Lenar Tractor Technical Manual and Parts Catalogue PDF

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Here is the Lenar tractor manual or parts manual in PDF format. Manuals cover everything from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to advanced repairs and replacements, providing the information to keep the Lenar tractor running smoothly.

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Lenar Tractor Manual PDF

The Jiangling Motor Company’s tractor was the first product to use the Lenar name as a brand. In 1968, Jiangling was established. The tractor manufacturing was in the Chinese province of Jiangxi. Jiangling purchased the faltering tractor and vehicle maker FengShou in 1999. Tractor production then started up again, and export-ready Lenar-branded tractors were produced. Mahinda acquired Jiangling in 2004, resulting in the creation of the Chinese tractor firm Mahindra Tractor. However, tractors continue to be exported by Mahindra China under the name Lenar.

Compact tractors for use in gardening, farming, and other agricultural applications are Lenar’s area of expertise. They manufacture tractors of 25 to 90 horsepower.

Some models of Lenar tractors include:

  • The Lenar 204 is a compact 20-hp tractor ideal for use in gardens and small farms.
  • The Lenar 254 is a 25-hp tractor with a hydraulic system and can be used for many tasks, including plowing, mowing, and snow removal.
  • The Lenar 274 is a more powerful 27-hp tractor that can be used for larger farmlands and more demanding tasks.
  • Lenar 304 is a 32-hp tractor that has improved performance and can be used for plowing, cultivating, and other tasks.
  • The Lenar 354 is a larger 35-hp tractor that can be used for heavy-duty tasks such as plowing and milling.
  • Lenar 404 is a 40-hp tractor with high performance and can be used for large farmland.

These are just some of the Lenar tractor models, and the company also offers additional options and equipment for each model to meet the needs of its customers.

Lenar Tractor Manual PDF

Lenar LE354

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