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Magaziner Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Magaziner EK Series Technical Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
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Magaziner Forklift Manuals PDF

High-rise order pickers and specialized stackers with forks for three-sided handling of items are the foundation of narrow aisle technology. In warehouses of classes A and B with a ceiling height of greater than 7 m, this method is applied. Each high-altitude narrow-aisle stacker serves a single inter-shelf alleyway and travels straight along the side rails at all times. The equipment raises and lowers the operator’s cab with or without cargo simultaneously with horizontal movement, shortening the operating time. The stacker has a second forklift, which is mounted opposite the cab and has a lifting height of up to 1.7 meters, in addition to the primary mast.

The forks may rotate 180 degrees (telescoping forks added as an option to rotate 360 degrees) and move to the edge of the rack in addition to moving vertically. This allows you to turn the load in the correct direction and push it deeper into shelves. The layout of the cabin and forklifts offers the operator the finest visibility into their workspace and comfort when handling freight units with various terminologies.

Narrow-aisle stacker guidance can be accomplished mechanically or electromagnetically. In the first scenario, lateral low-set rollers rest on a rail composed of a metal profile 40 or 100 mm high and 40 mm from the floor. This design automatically centers the steering wheel after detecting the aisle width. In the second design, a magnetic field is produced by a frequency generator utilizing an inductive control wire. Touch sensors detect it and transmit a signal to the machine’s steering mechanism. Both solutions have advantages. The mechanical option is more affordable and secure, requires less maintenance, is appropriate for highly tight aisles, and enables high-speed operation even in challenging circumstances. On the other hand, for maintaining extremely lengthy stretches, the electromagnetic variant is more economical. Moreover, the floor surface, in this instance, is still flat.

The German business Magaziner GmbH is the industry leader in creating such high-rise machinery; she invented the operator’s cabin on a stacker raising. In 1975, the business manufactured the first narrow-aisle stacker for three-way freight handling. The company’s designers can take into consideration all the criteria for machines of this class thanks to decades of expertise in creation and operation and ongoing research in such a specialized area of technology. As a result, they can provide clients with the finest technological solutions.

The company’s gadgets are created in line with certain working circumstances, outperform comparable products in a variety of technical aspects, and are distinctive in many ways. Therefore, unique, very strong metals are employed to create the chassis and masts of machines. Each of the company’s models may be manufactured in the needed width for working in passageways between 1000 and 2500 mm in increments of 50 mm and has its own unique attributes. Moreover, Magaziner is the exclusive manufacturer of equipment for tight aisles with lifting heights up to 17 m and weights up to 2,000 kg. All goods are capable of having an “ice” and explosion-proof design. Magaziner stackers feature a three-bearing configuration with a single steering wheel and are built with well-shielded DC or AC motors. You may raise the pallet straight off the floor by lowering the forks to 40 mm.

The fact that hydraulic valves regulate the lowering pace makes Magaziner stackers one of their key benefits. This enables you to operate in resource-saving mode and lessen the stress on the hydraulic pump and engine. The hydraulic system is operated as efficiently as possible, which guarantees a good “response” and accurate control of the machine. A typical forklift is used to change batteries. The machines also have the ability to smoothly lower the cab in the case of a power outage in addition to the emergency descent system.

Special Magaziner versions are created to operate in frigid warehouses at low temperatures or to move heavy objects, such as furniture, with ease. The business has developed several attachment alternatives for various application scenarios (including telescopic forks for working in especially narrow spaces or a pin for rolled materials). The EK 15 XL features a unique mast design that provides exceptional stability and a lifting height of up to 17 m.
Order pickers have a platform from which the operator manually picks up the required piece of cargo, in contrast to stackers, where forks are the primary tool for handling freight.

The load capacity and lifting height of the Magaziner order pickers, which are superior to those of rivals and reach 1.3 tons and 10 meters, respectively, are also stated above. Picker models stand out for their contemporary ergonomics and simplicity of use. The control panel is portable and can be positioned to be convenient for both seated and standing users. The display on the control panel shows all relevant data. A cab height indicator with a positioning system is available as an option.
All Magaziner machines can also be ordered with an optional protective cab roof with four halogen lamps, a cab with protective coating on the walls (for use in low temperatures), chairs with weight adjustment, lift and turn functionality, etc.

Around a third of Magaziner’s 200 narrow-aisle stackers and 12 order pickers made in 2005 were exported. As a result, customers of the business have the option of receiving this equipment in as little as 8 to 10 weeks after making an order; this is the quickest feasible turnaround time.

Magaziner Forklift Manuals PDF

Magaziner EK2000

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