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Hitachi Excavators: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Hitachi EX 3600-6 Hydraulic Excavator Operator’s Manual [PDF] 11.3Mb Download
Hitachi EX1200-6 LC-Type – With 1000 1100 MM Shoes Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Hitachi Ex1201 Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 994.1kb Download
Hitachi EX1900-5 Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
Hitachi EX200-2 Workshop Manual [PDF] 29.1Mb Download
Hitachi EX550-5, EX600H-5 Workshop Manual [PDF] 372.4kb Download
Hitachi ZAXIS 120-3, 330-3 CLASS, 180-3 CLASS, 200-3 CLASS, 270-3 CLASS class Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7.1Mb Download
Hitachi ZAXIS 135US-5B, 225US-5B, 225USLC, Hydraulic Excavator Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 5.7Mb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 17U-5A, 26U-5A Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 6.8Mb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 200, 225SR, 225US, 230 270 Workshop Manual [PDF] 557.7kb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 33U-5A, 38U-5A, 65USB-5A, 48U-5A, 55U-5A Operator’s Manual [PDF] 5.5Mb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 370 Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 12.9Mb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 450 Hydraulic Circuit Diagram [PDF] 228.1kb Download
Hitachi Zaxis 450 / 500 / 520 Electrical Wiring Diagrams [PDF] 4.3Mb Download
Hitachi ZX 140W-3 Hydraulic Excavator Workshop Manual [PDF] 461.3kb Download
Hitachi ZX27U-2, ZX30U-2, ZX35U-2, ZX40U-2, ZX50U-2 Hydraulic Excavator Operator’s Manual [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
Hitachi ZX50 Excavator Technical Specifications [PDF] 312.7kb Download
Hitachi ZX50U-2 Excavator Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 11.1Mb Download
Hitachi ZX70-3, ZX70LC-3, ZX70LCN-3, ZX75US-3, ZX85US-3 Hydraulic Excavator Workshop Manual [PDF] 862.4kb Download

Hitachi Excavator Manuals PDF

As a tried and true piece of Japanese technology, the Hitachi excavator has been around for quite some time and can be relied upon. Wheeled and tracked variants of earthmovers are also available from this firm. The longevity and reliability of their functioning are a testament to their excellent quality of construction. The efficiency of a damaged and worn tracked and wheeled excavator of the same brand is identical to that of a brand-new one.

Mini excavator Hitachi ZX17U-5A

When it comes to earthmoving tools, only a shovel can compare in size to the Hitachi ZX17U-5A tiny excavator. Likewise, the machinery is up to work at hand, excavating to a depth of 2190 mm and a height of 3540 mm, respectively. The turning radius of the bucket is 3810 cm. With such features, the Hitachi ZX17U-5A may be used for a wide variety of excavating jobs.

The excellent precision of the assembly is what allows all Hitachi excavator models to operate without any backlash in the joints of their components. Built using a Hitachi ZX17U-5A:

  • there is protection of hydraulic cylinders and rods from mechanical impact;
  • additional steel plates are installed on the bottom of the bucket;
  • a spacious workplace of the operator is equipped with an LCD monitor;
  • platforms reinforced with spars;
  • a wide range of attachments of the ZAXIS series, in the assembly of which improved bushings are used.

Machines of the type EX75, Model ZX75US-A, are considered medium-sized earthmovers.


Maximum digging radius is 6760 mm; boom length is 4270 mm; weight is 7100-7600 kg; ground clearance is 360 cm.

The Zero-Tail idea, upon which the excavator’s equipment was developed, ensures that the platform never extends beyond the bounds of the caterpillar bogie when the body is turned. The engine is diesel-powered, the hydraulics have an E-P control system, and there is a feature to rapidly preheat the control circuit. The CC-4JG1 has a 4-cylinder, 3059-cm3 engine.

Hitachi ZX160

The Hitachi crawler excavator is a versatile piece of machinery that, when compared to other models in its class, excels in a number of technical and operational regards. It’s more steady but doesn’t weigh it down much. The pre-set bucket design for the backhoe is a model with five digger teeth. Capacity – 0.52–0.82 m3.

The user is able to manage all aspects of the machine thanks to the control system’s features. This includes being able to connect and see footage from rear-view cameras and keep tabs on fuel use. The excavator has a security system installed to prevent theft and break-ins. This model stands out from the competition thanks to its superior performance, which is 10% greater than that of machines with identical technical specifications.

A two-speed hydraulic motor and a hydro-mechanical parking brake are used to manage the tracks. While an automatic transmission is used, the driver is still permitted to choose the desired cruising speed.

Hitachi ZX160W

Heavy-duty earthmoving tasks may be accomplished with the ZX160W wheel excavator. The platform can spin 360 degrees on its high-strength steel, D-shaped structure. As a result, you may be certain that you’ll be adequately protected against distortion. A frame and two axles provide propulsion for the chassis.


Dimensions: 201 cm of handle length; 4770 mm of maximum digging depth; 8280 mm of maximum digging height; 4-stroke, turbocharged, water-cooled HITACHI ZX160W engine; 280 cm3 of fuel tank capacity.

Equipment options:

To complete the dozer: blade, front and rear outriggers (or just the rear), or both.

Hitachi ZX180

Hitachi’s ZX180 series includes a wide variety of excavators. Both tracked and wheeled vehicles are included. Medium-sized Hitachi 180 LC excavators benefit from a broad track base, making them more stable in wet and muddy conditions. You can dig down to a depth of 6600 mm using its arrow and handle. A 0.4-1.9 m3 bucket is the standard.

Wheeled and capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour is the ZX180W excavator. This piece of machinery has a gross operating weight of 1.88 tons. A cooling system and four-stroke, inline-four Isuzu AI-4JJ1X engine power it (with a liquid volume of 19.2 liters). Fitted with a 360-degree rotating base, it can withstand more force than ever before. Specs of the Model:

Features such as an enhanced boom recirculation system, an in-built feature of autonomous monitoring of the machine’s status, a large area of cab glass, and a global positioning system are all standard fare.

ZX180 models, unlike those of earlier series, include extra features activated by pressing a pair of buttons on the device’s control panel.

The 10% increase in lifting force provided by Auto Power Lift makes heavy lifting feasible, while Power Boost provides a temporary boost to strength.

Hitachi ZX180LCN-3

The operator compartment of the ZX180LCN-3 crawler excavator is smaller in comparison to those of other models in the same series. Due to its robust construction, the 20-ton ZX200-3 may be outfitted with a wide variety of heavy attachments and disassembling tools. Up to 5.3 kilometers per hour, the excavator can go.


There is a load adjustment system in the hydraulics, and the engine produces 121 horsepower. The maximum digging depth is 7070 millimeters, and the maximum digging height is 9790 millimeters, and the maximum digging radius is 9940 millimeters.

Excavator Hitachi ZX180LCN-5G

The Hitachi ZX180LCN-5G is a little excavator, although it is the biggest of the Hitachi types. Its sophisticated cooling mechanism allows it to operate reliably even when subjected to high ambient temperatures and prolonged periods of heavy load. The excellent dependability of this gear sets it apart from its smaller counterparts.

Specs of the Model:

  1. First, greased bushings are standard on swivel joints.
  2. The boom is more robust than previous iterations because the material used to construct its top half is thicker.
  3. The third point is that the engine’s functioning can be fine-tuned, which cuts fuel usage by a few percent.

Hitachi ZX200 excavator

The tracks of the Hitachi 200 excavator are propelled by an axial piston hydraulic engine, making it sturdy equipment suitable for light to medium construction work. Both traction and torque are improved by 11% and 13%, respectively, on the ZX200 compared to its predecessors. The stability and mobility of the automobile are thanks to the large base of a caterpillar. The excavator’s high rates of depth, height and digging radius make it compatible with dump trucks and similar machinery.


It has a maximum speed of 5.5 km/h, a bucket with a pull-off force of 15 tons, a track length of 3.37 m, an engine with 166 horsepower, and a fuel tank with a capacity of 360 liters.

Uses diesel fuel. It has two electric motors, doubling the equipment’s strength, and that’s not all.

Hitachi ZX200-5G

The ZX200-5G stands out among the lineup of medium-sized earthmovers due to its significantly reduced weight. In comparison to ZX210LCN-G, this excavator is both larger and more powerful. Two additional variants of the ZX200-5G exist:

  • for work in hazardous environments (designated with a “H”);
  • for carrying out dismantling operations (letter “K” in the marking).

The operator’s cab of the ZX200-5G excavator is roomy and cooled with an air conditioner (available in all models of this manufacturer).

The series’ machines all include booms with a rubber bucket thrust plate for increased durability.

The radiators are conveniently situated near the cooling system, allowing you to operate in hot environments.

Excavator Hitachi ZX200LC-5G

When compared to comparable machines in the middle price range, the ZAXIS-5G series is the most cost-effective option. The PWR mode used by older earthmover models maximized efficiency and decreased fuel use. The ECO mode on the ZAXIS-5G series cuts fuel usage by 9 percent. Not only that, but the machine’s functionality remains unaffected. For ZAXIS-5G, that translates to 1.5-2 l/h of fuel usage.


Maximum digging depth of 5980 mm; maximum loading height of 6390 mm; track width of 2390 mm; 6-cylinder engine producing 109.6 kW; bucket volume of 0.51-0.91 m3; platform rotation speed of 13.3 rpm.

If you want to dig with even more power, you may dial up the system’s Power Boost mode and raise the digging force by 10%. Only one button push is required of the operator to do this.

Hitachi ZX230

The ZX230 crawler excavator is a powerful machine that can withstand the most demanding conditions. Its equilibrium and steadiness make it useful for excavating rocks and dirt from inaccessible locations. Easy to handle, fast (up to 6 km/h), and strong (engine produces 170 horsepower). With equipment from this line, you can dig as deep as 6300 mm.

The operator’s cabin of an excavator is a pleasant place to work. The best way to reinforce a ladle’s separation is detailed. There is a complete turn on the platform. In addition to digging, the excavator’s versatility allows it to do a variety of other tasks with the proper attachments. The machine’s enhanced robustness and dependability are features that have been developed to withstand heavy usage.

Hitachi ZX240

The Hitachi 240 Crawler Excavator is high-performance, adaptable equipment. Included in the standard bundle are the following:

An arrow measuring 6000 millimeters in length; a choice of three handles measuring 2500, 2960, or 3610 millimeters in length; a bucket holding 0.8 cubic meters.

Built on the same principle as an x-shaped beam, this design is 35% more powerful than its predecessors. Metal plates, each of which is a solid channel, were substituted for welded plates to provide the reinforcement.

The versatility of this machine is shown by the detailed explanation of its technical specifications:

To do tasks such as reservoir bottom cleaning, embankment creation, asphalt pavement opening, and general earthwork.

The caterpillars’ side steps are bolstered in this design. Engine of 177 horsepower that sits on the deck below the control booth. An electrical system manages fuel use. In the operator’s cab, an LCD screen shows data on the equipment’s performance.

Hitachi ZX270

A water-cooled Isuzu AH-4HK1XSA-03 engine producing 5193 cm3 of working capacity powers the ZX270-3 excavator. The equipment has a 6200 mm long boom for reaching high places. The volume of a bucket: 1.01 to 1.62 m3. An axial piston motor drives the rotary mechanism, and a shear-type ball bearing with teeth facilitates rotation. This robust vehicle can scale inclines of up to 35 degrees with ease.


  • 500-liter capacity tank,
  • 10.7 revolutions per minute turning speed of the platform,
  • 11270-millimeter digging radius,
  • 10460-millimeter digging depth,
  • 1100 millimeter digging height.

The cab of the ZX270-3 excavator is built for the operator’s comfort. The maker has included everything needed for a person to work in comfort for an extended period of time. Legroom is enlarged, lever movement is restricted, and all relevant information on the status of systems and machinery is presented on the screen.

Hitachi ZX330

The Hitachi 330 excavator is a very effective piece of construction equipment. The method is distinguished by great productivity since it is created to methodically carry out complicated heavy tasks. Customers complain that the machine’s many automated processes make it difficult to use. Excavator operation is complicated further by the slow speed typical of machines in this class (up to 5.5 km/h).


The engine is a 4-stroke, 6-cylinder AH-6HK1XYSA-01, producing 275 horsepower; the tank holds 560 liters of fuel; the digging depth is 8180 millimeters.

The chassis of the machine received a lot of thought throughout its creation. Beams manufactured from shaped pipes were installed at the foundation, and the core frame’s defenses were beefed up. Larger top brackets were installed. There was a little increase in equipment weight due to these enhancements, but the gear is now far more robust and reliable. A wide temperature range was used to assess the model’s performance.

Hitachi ZX330LC

The ZX330 excavator has been updated to the ZX330LC. Variations from the standard version:

The base was lengthened, and the excavator’s caterpillars were extended by one track roller.

The machine has the following specifications: 33.1 tons of weight; 5.5 kilometers per hour top speed; 590 millimeters of track; 500 millimeters of ground clearance; and a caterpillar base of 4050 millimeters in diameter.

Hitachi ZX330-3

The oil cooler and radiator setup on this model has been upgraded. Developers ran both systems concurrently. These machine parts used to be placed in a sequential fashion in earlier versions. The units’ new and improved design made servicing and fixing them much simpler.

The air conditioner condenser has been moved from behind the seat to the side of the cab for easier maintenance. Extended time between oil and filter changes is another new feature. This updated Hitachi excavator is simpler to operate.

Functions of a Machine:

A maximum digging height of 10750 mm, a maximum digging radius of 11860 mm, and a 275 hp turbocharged diesel engine are all features of this machine.

Excavator Hitachi ZX330-5G

Excavator ZX330-5G has a sturdy undercarriage. The platform’s motion is managed by a sophisticated hydraulic system called HIOS III. That allowed for the working machinery to be moved at a rapid pace.

Functions of a Machine:

Weight: 31.5 t; Counterweight: 6.35 t; Caterpillar Base: 370 mm; Fuel Tank: 630 l; Hydraulic System: 340 l.

Hitachi ZX350

An excavator like the ZX350 represents the cutting edge of technology in its field. Powered by an innovative Isuzu 6-cylinder engine. The unit features a turbocharger, is rather quiet, and has an updated fuel delivery system. The result was a significantly increased engine’s power.

The block diagrams of hydraulic systems have been enhanced. It allowed for faster work activities by making better use of hydraulics. The machine’s low vibration level, high degree of operator comfort, and frugal fuel use are its defining features.

Hitachi ZX350L-3

The ZX350L-3 is an upgraded version of the standard ZX350 excavator. It is distinct from it by virtue of its longer base and stronger construction. This tool is designed for use in demanding environments. This variant’s chassis is strengthened, and a second, high-output pump has been included. The device with a hinge may be installed.

Characteristics that set this model apart:

Completed front boom and stick reinforcement; rock-friendly bucket design; increased counterweight (7.4 tons); strengthened bottom flange; comprehensive caterpillar protection; upgraded tension wheel brackets.

Hitachi ZX400

Medium-sized excavators like the ZX400LCH-3 are available. Developed to withstand heavy duty usage and severe conditions. Powered by a Hitachi-affiliated Isuzu 6-cylinder engine. The increased durability of this type may be attributed to the designers’ efforts to upgrade the caterpillar undercarriage.

The operator is provided with everything necessary for productive work. The gear shift levers have a short travel, there is more room adjacent to the driver’s seat, and the windshield is angled for optimum view. The front glass of the cabin has been strengthened, and the whole structure is made of high-strength materials.

Easy upkeep and low fuel usage distinguish this machine. The speed at which the boom can reach out has been enhanced by 20% over earlier versions. 6.4 meters is its measured length. The bucket’s sizable teeth allowed for the completion of previously impossible tasks.

Hitachi ZX450 excavator

The Hitachi 450 excavator is a part of a new generation of earthmovers that provide unmatched productivity without sacrificing operator comfort. The fundamental template of this series includes the following elements:

Using electronic control, the strong diesel power plant is efficient; the multifunctional monitor offers comprehensive data on equipment performance and fuel use; the maintenance process is streamlined; and the operator’s cab is protected from intruders.

There is a power boost system on the excavator, and the engine is quite quiet. After 5,000 miles or so, it’s time for an oil change.

Hitachi ZX470

Despite its size, the ZX470 crawler excavator is very maneuverable. Fitted with a fuel-injected four-stroke engine. Features of the device ensure it is safe for the environment. A hydraulic motor with an axial piston is used to operate each rail. The equipment can operate in extreme environments, and it can scale slopes of up to 35 degrees.

It’s stronger and more durable than earlier versions. The airflow is now more uniform since the cooling system has been upgraded. Shock absorbers are included inside the track tensioners, and each track shoe contains three steel grousers.

The machine’s adaptability to a variety of bucket types increases the breadth of its usefulness. The primary components of the undercarriage (the core frame and the outer portions) are welded together, making them a single, integrated unit. Improved levels of driver comfort include:

The cab is now less susceptible to shocks and shocks from the turntable; the working chair has a headrest and armrests; the seat can be tilted back and moved forward; and the multifunctional display lets you change the radio station and view footage from the rear cameras.

Hitachi ZX850

Construction and mining’s hardest duties are no match for the ZX850 mining excavator. All the benefits of modern earthmovers are included in this model.

  1. Eco-friendly, high-torque motor.
  2. As a result, the machine’s speed and power are both maximized.
  3. More glass in the cabin means better views outside.
  4. We modified the headrest so that it is more comfortable.
  5. Fifth, the chair is very ergonomic.
  6. A fan 11.2 cm in diameter, which starts up automatically, is used to cool the engine.
  7. Maximum digging radius is 14 meters.
  8. The length of the handle is 3.7 meters.

It has a gasoline capacity of 1120 liters, a significant increase over previous models. The maximum rotational speed of the machine’s base is 7.3 revolutions per minute. There is a maximum 4.5 m3 capacity for the bucket. The long boom and stick allow for impressive digging height and depth of 13820 and 9570 mm, respectively.

Hitachi ZX870

Heavy machinery is what the ZX870LCR-3 mining excavator is. The whole machine weighs 85.5 tons. The boom of this design is a single piece of high-strength metal, and the tip of the handle has been strengthened for extra durability. The bracket has also been upgraded.

More safeguards were added to the power plant to prevent harm from rocks. The motor had a sturdy cover and protective covering to keep it safe during flight. A direct injection system and turbocharger power this 6-cylinder Isuzu excavator.

The glass in the operator’s cab has been strengthened so that it can bear significant force. An impenetrable lamination protects the windshield. It is recommended to reinforce the roof of the cabin to boost its overall strength. This apparatus operates at a FOPS level of safety.

Features of the Model: Maximum dig radii are 14100 mm, 13000 mm, and 8870 mm, respectively; maximum dig height is 13000 mm, and maximum dig depth is 8870 mm; maximum bucket capacity is 4.3 m3.

Hitachi EX1200 excavator

The manufacturer touts the size and strength of the EX1200 excavator. A Cummins QSK23-C injection engine powers the device. The wattage is up 9 percent from the previous generation. As a result, the boom’s lifting power was able to be increased by 8%. This big machine is nimble enough to go up steep hills with ease.

Instead of working on perfecting the model’s suspension, the team behind it came up with a brand-new, original solution. As a result, the vibration was dampened, making the equipment easier to use.

Characteristics: It has the following specifications: 112-146 kPa ground pressure, 6.5 m3 bucket capacity, 5430 mm total base width, 3.5 km/h top speed, and 1470 l fuel tank volume.

The excavator’s fuel efficiency is notable, given its size and power. With its many cutting-edge safety, comfort, and performance features, this model is a technological marvel.

Hitachi Excavator: Service, Repair and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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