Buhler Versatile Tractors: Parts Catalogs, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Buhler Versatile Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Versatile 435 / 485 / 535 Operators Manual [rus] [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
Versatile 4WD DELTATRACK Model 520DT / 570DT / 610DT [PDF] 31.7kb Download
Versatile 4WD TRACTORS Model 380 / 405 / 430 / 460 [PDF] 32kb Download
Versatile 4WD Tractors Models 350-550 [PDF] 6.3Mb Download
Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2008 [PDF] 4Mb Download
Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2009 [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
Versatile D118-G125, D145 4WD – Parts book [PDF] 11.2Mb Download
Versatile MFWD / ROW CROP TRACTOR 265 / 295 / 315 [PDF] 43.4kb Download
Versatile Row Crop Tractors [PDF] 4.9Mb Download
Versatile Track System Owners Manual [PDF] 6.5Mb Download

Buhler Versatile Tractor Manuals PDF

Buhler Versatile has been manufacturing tractors under its name for many years. Each component is a dependable and effective helper for the contemporary consumer that can be applied to agriculture and business.

The experts at Buhler Versatile are always improving the capabilities of their tractors, which helps them stand out for their excellent levels of productivity, power, and safety.

Buhler Versatile tractors have a higher fuel capacity that can reach more than 871 horsepower. You may work in large regions without having to refuel because of this. The operator will be comfortable thanks to the broad ladder, and roomy cab found on all tractor models. The tractors provide for the potential of computerized control, and even manufacturing work may be accomplished with the might of their engines.

Buhler Versatile tractors also have a unique, well-thought-out design that allows a person to access all lubrication locations easily. In addition, equipment may be easily maintained, and diagnostics can be carried out with specialized software.

All tractors are high caliber, capable of withstanding heavy loads, and appropriate for use in the most demanding situations.

Tractor Versatile 2375

The spacious cab of this Buhler Versatile has excellent visibility. Vibration and trembling during operation are entirely avoided owing to the chair’s air conditioning, digital gauges, and air suspension.


  • the engine is a diesel, 6-speed with the option of sequential cooling;
  • power is 375 liters. With;
  • the presence of two fuel tanks – 871 l;
  • air conditioning system.

Tractor Versatile 305

The Buhler Versatile cultivator has good maneuverability and is rather small. It is perfect for carrying out various agricultural tasks and moving items. The tractor may be used for field labor as well.

Principal traits:

  • Cummins QSC 8.3 engine has six cylinders;
  • power is 305 liters. With;
  • fully automatic transmission, 16 gears forward and nine reverse;
  • maximum speed 40 km/h;
  • fuel tank volume 416 l.

Tractor Versatile 280

In all climes, the Buhler Versatile may be used all year round. It is ideal for routine industrial operations, cargo transportation, and agricultural duties. The tractor has a bigger cab, an improved engine, and computerized control.

Principal traits:

  • engine Cummins QSC 8.3 6-cylinder, turbocharged;
  • power is 280 liters. With;
  • fully automatic transmission, 16 forward and nine reverse gears;
  • maximum speed 40 km/h;
  • fuel tank volume – 416 l.

Tractor Buhler Versatile 535

A strong model for commercial and residential agricultural labor is the high-performance Buhler tractor. High engine power and practical controls guarantee trouble-free operation wherever it is used.

Principal traits:

  • Cummins QSX15 motor, power 398.9 kW;
  • the fuel tank has a volume of 1325 l;
  • transmission has 12 forward and four reverse gears;
  • the maximum speed is 35 km/h.

Tractor Buhler Versatile 435

For difficult work, this adaptable model will be a smart choice. The tractor has an advanced control system and can support heavy loads.

Principal traits:

  • motor: QSX15, power 350.5 kW;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 1325 l;
  • transmission mechanical, 12 forward and four reverse gears;
  • maximum speed 35 km/h.

Tractor Buhler Versatile 250

Large farms and the production sector both employ the tractor model for labor. Its engine offers quick and dependable work completion and complies with all environmental regulations.

Principal traits:

  • Cummins engine, power 350 hp With;
  • fuel tank volume 1325 l;
  • mechanical transmission;
  • maximum speed 35 km/h.

Tractor Buhler Versatile 310

The most challenging field work is done with this wheeled type. This is because it has a high power capacity and can cultivate up to 250 hectares per day.

Principal traits:

  • economical Cummins engine, 350 hp;
  • the volume of two fuel tanks is 1325 l;
  • enhanced transmission.

Each model of Buhler Versatile tractor is very dependable and productive machinery required for all kinds of agricultural work.

Versatile Tractor Manuals PDF

Versatile 360

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