Castloaders Loaders Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Castloaders Loaders owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Castloaders 28T / 30T / 30T Carbon / 33T / 33tLX / 33TLX Carbon Technical Specifications [PDF] 6.8Mb Download
Castloaders 35T / Genesis Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
Castloaders 800 ECO Technical Specifications [PDF] 8.6Mb Download
Castloaders 820D / 825D / 830D Technical Specifications [PDF] 8.5Mb Download
Castloaders Genesis 40XD Technical Specifications [PDF] 7.2Mb Download
Castloaders Maxo 57D Technical Specifications [PDF] 9.5Mb Download

Castloaders Loader Manuals PDF

The Bugin family formed the Cast Group firm (Italy), which produced the CAST LOADERS loaders of the same name in 1989, bringing together years of experience and work in the development and manufacture of articulated skid steer loaders. Cast Group is situated in the province of Venice in northern Italy, a region known for its skilled entrepreneurs and artisans. At all stages of the design and creation of skid steer loaders, the Cast Group team consists of experts in their industry. To increase the dependability of parts and assemblies, new CAST LOADERS models are routinely tested in various climatic circumstances.

The following distinguishes CASTLOADER loaders from equivalent products made by other manufacturers:

  • Without a plastic body kit, a whole metal body (metal thickness: 3–4mm) is. Without fear of the pricey, fragile plastic, the automobile may be securely provided to drivers without driving expertise.
  • The hydraulic system is made up of sturdy metal tubes inside the body. As a result, there is a significantly lower chance of wear and leaking.
  • Full LED headlights are included with GRAMMER comfort chairs instead of light hues.
  • an extensive, powerful heating system in the cab (option)
  • simple access to a loader’s service and maintenance.
  • With the least number of circuitry.
  • Inexpensive replacement parts and consumables.
  • To draw clients, the true qualities of loaders are balanced.

Castloaders come in various variants with varying load capacities and engine power. Among the most well-liked models are:

  1. The 30T loader by CASTLOADERS is intended for agriculture, loading, and other industries that use a variety of attachments to operate. Lifts loads weighing up to 0.95 tons to a height of up to 2980 mm. It uses a 25-horsepower KUBOTA D1105 diesel engine as its base of operation.
  2. The rear driver’s seat, similar to more giant front loaders, allows the 800 CASTLOADERS series to be flexible and move in small places, making them ideal for usage in cramped areas. The new platform, which ensures CAST’s strengths in performance and adaptability, serves as the appropriate foundation for the 800 Series. These new CAST skid steer loaders are the ideal equipment for tasks like home renovation, where many different types of tools are required, thanks to a large selection of authentic accessories.
  3. The CAST 23T skid loader is the best piece of equipment for both home and business use.
  4. The CAST 28T loader varies from the more recent versions in that it has a more potent KUBOTA diesel engine and an extra hydraulic pump that improves productivity while using various attachments.
  5. The 30T loader by CASTLOADERS is intended for agriculture, loading, and other industries and used a variety of attachments to operate. Lifts loads weighing up to 0.95 tons to a height of up to 2980 mm. It uses a 25-horsepower KUBOTA D1105 diesel engine as its base of operation.
  6. The CASTLOADER 33T skid steer performs admirably, given its small size. A robust KUBOTA 30 hp engine and effective hydraulics enable you to do a significant amount of work easily.
  7. A ton may be held by the CAST 45T loader at its 3.3m maximum extension. The CAST45T skid loader has the ideal weight and size ratio. The ability to concurrently regulate the functioning of the hitch in front and behind the machine thanks to its ten-position control joystick. The CAST45T articulated skid steer loader has a low center of gravity, four steerable wheels powered by independent wheel motors, power steering, AST, and a movable axle, all of which guarantee maneuverability in all conditions, a small turning radius, and the highest level of stability on uneven ground and slopes.
  8. A multipurpose loader from an Italian manufacturer is called CAST 57T. Many attachments, power in a small package, dependability, and competitive pricing. Other analogs are left behind by CASTLOADERS 57T.
  9. The CAST 50T has been upgraded to the CAST 57T. The primary variations were in the technical indicators of hydraulic oil flow, power, and travel speed.
  10. The current speed, power, and hydro flow are all 30 km/h and 57 hp, respectively. The result is a loader that is much more effective and powerful without sacrificing the prior benefits. By installing a new KOHLER supercharged diesel engine, the maker achieved these features. The Italian CAST57T loader can operate on any terrain without harming it because of its articulated frame, all-wheel drive, and dynamic differential lock system.
  11. All-electric, zero-emission, quiet, and practical loader: Cast 800 Eco ZeroEmission. The maximum load capacity is 950 kg. Four-wheel motor hydrostatic drive and braking system. Battery with a 48-volt permanent magnet and 210 Ah of power. Up to 2980 mm in boom height. The CAST 800 ECO model may be utilized indoors, in parks, sanatoriums, hospitals, hangars, warehouses, and greenhouses, as well as in other locations where there are noise or environmental restrictions, and some urgent work is also required. This machine may be universal assistance in practically any scenario thanks to its large variety of attachments.


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