HELI / CHL Forklifts: Service, Repair and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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HELI / CHL Forklifts: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

CHL Forklift Manuals PDF

Title File Size Download Links
CHL 1-1,8 ton engine powered Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.3Mb Download
CHL 8-10 ton Engine Powered Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 344.6kb Download
CHL CPQYD 30 Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
CHL Forklift 2-3.5t Operation Service Manual [PDF] 47.3Mb Download
CHL G-Series 1-3.5t Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 3.8Mb Download

HELI Forklift Manuals PDF

Title File Size Download Links
HELI 2-3.5t Counterbalanced type Forklift Operation & Service Manual [PDF] 47.3Mb Download
HELI CBD15J-Li2, CBD18J-LI2, CBD20J-LI2 Manual [PDF] 893.6kb Download
Heli CPCD 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100 h2000 5-10t. Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Heli CPCD15-CPCD16 Forklift Truck with Engine Service & Operation Manual [PDF] 4.7Mb Download
Heli CPCD25-KU11 / CPCD30-KU11 Operator’s Manual [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
Heli CPQD CPCD 40-50 2010 Parts Manual [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Heli CPQD / CPCD 2-3,5 (2003-2010) Parts Manual [PDF] 60.7Mb Download
HELI CQD16X1, CQD18X1 Electric Narrow Aisle 1.6-1.8t Operation & Service Manual [PDF] 3.4Mb Download
HELI CQDH13,14-850 Electric Reach Stacker Operation And Maintenance Manual [PDF] 813.7kb Download
Heli Error Codes Fault Overhaul Manual [PDF] 257.1kb Download
HELI FG10-18 Parts Catalog [PDF] 5.9Mb Download
Heli Forklift H2000 5-10t Operation and Service Manual [PDF] 10.5Mb Download
Heli G-Series 1.25t,1.5t Three-wheel Battery Parts Manual [PDF] 38.6Mb Download
Heli G2 L365-2-2016 1.5t 2t Reach Truck Parts Manual [PDF] 64.1Mb Download
HELI G3-Series Operation & Service Manual [PDF] 4.8Mb Download
Heli h2000 1-1.8t. diesel-petrol engine Parts Manual [PDF] 37.3Mb Download
Heli h2000 1-3.5t. Parts Manual [PDF] 2.6Mb Download
Heli h2000 2-3t. CPC-CPCD-CPQ-CPQD20 / 25 / 30 Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
Heli HJ493 Diesel Engine Parts Manual [PDF] 19.8Mb Download
Heli K-Series Forklift 1-10t Couneterbalanced Maintenance & Operator Manual [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
Heli K-Series Forklift 2-3.5t Couneterbalanced Operation & Service Manual [PDF] 30Mb Download
Heli K-Series Forklift 5-10t Operation & Service Manual [PDF] 24.9Mb Download
Heli L242-2-2009 18t Parts Manual [PDF] 41.1Mb Download
Heli L272-10-2015 G 3t,3.5t Parts Manual [PDF] 33.3Mb Download

HELI Forklift Background Information

The efficiency, security, cost-effectiveness, and morale of your workforce are all impacted by your decision of which forklift to purchase. Established in China in 1958, Heli Forklifts has grown to become a leading global supplier of forklifts and other material-handling solutions. It employs state-of-the-art technological research facilities to ensure the quality, security, and efficacy of its goods by putting them through rigorous fatigue strength, tightness, noise, vibration, and deformation testing.

HELI’s material handling equipment is widely employed in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, farms, breweries, ports, and logistics hubs. Forklifts of various sizes and powers (electric, diesel, gas-petrol, light, medium, and heavy) are among the numerous goods offered by this manufacturer. In this article, we’ll take a look at the CPCD 20-35 (H3 series) and the CPDSQ15-20, two widely-sought-after model families (G3 series).

Forklift trucks CPCD 20-35 (H3 series)

They are made to work in severe environments. They have powerful Japanese K-series engines, which are built to last through hours of hard labor.

  • CPCD 20 (25,30,35) as a family of models;
  • Maximum fork lifting height of 3000 mm; Load capacity of 2000-3500 kg.
  • Diesel fuel or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for propulsion;
  • Pneumatic tires;
  • Features of the application include rapid motion and adaptability. Ideally suited for usage in loading and unloading activities, as well as the rapid movement of items throughout the space of a warehouse or business.

Controls on H3 forklifts are designed with ergonomics in mind, and the machines themselves produce little vibration and noise. Vibration-reducing parts link the cabin to the frame, but the cabin itself is totally isolated from the main body. In addition to a more roomy cab, better sightlines, a smaller steering wheel, and an electro-hydraulic steering system, the CPCD 20-35 lift trucks provide a wider range of motion for the driver.

Electric Forklifts CPDSQ15-20 (G3 Series)

Two brushless AC drive motors are combined with ZF gears and oil-cooled disc brakes on these tiny three-wheel loaders. The G3 line has superior maneuverability and an ergonomic layout. Productive, affordable, and energy-saving modes of operation are available for use with electric forklifts.

  • Models in the CPDSQ15(16, 18, 20) series;
  • Fork lifting height up to 3300 mm; Capacity to carry loads weighing between 1500 and 2000 kg;
  • The power comes from a lithium-ion battery and runs on electricity.
  • Functions of the Program: Ideal for usage in confined spaces such as warehouses. The broad steering angle of the axle provides greater maneuverability in confined spaces.

A power supply is a major benefit of CPDSQ15 loaders (16, 18, 20). Lithium-ion batteries have a large energy capacity, can be charged rapidly at the operator’s convenience, and are very helpful while working in shifts. The lithium battery is user-friendly since it doesn’t need to be constantly replaced, refilled with water, or balanced charged.

Heli Forklift Operator's and Maintenance Manuals PDF


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