Guldner Tractor G-Series Service and Operators Manual PDF

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Guldner Tractor G-Series service and owner’s manual, tech specs, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Guldner Tractor Manual PDF

Güldner (Güldner Motorenwerke AG) was a German company that manufactured tractors and other machinery from 1904 to 1969. Based in Munich, the company specializes in producing agricultural tractors as well as engines for various applications. In 1969, Güldner was acquired by Linde AG and ceased to exist as an independent brand.

Here are some of the Güldner tractor models that were popular at the time:

  • Güldner G-series: This was a series of low-power tractors with single-cylinder engines available in various power and equipment options.
  • Güldner A-series: Series of medium tractors with two-cylinder engines. They were used for various agricultural work and transportation.
  • Güldner H-series: These were more extensive and more powerful tractors with three-cylinder engines suitable for a wide range of tasks.
  • Güldner M-series: A tractor series with four-cylinder engines that offered even more power and lift capacity for tough jobs.
  • Güldner Spessart: This tractor was equipped with a two-cylinder engine with wheel and track variants.
  • Güldner Toledo: This was a small tractor with a single-cylinder engine used for light agricultural work and transportation.

It should be noted that Güldner is long gone, and it will probably be difficult to find new parts or services for these tractors.

Guldner Tractor Manuals PDF

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