Fantuzzi Reachstackers Technical, Operator and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Fantuzzi Reachstackers owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Fantuzzi Forklift Manuals PDF

Fantuzzi, a North American firm that sells similar items under the Mi-Jack name, was one of the first businesses to begin manufacturing reachstackers.

Historically, gantry cranes, heavy-duty forklifts, or port terminals have handled container handling at airports and ports. Specific machinery was required as the number of containers and their carrying capacity increased. In addition, there were gantry cranes, shuttles, and portal container ships that could transport a lot of cargo and were highly maneuverable. Reachstackers have taken their position since the mid-1990s.

It almost resembles a crane. However, the mast is designed as a telescoping boom instead of a forklift-style frame, with a spreader—a device for catching containers—attached.

Fantuzzi has thirteen distinct reachstacker variations in its “arsenal,” ranging in carrying capacity from 10 to 45 tons. In addition, seven models in two families make up the company’s model lineup.

Containers can be loaded or emptied using the first SC family (CONSTtacker). The second RS series, the RAILStacker, is well suited for loading and unloading freight semi-trailers at intermodal and railway terminals.

One model, CS7.5S5, depicts machines for handling empty containers in three different configurations. All have permanently closed cabs, 95/+185-degree spreaders, and an 800 mm side extension.

The only external characteristics that change are in the boom’s range and, consequently, in the height of direct stacking. The fundamental benefit of this “light” series, initially designed to replace forklifts, is that it effortlessly handles low-tonnage jobs.

These reachstackers can pick up a container, for instance, from a stack and turn around nearly immediately without repositioning themselves or passing through a gate with a small opening.

Also, these devices can operate relatively peacefully in winds up to 40 km/h, or 6 points on the Beaufort scale.

Machines from the CS series with a carrying capacity of 42 and 45 tons are used in ports to handle containers. Reachstackers like the CS42 and CS45 come in a variety of variations. Versions with movable cabs include the CS42KM and CS45KM.

Also, they manufacture the versatile COILStacker and MULTIStacker, which are outfitted with various tools for grabbing packed goods, including a bobbin hook, a piggy-back lower grasp, a vacuum pipe gripper, a grab hook, a magnet, and forks.

Spreaders for semi-trailers and containers with a top grip are included in the RS intermodal reach stacker (RSILStacker). The elevating cabin, a distinguishing characteristic of the machines in this series and unique to the BARGEStacker, makes them ideal for use in various river and feeder ports.

The RS models were modified to create the most recent Fantuzzi reachstackers.

The spreader is connected to the boom with a unique stiff extension, enabling you to raise and lower weights below your standing point.

The produced reachstackers of the Fantuzzi brand include comprehensive monitoring systems for Truck-Truck, which operates on the Linux operating shell.

The reach stacker is regarded as a direct “client,” and the base station is a web server. It all comes down to information analysis, monitoring, and tracking of machine units and components, as well as tracking operational data on processed cargo (size, weight, time and date of loading, type of lifting device, reach stacker location, operator name, and much more).

Fantuzzi reachstackers come with a radio modem that gives users access to the world wide web over a specific channel.

Fantuzzi reachstackers are offered as Mi-Jacks in North America. The Fantuzzi CS 42 and CS 45, employed in container ports, are equivalent to the Mi-Jack MJ 42 and MJ 45 variants.

Intermodal reach stacker models PailPacker Mi-Jack MJ 50 RS and MJ 60 RS, correspondingly Fantuzzi RS 60, are appropriate for rail terminals.

Fantuzzi joined the Terex Cranes Group in 2008.

Fantuzzi Reachstacker Manuals PDF

Fantuzzi CS 45

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