Yanmar Tractors: Technical, Operator’s and Service Manuals PDF

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Yanmar Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Yanmar Compact Loader MP series Service Manual [PDF] 6.5Mb Download
Yanmar Compact Tractor Lx410 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.1Mb Download
Yanmar Compact Tractor Lx450 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.1Mb Download
Yanmar Compact Tractor Lx490 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.1Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor EB3100 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 12.3Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor EF-494T Technical Manual [PDF] 25.2Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor EF312T Operator’s Manual [PDF] 10.1Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor EF393T Operator’s Manual [PDF] 8.4Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor EF494T Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor YM135d Service Manual [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor YM155d Service Manual [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor YM169 Service Manual [PDF] 11.8Mb Download
Yanmar Diesel Tractor YM169d Service Manual [PDF] 11.8Mb Download
Yanmar Sub-Compact Tractor SC 2400 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
Yanmar tractor filter list [PDF] 630.6kb Download

Yanmar Tractor Manuals PDF

There is no better alternative than the Yanmar compact tractor regarding small-capacity and effective farm equipment. Its dependability, adaptability, and simplicity of maintenance have led to a growth in demand in the home market, similar to other tractors from Japan.

With the opening of a modest workshop for the production of diesel engines in 1912, the Yanmar brand began its existence. The first Yanmar tractor was introduced to the world 50 years later, and 15 years later, its little cousin, the minitractor. Today, Yanmar has an extensive dealer network, a continually expanding manufacturing capacity, and a business principle that never changes: the customer is always right.

Self-propelled Yanmar minitractors have a maximum power of 40 horsepower and are diesel 2- or 3-cylinder machines with wheels or caterpillar propellers.

Yanmar tractor models can be divided into several series:

  • KE – tractors of small power on wheels. Differ in blocking of differential, 4-point linkage. For the convenience of winter operation, electric ignition is provided;
  • F – mini tractors designed for medium-density soils. Due to the PTO, they work with both trailed and active adapters;
  • FX – universal machines up to 20 hp with PTO, differential lock on each axle, and 3-point linkage;
  • EF – tractors with a 4×4 wheel formula and a rear PTO. With an improved air filtration system, they are more productive and unpretentious in maintenance;
  • AC is a line of tracked mini tractors with ideal cross-country ability and technical parameters.

Yanmar AC-18 minitractor

Compact garden tractor on caterpillars. Suitable for operation in wetlands, wetlands, and rice fields. To work with attachments, an independent rear PTO is provided, on which you can install not only a plow or a hiller but also utility brushes, a rotary snow blower, or a wood chipper. It is considered one of the most expensive in the world; therefore, it is mainly distributed in the secondary market.


  • cubic 3-cylinder engine, creating an effort of 18 hp;
  • high-quality caterpillar tracks that do not require special care;
  • large grip when hanging the cutter – 200 cm;
  • comfortable seat for the operator with good access to the control levers and steering wheel;
  • evenly distributed weight between the leading nodes, reducing anthropogenic pressure on the ground.

Minitractor Yanmar 1700

Like other Japanese tractors from Yanmar, it has decent working parameters and can be used in both small and large agricultural firms. Moves on tires with a rough tread capable of self-cleaning. With a weight of only 900 kg, it has compact dimensions – 2.15 x 1 x 1.2 m, which simplifies garage storage and winter preservation.


  • 2-cylinder engine with 18 hp with a torque of 3 thousand rpm and water cooling;
  • 6-speed manual transmission with two reverse speeds;
  • optimal transport speed – 18 km / h;
  • pneumatic tires “Agri” with sizes – 6-14 (front) and 9.5-24;
  • 3-speed PTO with a sum of revolutions of 540, 860, and 1 thousand / min.

Mini tractor Yanmar F6

14 kW unit with all-wheel drive. Will become an indispensable assistant in the country or in the garden. Despite the operation of 3 cylinders, it is economical in terms of fuel and lubrication: no more than 1.5 liters of fuel is required per hour of operation. Maneuverable and passable in both flat and mountainous terrain.


  • 8-speed transmission with two reverse speeds;
  • 3-mode PTO for aggregation with active mounted adapters;
  • tires “Bridgestone” size 8-18 (front) and 5-12, providing a track width of 0.51 m;
  • effective liquid cooling;
  • separate braking of the rear wheels, minimizing the turning radius.

Tractor Yanmar F-15D

It is considered one of the most sought-after Japanese Yanmar tractors. It is suitable for complex tillage and auxiliary tasks – snowfall control, potato digging, lawn mowing, etc. Easy to maintain, which can be done by hand.


  • 829 cc 19-horsepower diesel engine with a flow rate of 1.5 l / h;
  • 10 l gas tank, increasing the interval between refueling;
  • multi-speed manual transmission for the perfect combination of travel speed and operating mode;
  • electric start, which simplifies winter operation;
  • halogen lighting for safe work at night.

Tractor Yanmar KE-3

A productive Yanmar tractor, popular in the used market. It demonstrates increased cross-country ability on sandy and marshy soils, combined with a 3-cylinder effective engine and a multi-mode power take-off shaft. Compatible with trailed and mounted adapters, including a 120 cm rotator.


  • 18 hp diesel power plant;
  • wheel formula 4×4 with a brake on each rear wheel;
  • ergonomic workplace of the tractor driver;
  • fast start at low t 0C;
  • good visibility in any weather thanks to the rear-view mirrors and 2 powerful battery-operated headlights.

Yanmar tractors: running in, operation, and maintenance

The running-in of Yanmar minitractors lasts 50 hours and involves not only grinding in engine parts, but also the PTO itself. The running-in begins with filling the gas tank and oil sump with high-quality fuels and lubricants and operating the equipment at low speeds without attachments.

Operation is carried out according to the operator’s manual.

Before starting work:

  • oil and diesel are added;
  • clean the wheels from sticking earth;
  • inflate tires;
  • tighten fasteners.

After 50 hours of operation, change the lubricant and repeat this procedure after 100 and 200 hours.

Yanmar Tractor Manuals PDF

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