Leyland Tractor Workshop, Repair and Parts Manuals PDF

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Leyland tractor manuals in PDF format are an essential resource for anyone who owned or operated a Leyland tractor. These manuals provide detailed information on the operation, maintenance, and repair of these tractors, ensuring that they remain in good working order for years to come. So whether you own a Leyland 154, Leyland 270, Leyland 384, Leyland 272, Leyland 262, or Leyland 245, there is a manual available to help you maintain and repair your tractor.

Title File Size Download Links
Leyland 2-Speed Power Take Off tractor parts [PDF] 152.3kb Download
Leyland 245 / 262 / 272 / 282 / 462 / 472 / 482 Tractor Repair Workshop Manual [PDF] 62.1Mb Download
Leyland 38 TD and 4 / 98NT Engine Service Manual [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
Leyland Gearbox Top and Selector Rods tractor parts [PDF] 164.3kb Download
Leyland Tractor Clutch Adjustment Manual [PDF] 179.3kb Download
Leyland Tractor Hydraulic Unit Controls Manual [PDF] 421.7kb Download

Leyland Tractors

Leyland Tractors is a tractor manufacturer founded in the UK in 1969. The company was created by merging British tractor manufacturers Marshall, Fowler, and Nuffield.

The most famous models of Leyland tractors are models from the 2/3/4 series, produced in the 1970-1980s. They were equipped with diesel engines with power from 55 to 245 horsepower.

In 1982, Leyland Tractors was acquired by another British tractor manufacturer, Marshall, and was renamed Marshall Tractors. In 1986, Marshall was developed by the Italian tractor manufacturer Fiat and the production of Leyland-branded tractors was subsequently discontinued.

Today in the secondary market, you can find many models of Leyland tractors, such as Leyland 245, Leyland 262, Leyland 272, Leyland 282, Leyland 285, Leyland 344, Leyland 384, Leyland 255, Leyland 270, Leyland 285, Leyland 462 and others.

Leyland Tractor Manuals PDF

To keep Leyland tractors in good working condition, owners need access to Leyland tractor manuals PDF. These manuals provide critical information on the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of these tractors.

These manuals cover various topics, including engine maintenance, transmission repair, and hydraulic system troubleshooting. They are essential tools for anyone who owns or operates a Leyland tractor.

Leyland Tractor Manuals PDF

Leyland 154

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