Wacker Neuson Dumpers: Operator’s, Service and Parts Manuals PDF

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Wacker Neuson Dumpers: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Wacker Neuson 1001 Service Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 2001 Dumper Parts Manual [PDF] 5Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 3001 Dumper Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 3001 Parts Manual [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 6001 Parts Manual [PDF] 5.6Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 6001 Service Manual [PDF] 3.4Mb Download
Wacker Neuson 850 Dumper Parts Manual [PDF] 3.5Mb Download
Wacker Neuson DV60 / DV90 / DV100 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7.4Mb Download

Wacker Neuson Dumpers Manuals PDF

Wacker Neuson mini-dumpers are used to move bulk materials around a building site. Because of their small size and lightweight, they easily fit through narrow openings like doorways and gates, which considerably increases convenience for construction workers. Service manuals for track and wheel dumpers may be found on this page.

Wacker Neuson micro dumpers have raised the bar for wheeled small dumpers in terms of safety, use, and serviceability. Currently, there are ten variants in the Wacker Neuson series of wheeled dumpers, ranging in carrying capacity from 1 to 10 tons. These models can handle practically all soil and material transshipment-related construction operations. Wheel dumpers made by Wacker Neuson can come with heated cabs that offer good visibility in some variants. With a load capacity ranging from 0.9 to 2.5 tons, Wacker Neuson crawler dumpers are distinguished by a wide selection of variants with both diesel and gasoline engines. These machines are essential for inside construction work because of their self-loading system, short width, and three various forms of dumping: front, rotating, and three sides.

When discussing the most recent models, it is important first to mention six of them, which fall into the category of models with a load capacity ranging from 500 kg to 2500 kg. The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to manage specialized equipment in a way that is both easy and convenient. This makes it feasible to move items in locations with challenging terrain because of the high agility. Rubber tracks are larger than wheeled vehicles in terms of surface area, which results in significantly less pressure on the ground. It doesn’t really have a suspension.

The smallest model, Model DT 05, is distinguished by the following features:

  • 0.5 tons of load capacity; 55 centimeter-wide rails that enable usage inside of structures;
  • 0.313 m3 of the body leaning forward;
  • In the back are the controls and engine compartment;
  • The operator can follow the unit or be on a foldable platform;
  • It has a 6.6 horsepower Yanmar L70N6 diesel engine as well as a 6.5 horsepower Honda GX200 gasoline engine.

In keeping with the preceding model’s layout, the DT 08 is distinguished by:

  • The rails are 79 cm wide;
  • the dump platform can support up to 800 kg;
  • the engines are Yanmar L100AE diesel engines with ten horsepower or gasoline engines with nine horsepower;
  • a cooling system that is specially made to work in really hot temperatures.

Excellent hydraulics (based on the use of two hydraulic pumps), enhanced performance, significantly reduced control vibration, and a greater variety of interchangeable attachments are all hallmarks of the closely related DT 08 Proline. Installed a 13-horsepower Kubota Z-482 diesel engine.

The tracked unit DT 12 features the following:

  • 1.2 tons of load capacity;
  • 0.45 cubic meters of body capacity;
  • two balancing carts;
  • extended running gear;
  • and a Kubota Z-602 diesel engine with 14 horsepower.
  • Able to climb a 62-degree slope (similar to other models).

These characteristics apply to the tracked dumper DT 15:

  • 1.5 tons of carrying capacity; 0.8 cubic meters of body capacity;
  • A comfortable operator’s seat that is mounted on the engine cover;
  • Engine: Kubota D-902 diesel engine;
  • Reaching 106 cm in breadth;
  • A roll bar is supplied to safeguard the operator if the machine topples over and can be folded into drive-through spaces with low ceilings.

The Wacker Neuson dumper models include a bucket for loading bulk goods, are intended for high unloading, and may be customized with various body types, including platforms and mounting plates for moving specialist equipment. Circular saws, drilling machines, jackhammers, and many other forms of industrial equipment can all be used due to a feature like the installation of extra hydraulics. A few types may be installed with a concrete mixer, and one of them (the DT 15) can have a 500-liter tank attached.

These apply to the DT 25 model:

  • being able to lift objects to 2.5 tons;
  • The power plant’s placement in front; The operator’s seat rotates 180 degrees;
  • full management ergonomics;
  • body for 1.5 cubes that may be configured with rear or three-way unloading;
  • Up to 11 km/h, the movement speed is rapid.
  • diesel engine V-2403M with 48 horsepower;
  • 349-millimeter clearance, providing unrestricted off-road travel;
  • The ascent is at a 70-degree angle.
Wacker Neuson Dumper Service Manuals PDF

Wacker Neuson 9001

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