Zetor Tractors: Workshop, Service and Spare Parts Manuals PDF

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Zetor Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Zetor 10011-10045-16045 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 3Mb Download
Zetor 2011, Zetor 3011, Zetor 4011 Service Manual [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
Zetor 2511 3511 4511 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
Zetor 3320 3340 4320 5320 5340 6320 6340 7320 7340 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 8.6Mb Download
Zetor 3320, 5320, 3340, 7320 TURBO, 4320, 6320, 7340 TURBO, 4340, 6340, 5340 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Zetor 3321, 3341 , 4321 , 4341 , 5321 , 5341 , 6341 , 6321 , 7321 TURBO, 7341 TURBO Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.2Mb Download
Zetor 4011 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 15.3Mb Download
Zetor 4341 Manual [PDF] 5.2Mb Download
Zetor 4712-6748 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Zetor 4712, 4718, 5748, 6711, 6718, 6745, 6748, 5711, 5718, 5745 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Zetor 4911 5911 5945 6911 6945 Manual [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Zetor 4911, 5911, 5945, 6911, 6945 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Zetor 5011 6011 6045 7011 7045 Repair Manual [PDF] 177.3Mb Download
Zetor 5011, 6011, 6045, 7011, 7045 Service Manual [PDF] 5.5Mb Download
Zetor 5211 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 10.1Mb Download
Zetor 5211, 5245,6211,6245,7211,7245,7245H, 7711,7745 Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 27.8Mb Download
Zetor 5245, 6211, 6245, 7211, 7245, 7711, 7745, 7245 Horal Operator’s Manual [PDF] 10.1Mb Download
Zetor 5511 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.1Mb Download
Zetor 6245 Manual [PDF] 10.1Mb Download
Zetor 7245 Manual [PDF] 22.4Mb Download
Zetor 7520, 7540, 8520, 8540, 9520, 9540, 10520, 10540 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 8.8Mb Download
Zetor 8011-8045-12011-12045 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
Zetor Crystal 150 160 Manual [PDF] 17.4Mb Download
Zetor Forterra 95 105 115 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
Zetor Major 60-80 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
Zetor Parts Manual [PDF] 6.1Mb Download
Zetor Proxima Power 85 95 105 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2.9Mb Download
Zetor Proxima Z6421 / Z7421 / Z8421 / Z6441 / Z7441 / Z8441 Workshop Manual [PDF] 8.8Mb Download
Zetor PROXIMA Z6421-8441 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 3.2Mb Download
Zetor Tractors Spare Parts Manual [PDF] 15.1Mb Download
Zetor ZL26 / ZL36 / ZL46 / ZL56 / ZL21 / ZL31 / ZL41 / ZL51 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 6Mb Download

Zetor Tractor Manuals PDF

The well-known Czech business Zetor, which makes agricultural equipment and engines for these vehicles, is the manufacturer of the Zetor Forterra tractor. Bruno is home to the company’s manufacturing facilities, and the goods themselves are notable for a variety of benefits, including low running expenses, a cost-effective engine, a solid hydraulic system, a comfortable driver’s seat, etc.

The Zetor firm was established in the 1940s of the previous century and initially concentrated on the construction of passenger automobiles. Tractor manufacture for the agriculture industry has only been going since 1945. The first Zetor tractor, the Z25, debuted in the same year and was met with enthusiastic reception right away. Due to the new model’s popularity, manufacturing was transferred to a more extensive Brno-Lishen facility in 1952, where it is still done today.

The Z25 was manufactured until 1961 before being improved into the ZUR1. The early machines had 4-stroke diesel engines, much like they do now. Because all-wheel drive and contemporary suspension are included, the vehicle has good all-terrain capabilities.

In response to rising demand, new Zetor tractors with more power debuted in the 1980s.

As a result, the 8011 Crystal model was produced in a number of variations in 1982. Increased power motors have been used in ZetorURIII tractors since 1991. Since 2001, 4- and 6-cylinder engines have debuted together with more dependable transmissions.

There are six different Zetor tractor lines available, each with unique features, equipment, and engine power. Let’s quickly review the fundamental changes:

Zetor Utilix

They feature an engine with a 40–50 horsepower rating. They are designed to accomplish tasks with a moderate level of complexity. They stand out for their simplicity of use, comfort and space in the driver’s seat, and interior quietness. Due to the accessibility of replacement parts and maintainability, transportation operations are relatively inexpensive.

Zetor Hortus

These Zetor tractors are powered by a stronger 4-cylinder engine with a 60–70 horsepower capability. They have the same advantages as the method mentioned above but are appropriate for more demanding tasks.

Zetor Major

Agricultural machinery may be utilized with a variety of machines and accessories. It has motors that can produce between 60 and 80 horsepower. In terms of value and effectiveness, Zetor Major is regarded as the finest option. They have a 12-speed transmission, a 3-position linkage for connecting accessories, and a strengthened frame.

Zetor Proxima

A line of well-liked tractors powered by 80–120 horsepower engines. They distinguish themselves via dependability, adaptability, and tough construction. They are used in the forestry industry, municipal economics, and agricultural sector. They feature a variety of benefits, including as extended service lives and good mobility.

Zetor Forterra

These types of machines have diesel engines with enough horsepower to deal with issues of various levels of complexity. They stand out structurally thanks to their 6-cylinder design, heavyweight, and greater robustness. They have good qualities and are in demand due to the favorable price-quality ratio.

Zetor Tractor Manuals PDF

Zetor Forterra

Zetor Crystal

Tractors with 150–160 horsepower Zetor engines are equipped to handle any intricacy of work. They have a more robust transfer case and suspension, a high degree of passenger comfort, and the lowest operating costs. The models in this series are known for their high performance and versatility when it comes to attachment use.

Each series is offered by various models with various technical specifications, application ranges, and connection attachment possibilities. Let’s talk about the most well-known and common.

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