Valtra Tractors: Workshop, Service and Parts Manuals PDF

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Valtra Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Valtra 1280R – 1380S, 1580 – 1680S, 1780R – 1880S Supplement to Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 5.5Mb Download
Valtra 205, 255, 305, 355, 365, 405, 455, 465, 555, 565, 665, 865, 600, 700, 800, 900, 415m, A75, A85, A95 Service Manual [PDF] 732.3kb Download
Valtra 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 13.1Mb Download
Valtra 6000, 6100, 6350, 6400, 6200, 6300, 6550, 6650, 6600, 6850, 6900, 6800, 8100, 8200, 8000, 8050, 8400, 8150, 8550, 8450 Service Manual [PDF] 39.8Mb Download
Valtra 700 Service Manual [PDF] 732.3kb Download
Valtra 8750, 8950, 6600e, 6650e, 6800e, 6850e, 6900e, 6250, 8100e, 8000e, 8200e, 8400e, 8050e, 8150e, 8550e, 8450e, 8750e Service Manual [PDF] 39.8Mb Download
Valtra 95, 105, 115, X100, X110, X120 Service Manual [PDF] 673.3kb Download
Valtra a 750 850 950 990 Parte3 [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
Valtra Active (N134 A, N154e A, N174 A) Operators manual [PDF] 33.4Mb Download
Valtra BH 180 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 26.2Mb Download
Valtra BH144 HiTech, Bh154 hitech, Bh174 hitech, Bh184 hitech, Bh194 hitech Operator’s Manual [PDF] 985kb Download
Valtra Combine BC7500 Parts Catalog [PDF] 8.3Mb Download
Valtra F Series Operator’s Manual [PDF] 26.5Mb Download
Valtra Fault Codes list [PDF] 289.5kb Download
Valtra MEGA MEZZO HI-TEC Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Valtra N-series Active Operator’s manual [PDF] 33.4Mb Download
Valtra N-Series Direct models (N134 D, N154e D, N174 D) Operators manual [PDF] 38Mb Download
Valtra N-Series HiTech models (N104 H, N114e H, N124 H, N134 H, N154e H and N174 H) Operators manual [PDF] 34Mb Download
Valtra N-Series Versu models (N134 V, N154e V, N174 V) Operators manual [PDF] 37.6Mb Download
Valtra S353 [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
Valtra Small A Series (A53 / A63 / A73) Service Manual [PDF] 782.1kb Download
Valtra T 140 TRACTOR Service Repair Manual [PDF] 2.9Mb Download
Valtra T CVT, T195 cvt, T210 cvt, T230 cvt, T250 cvt Operator’s Manual [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Valtra T-Series HiTech models (T144 H, T154 H, T174e H, T194 H, T214 H and T234 H) Operators manual [PDF] 30.8Mb Download
Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Tractors Service Manual [PDF] 90.7Mb Download
Valtra T2 Series Operator’s Manual [PDF] 20.2Mb Download
Valtra T3 Series Operator’s Manual [PDF] 22.9Mb Download
Valtra Tractor BH-180 Hiflow – diagrams [PDF] 986.6kb Download
Valtra Tractor S353 [PDF] 21.2Mb Download
Valtra VALMET 6000 Service Manual [PDF] 651.3kb Download
Valtra Valmet 6200, Valmet 6300, Valmet 6400, Valmet 6600, Valmet 6800, Valmet 8000, Valmet 8100, Valmet 8200, Valmet 8400 Service Manual [PDF] 651.3kb Download
Valtra VALMET 6550Hi Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Valtra VALMET 6600, 6600e, 6650 hi, 6750hi, 6800, 6800e, 6850 hi, 6900, 8000, 8050, 8050 hi Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Valtra Valmet 8000r, Valmet 6250hi, Valmet 6350hi, Valmet 6750hi, Valmet 6850hi, Valmet 8550hi, Valmet 8350hi, Valmet 8950 Service Manual [PDF] 651.3kb Download
Valtra Valmet 8050 Tractor Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
Valtra Valmet 8050, Valmet 8150, Valmet 8450, Valmet 8750, Valmet 8550, Valmet 6900 Service Manual [PDF] 651.3kb Download
Valtra VALMET 8100, 8100e, 8150, 8150e, 8150 hi, 8200, 8200e, 8350hi, 8400, 8400e, 8450, 8450e Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Valtra VALMET 8450 hi, 8550, 8550e, 8550 hi, 8750, 8750e, 8950 hi Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Valtra VALMET Mega series, Mezzo series, Hi-tec series, 6000, 6100, 6200, 6250 hi, 6300, 6350 hi, 6400, 6550 hi Workshop Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download

Valtra Tractor Manuals PDF

Finnish tractors Since the early 1970s, Valtra has been the most widely recognized brand. Their adaptable features and cutting-edge technology offer a comfortable working environment. The Valtra owner benefits from a dependable, high-quality tractor tailored to the requirements of the farm, the contractor.

Individual orders are taken into account while assembling the Valtra tractor. The client can obtain the automobile he needs thanks to this way of work. It is a productive tractor production method that satisfies the requirements of both the producer and the consumer. Every Valtra tractor is customized for a particular buyer. As a result, the customer is completely satisfied with the technical aspects, he has the equipment that a specific client requires, and no further services are required that are not absolutely essential. Among manufacturers, Valtra is unusual in its customer service strategy.

The new models’ wet clutch mechanism is a significant plus. Smooth and inexpensive gear shifting is available, and any issues may be addressed with a small adjustment. In addition, you can work day and night thanks to bright LED lights.

With good reason, Valtra is pleased with its tractors. They provide several series:

  1. Valtra series A: maneuverable and light. All forms of farm work are suitable. The front of the cab is thin to fit through small openings (livestock buildings or forestry). Included are the A74, A84, A94, A104, A114, A124, and A134 models.
  2. Work on vineyards and fruit farms is under Series F.
  3. The N-Series is small and leads its class in terms of power-to-size ratio. Work is made simple and effective with the help of a flexible, lightweight machine with outstanding ergonomics. Models in the N104, N114e, N124, N134, N154e, and N174 series.
  4. T Series – Because this tractor is the product of talks with hundreds of customers and thousands of test drives, many of the features of the new T Series have been developed by customers. T144, T154, T174e, T194, T214, T234, T254, and T191H are all part of this series.
  5. The Valtra S Series (S274, S294, S324, S354, S374, S394) are tractors with balanced performance to increase productivity, cut costs, and leverage new investments.

The primary components are made internally by Valtra. They created the sophisticated chassis, gearbox, and roomy cabin themselves. Since nearly 60 years ago, AGCO Power’s “Sisu” engine has been a Valtra product. This engine is the market leader in terms of dependability. If you want a job done correctly, do it yourself, as they say at Valtra.

Valtra tractor technical characteristics

The F series is appropriate for confined alleys between the most expensive fruit crops since widths range from 1.3 to 1.8 m. A steering angle of 55 degrees is provided by the front axle and the specifically formed chassis. With 3.6 m as the radius, tight bends are feasible. Compact and extremely efficient 3.4-liter common rail engine.

N-Series Technical Details – With a turning radius of under 4.5 meters, it is simple to handle in tight curves, even using a front loader or front attachment. Increase mobility by using the movable QuickSteer from Valtra. Numerous options are available, including a built-in front loader with hydraulic assistance, a Skyview cab for excellent visibility, reinforced axles, up to 7 valves at the rear and four valves at the front, and various speeds ranging from 40 km/h to roughly 60 km/h, and trailer hitches that function flawlessly.

The T-series has good stability because of its large 2995mm wheelbase. Due to its small engine design and integrated front linkage, this tractor also reaches a new level of mobility, with a turning radius of only 5.25 meters. At 1500 rpm, reach maximum torque. With a revised cooling system, increased air intake, computerized control of the viscous fan, and improved heat dissipation, the T-Series uses less gasoline. Stepless gearboxes are already present on more recent Valtra t191h tractors, dating back to 2009.

The cab has a four-point air suspension system from the fourth generation of the Valtra S series. The control system receives input from the sensors, and the cabin finds the required position.

Since the S Series operates continuously, air conditioning is a given. The driver’s seat has ventilation as well. All year long, working in the S-series is pleasant. Six work lights are also included as standard equipment, with LED lights also an option.

All job duties may be completed using the HiTech 4 Series A models’ four-speed powershift gearbox and robotic group gears. The shift can be managed manually or automatically—75, 85, or 95 horsepower New AGCO Power Wheelbase 2250 Series Compact engines with three cylinders.

Maintenance and repair of Valtra tractors

Your Valtra tractor will run more dependably if you do comprehensive, routine maintenance. Compared to the price of repairs brought on by poor maintenance, maintenance expenditures are small.

On one side of the engine, where there is no collector heated to a high temperature, smooth engine maintenance of the cooling system and replacement of air, oil, and fuel filters are performed. The filler neck and oil dipstick are both easily placed. Checking the transmission oil level is simple. The radiators are easily accessible through the hood, which fully lifts up and may be pushed forward or to the side to facilitate cleaning.

Valtra provides convenient and comprehensive maintenance kits. Original spare components are included in the kits, ensuring high-quality maintenance. The secondary market pricing is kept high by using genuine spare parts. Openness is one of the guiding concepts of Valtra’s work. This means that the buyer may visit the Valtra facility and watch the complete assembly of the tractor explicitly built for him.

Valtra Tractor Manuals PDF

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