Iveco Daily Fault Codes List

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Iveco Daily Fault Codes List

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Iveco Daily Fault Codes list

Iveco Daily

With the key turned off, press the diagnosis button.

  • Two sets of flashes of the EDC warning light with a short pause in between indicate the code number of the first error stored in memory.
  • Press the button again to pass on to the next error.
  • After reaching the last error, the first one is repeated.
  • The list of errors contains all the errors stored in memory and not only the active ones.
  • The order of presentation of the errors respects the chronological order in which they appeared.

The table gives the error codes.

To delete the list of errors from the control unit memory, follow this procedure:

  • with the key turned off, press the diagnosis button;
  • keeping the button pressed, turn the key on;
  • keep the button pressed for 5 seconds;
  • let go of the button;
  • turn the key off.

Blink codes Table

Blink code Indicator light Fault description Power reduction
1.1 On Vehicle speed
1.2 Off (not used)
1.3 Cruise Control buttons
1.4 Blinking Throttle pedal *
1.5 Off Clutch switch
1.6 On Brake switch
1.7 On Throttle/brake plausibility doing
1.8 Off Main EDC / diagnosis indicator light
1.9 Off Air–conditioner control contactor
2.1 Blinking Water temperature sensor *
2.2 Off Air temperature sensor
2.3 On Fuel temperature sensor
2.4 Blinking Turbocharging pressure sensor *
2.5 Off Atmospheric pressure sensor
2.7 On Fuel motor pump control contactor


Fuel filter heater control contactor
2.9 On Fan control contactor
3.1 Off Cylinder 1 balancing
3.2 Off Cylinder 2 balancing
3.3 Off Cylinder 3 balancing
3.4 Off Cylinder 4 balancing
3.5 Off Battery voltage
3.6 Off Glow plug indicator light
3.7 Off Glow plug control contactor
3.9 Off Preheating monitoring
Blink code Indicator light Fault description Power reduction
5.1 Blinking Cylinder 1 injector solenoid valve
5.2 Blinking Cylinder 2 injector solenoid valve
5.3 Blinking Cylinder 3 injector solenoid valve
5.4 Blinking Cylinder 4 injector solenoid valve
5.7 Blinking Bank 1 (cylinders 1 – 4)
5.8 Blinking Bank 2 (cylinders 2 – 3)
6.1 Blinking Crankshaft sensor *
6.2 Blinking Timing sensor **
6.4 Off Engine overspeed
8.1 Blinking Fuel pressure control



or cutting out engine


8.2 Blinking Fuel pressure sensor *
8.3 Blinking Pressure regulator solenoid valve
8.5 On EGR monitoring
8.6 On EGR solenoid valve
8.7 On Debimeter
8.8 Off Air temperature sensor (debimeter)


9.1 Blinking Control unit error (Gate array) *

or cutting out engine

9.2 On Control unit error (EEPROM)
9.3 Blinking EDC – mobilizer communication
9.4 On Main contactor
9.5 Off After run test
9.6 Blinking Engine Stop Test (ECU)
9.7 Blinking Sensor power supply * or cutting out engine
9.8 Blinking Control unit error (Checksum) Starting not possible
9.9 Blinking Control unit error (Operating system) Cutting out engine
(*) Cases when there is a power reduction.

Flashing codes list in PDF free download

Iveco Daily Fault Codes List (PDF)

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  1. Terry

    Hi,I am looking for fault cod’s for my iveco daily 2.3 2006 .
    The codes are 0X1E and 0X43 if anyone can point me in the right direction that you be great

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