability, but at the most inopportune moment suddenly there was a trouble and the inscription Defect (Fault code) 200 appeared on the panel, then you can take a number of actions yourself. Among some actions that can help solve the problem, the following can be noted:

  • disable immobilizer and start the engine without it. To start, you need a pin code, which you can find out either from the immobilizer itself, first “stretching it out”, or inquire from the dealers of the company (checking the breakage of the electronics);
  • visually check the quality of the soldering on the immobilizer;
  • turn off the radio and other devices that were installed independently (did not come from the manufacturer);
  • visually check the integrity of the wiring;
  • check the operation of lighting and reversing lights;
  • if you can leave the car in the room (so it will cool less and, accordingly, possible problems with the immobilizer that arise due to hypothermia will be finally identified, you will not have to do a long check of all electronics);
  • sometimes it is enough just to check if the “neutral” is turned on.

Given the fact that this error appears only when the engine is started, in some cases, after a “troublesome” start, it is advisable not to turn off the engine for every reason.

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