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Foton 254, Foton 75-90HP Tractor, Foton Lovol 4LZ-7N, Foton TB404-X161Y14K TB, Foton TE250 Tractors: operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Foton Lovol Tractors

The Chinese concern Foton is relatively new on the agricultural machinery market – only ten years old. However, he is already quite successfully selling his products in his homeland and European countries. Photon products are recognized as a real breakthrough in mechanical engineering because they have established themselves as one of the most reliable and safe in operation. Thanks to the use of the latest developments in the field of mechanization and modern equipment, it was possible to achieve the minimization of defects and significantly improve the level of quality.

Foton Lovol TE-244

The Foton Lovol TE-244 minitractor is representative of the premium class because it is specially designed with advanced equipment to facilitate work on the farm. Its main advantages are versatility, reliability, and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Advantages of Foton Lovol TE-244:

  • A powerful engine with 24 horses can cope with various jobs, including plowing virgin soil over large areas.
  • Equipped with two hydraulic pumps and an additional hydraulic distributor, its capabilities are significantly expanded to be used in the agricultural sector and at the construction site.
  • The gearbox has four speeds forward and one reverse, allowing you to maneuver on the ground.
  • The presence of power steering and all-wheel drive also contribute to ease of operation.

It should be noted that Foton Lovol TE-244 is available in several modifications:

  • FOTON LOVOL TE-244 with reverse and wide tires. This model is equipped with a gearbox with eight speeds forward and eight reverses.
  • FOTON LOVOL TE-244 with cab. The presence of a heated cabin makes the model suitable for use not only in the spring and autumn period of fieldwork but also in winter. However, this model only has two speeds in reverse.
  • FOTON LOVOL TE-244 with hydraulic valve
  • FOTON LOVOL TE-244 with cab, reverse, and wide tires. Thanks to this configuration, the cost of the unit also increases significantly.

Foton Lovol TE-354

The Foton Lovol TE-354 minitractor is designed for demanding work, equipped with a 35-hp diesel engine. Four-wheel drive, power steering, and dual-plate clutch provide ease of control and maneuverability on the road. Ergonomically located levers, pedals, and sensors contribute greatly to ease of operation. A comfortable driving position ensures comfort throughout the day.

Liquid cooling of the engine will allow you to work even in extreme heat but will require the driver to check the liquid level in the tank regularly. The model is equipped with an electric starter with a safe start, which allows you to start the tractor with a half-turn. The ability to use attachments significantly increases the functionality of the tractor. Moreover, the maximum load capacity is 480 kg.

Foton Lovol 404

The Foton Lovol 404 minitractor is a machine with an increased engine power of up to 40 hp. Its primary purpose is to perform various work on the farm, but if necessary, it can be used for utilities and construction.

For ease of use, the driver’s seat is equipped with increased comfort: all levers and switches are in the immediate access zone, and the driver is protected from bad weather and sunlight by a special visor.

Foton Lovol 404 Service Manuals

Foton Lovol 404

The unit, having four forward gears and one reverse gear, can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h forward and up to 11 km / h back. Thanks to the latest technologies, it was possible to achieve low fuel consumption (2.5 l / h). In addition, the minitractor is equipped with rear-view mirrors, rear lights, and a front headlight, which makes it possible to operate it in the dark.

Foton Lovol 454

The FOTON LOVOL 454 minitractor is an all-wheel drive unit with a diesel engine with a power of 45 hp. A mechanical lever connects the front axle, thanks to which the model improves maneuverability.

As additional advantages, one can single out a power steering, a pneumatic booster for disc brakes, and the ability to heat the cab. Even though the gearbox has only four forward and four reverse speeds, the unit can accelerate to 30-35 km / h in both directions.

Foton Lovol 504

The FOTON LOVOL 504 minitractor represents the flagship model of the Foton Lovol company, being not only a large but also a technically perfect device. 50 HP engine will cope with any work, whether fieldwork or construction.

Possessing external attractiveness, the unit also has excellent technical characteristics. Four-wheel drive, pneumatic brake booster, and power steering with an independent hydraulic circuit make the car maneuverable on any off-road.

The cab is fully adapted to the driver’s needs and has sound, thermal insulation, and heating, allowing you to work even in severe frost.

Foton Tractors Running in

Running-in positively affects the life of the engine and the tractor and helps avoid premature failure. During the break-in, all parts run into each other. By following these steps, you will ensure a long service life:

  1. Tighten the outer fasteners.
  2. Lubricate all nodes following the table given in the instructions.
  3. Check the coolant level and top up if necessary.
  4. Check tire pressure.
  5. Make sure the electrical equipment is working.
  6. Check oil and fuel in tanks.

It is recommended to use mineral or semi-synthetic diesel engine oil for transmission – a special transmission.

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