Sampo Rosenlew Harvester Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Technical Specifications PDF

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Sampo Rosenlew Harvester Comia C10/C12/C6/C8/C20/C22/C24; FR28, FR48, and FR68 forwarder; Verrato V4 and V5 combine harvester: operator, and maintenance manuals, technical specifications PDF free download

Title File Size Download Links
Sampo Rosenlew Comia C10 / C12 Combine Harvester Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 33.5Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Comia C20 / C22 / C24 2Roto Technical Specification [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Comia C22 2Roto Technical Specification [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Comia C4 / C6 / C8 Instruction Book [PDF] 8.7Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Comia C6 / C8 Combine Harvester Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 35.1Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew FR28 forwarder Technical Specification [PDF] 601.3kb Download
Sampo Rosenlew FR48 forwarder Technical Specification [PDF] 501.8kb Download
Sampo Rosenlew FR48 Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 16.6Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew FR68 forwarder Technical Specification [PDF] 2.1Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew HR46 Harvester Instruction Manual [PDF] 11.7Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew HR86 Harvester Instruction Manual [PDF] 2.4Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew SR1066 Harvester Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 10.5Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew SR2010 PLOT Combine Technical Specification [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Verrato V4 Combine Harvester Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
Sampo Rosenlew Verrato V5 2035 / 2045 / 2065 / 2085 / 2095 Combine Harvester Operator and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 8.7Mb Download

Sampo Rosenlew Manuals PDF

The above is a list of various manuals and technical specifications related to the Sampo Rosenlew agricultural machinery. These documents are available in PDF format and can be used by operators and maintenance personnel to understand the operating and maintenance procedures for different models of combine harvesters, forwarders, and harvesters.

The manuals provide detailed information on the technical specifications, such as engine specifications, cutting widths, threshing systems, and other operational parameters. Additionally, the manuals cover the proper use, maintenance, and repair of these machines to ensure they perform optimally and last longer.

The Sampo Rosenlew Comia C10/C12 and C6/C8 combine harvester operator and maintenance manuals are specific to those models, while the Comia C4/C6/C8 instruction book provides general information on operating and maintaining those models. The Sampo Rosenlew Comia C20/C22/C24 and C22 2Roto technical specification documents contain information on the features and specifications of those models.

The Sampo Rosenlew FR28, FR48, and FR68 forwarder technical specification documents provide detailed specifications on those models, while the FR48 operator and maintenance manual guides proper use and maintenance. The HR46 and HR86 harvester instruction manuals, provide instructions on the use and maintenance of those models. The SR1066 harvester operator and maintenance manual contain similar information for that model. The SR2010 PLOT combine technical specification document and provides specifications on that model. Finally, the Verrato V4 and V5 combine harvester operator, and maintenance manuals provide instructions on properly using and maintaining those models.

Sampo Rosenlew Harvesters

The Sampo company was founded in 2000, and its main direction was selling and maintaining horticultural and agricultural equipment. In the same year, cooperation with the Finnish company Sampo-Rosenlew began, after which the import of combine harvesters began.

Sampo supplies several series of harvesters, each of which has its purpose and scope. Each model is built with great attention to detail, carefully selected, and tested to achieve maximum quality and performance even in the toughest conditions.

Sampo Rosenlew COMIA C10, C12

The new line of Comia combines, received with great interest, became popular, so it was decided to add high-performance models to it. With the advent of C10 and C12, productivity has increased, and the capabilities of COMIA combines have expanded. COMIA is not only a modern combine but also a large number of new technical solutions that were not previously in Sampo combine before the advent of COMIA. Models C10 and C12 are modern machinery in which the best properties inherent only in Sampo combines are organically intertwined with the developments and novelties of modern grain harvesters. Wide headers, roomy grain elevators, a separating device, and of course, the famous ease of cleaning, combined with a comfortable cab designed with operator feedback in mind, make work a pleasure.

Sampo Rosenlew SR3000

Sampo-Rosenlew high-performance harvesters are represented by the 3000 series. Both models 3065 and 3085 represent the developments of the modern machine shop. A large hopper, a wide header, and a powerful engine are what you need to work on large farms. The steering column is not only adjustable but also has additional controls. The header has a unique design, which makes it equally well-suited for working with long-stalk and short-stalk crops.

Sampo Rosenlew SR2010

The smallest model of all series, however, also has its specific purpose, namely the cleaning of breeding or experimental plots. Especially for this purpose, a self-cleaning system was developed that will not allow the mixing of cultures. You can also note a comfortable cab with air conditioning, a heater, and ergonomic controls.

Sampo Rosenlew SR2000

A series of medium models, which is an excellent addition to the large models of the SR 3000 series. They are equipped with a modern, comfortable cab with a multifunctional control lever, air conditioning, and a heater. In addition, the drill has been enlarged and reaches the same size as the older version.

The design of the re-threshing mechanism has undergone significant changes, making it more efficient than its predecessors. The transmission is also hydrostatic, which also provides reliable operation for such a large machine.

Sampo Rosenlew Manuals PDF

Sampo Rosenlew 2045

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