Yishan Bulldozer Operator’s, Maintenance and Shop Manuals PDF

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Yishan Bulldozer T160, T180, TS180, TSc180, TY160, TY180 and TY220 owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, tech specs, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Yishan T160 / T180 / TS180 / TSc180 / TY160 / TY180 Crawler Bulldozer Operational and Maintenance Manual [PDF]: This manual offers in-depth information on operating procedures, safety guidelines, regular maintenance routines, and troubleshooting tips for these specific bulldozer models. Each manual includes detailed diagrams, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions to make maintenance and repairs as straightforward as possible. 35.7Mb Download
Yishan TY220 Crawler Bulldozer Shop Manual [PDF]: This comprehensive Shop Manual is specifically tailored for the Yishan TY220 Crawler Bulldozer. It covers all aspects of service, maintenance, and repairs in a workshop setting. The manual includes detailed procedures, diagrams, specifications, and special tools required for the proper servicing and repair of the TY220 model. 53.9Mb Download

These PDF manuals provide detailed information and guidance on the operation, maintenance, and repair of Yishan Crawler Bulldozer models T160, T180, TS180, TSc180, TY160, and TY180. The set also includes a dedicated Shop Manual for the Yishan TY220 Crawler Bulldozer. These invaluable resources are designed to help equipment owners, operators, and technicians maintain and service their bulldozers effectively and efficiently.

With these manuals, you can ensure the safe and efficient operation of your Yishan Crawler Bulldozer while prolonging its service life and reducing downtime. The clear instructions and illustrations make it easy for both experienced technicians and new operators to understand and follow the guidelines. Download these essential resources today and keep your Yishan Crawler Bulldozer running at peak performance.

YISHAN Bulldozers

Tianjin Yishan Construction Machinery Co. (YISHAN) is a dynamically developing company in the segment of construction machinery and equipment. The company annually increases its share, improves the performance and design of equipment. The Japanese concern Komatsu has established partnerships with YISHAN. YISHAN bulldozers are produced according to technology and in cooperation with Komatsu. Thus, YISHAN special equipment is consistent with the quality and technical characteristics of Komatsu bulldozers.

Bulldozers YISHAN TY160, TY180, T160 S, T180 F are excellent equipment for loosening soils of a high category of complexity, as well as frozen, rocky rocks. You can also use YISHAN bulldozers to clear roads from snow. Special equipment can be used in various temperature conditions: both high (+50) and low (up to -40).

Yishan Bulldozer Manuals PDF

Yishan TY160

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