Basak Tractor Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Basak Tractor owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Basak 2055 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
Basak 2060 Plus Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.7Mb Download
Basak 2075 Technical Specifications [PDF] 415.5kb Download
Basak 2080 Technical Specifications [PDF] 477.6kb Download
Basak 2090 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Basak 2105 S Technical Specifications [PDF] 198.1kb Download
Basak 2110 Technical Specifications [PDF] 356.8kb Download
Basak 5120 Technical Specifications [PDF] 457.7kb Download
Basak Tractor Tech Specs [PDF] 1.7Mb Download

Basak Tractor Manuals PDF

The Turkish business Başak Traktör was established in 1902 and primarily focused on manufacturing threshers, butter churns, and horse-drawn carriages. The company launched the assembling of tractors from foreign manufacturers, notably Ford, in the 1960s. The first tractor with its brand came off the production line of a Turkish company in 1996.

Now, the Basak facility can produce 10,000 tractors each year. The line’s more than 20 variants range in horsepower from 48 to 116hp.

There are several different versions of Basak tractors available that are made for other agricultural jobs. For example, powerful tractors for heavy lifting and lightweight, portable micro tractors for working in confined spaces are available from Basak.

The significant benefits of Basak tractors are high productivity, dependability, durability, and comfort for the operator. All tractors are built utilizing high-quality materials and current technology, ensuring their efficient functioning for an extended period.

For tractors, Basak also provides extra choices and accessories, including weatherproof cabins, plows, cultivators, rakes, and other tillage and crop care gear.

Overall, Basak tractors are dependable and effective equipment for agricultural labor and other duties linked to the usage of agricultural gear. Moreover, as they are high-quality and reasonably priced, they are well-known in Turkey and internationally.

The following Basak tractor models are available:

  • Basak 2100: compact tractor with 22 hp, a manual transmission, and low weight, making it ideal for working on small plots of land and confined spaces.
  • Basak 3050: A 50 HP all-around tractor equipped with a hydraulic transmission for more comfortable and smoother handling.
  • Basak 5045: powerful 45 hp tractor. The hydraulic transmission and comfortable cab make it ideal for medium to heavy-duty applications.
  • Basak 7090: A 90 hp large tractor equipped with a hydraulic transmission and an automatic plowing depth system that allows you to efficiently perform complex agricultural work.
  • A diesel 3-cylinder Perkins is included with the Basak 2080 garden tractor. The engine has a 3.3-liter size and a 79-horsepower maximum. At 1400 rpm, there has a 310 Nm maximum torque. A manual transmission with 16 forward and eight backward gears is installed on the machine. The machine weighs 3.8 tons, and its maximum transport speed is 40 km/h. The tractor has a rear power take-off shaft and a rear hydraulic mounted system with a three-ton load capacity to combine mounted and trailed equipment.
  • The Basak 5120 field tractor is the most potent model in the Basak range. The self-propelled vehicle has a 4-cylinder diesel engine with 116 horsepower: Deutz turbocharger, standard rail injection system, and intercooler. The machine also includes a ZF PowerShift four-speed synchronized gearbox with all-wheel drive, electro-hydraulic gear changing, and 32 forward and 32 reverse speeds.
Basak Tractor Manuals PDF

Basak 5120

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