MTZ Belarus Tractors: Spare Parts Catalogs, Service and Repair Manuals PDF

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MTZ Belarus Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Belarus 1021 / 1021.3 Operating, Maintenance, Workshop Manual [PDF] 17.5Mb Download
Belarus 1025 Operation Manual [PDF] 3.8Mb Download
Belarus 1220.1 / 1220.3 Operation Manual [PDF] 29.5Mb Download
Belarus 1220.4 Operators Manual [PDF] 627.1kb Download
Belarus 1221.2 / 1221B.2 / 1221.3 Operating, Maintenance, Workshop Manual [PDF] 31.4Mb Download
Belarus 1221.4 Operation Manual 2009 [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Belarus 1221.5 Operators Manual [PDF] 14.1Mb Download
Belarus 1523 / 1523B / 1523.3 / 1523B.3 Operators Manual [PDF] 43.1Mb Download
Belarus 1523.5 Operators Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
Belarus 1822.3 / 1822B.3 / 2022.3 / 2022B.3 Operators Manual [PDF] 35.4Mb Download
Belarus 2022.5 Operators Manual [PDF] 14.9Mb Download
Belarus 2122.6 Operators Manual [PDF] 37.6Mb Download
Belarus 510 / 512 Operating Manual [PDF] 4.5Mb Download
Belarus 90 / 92 Operating, Maintenance, Workshop Manual [PDF] 4.8Mb Download
Belarus 900 / 900.3 / 920 / 920.2 / 920.3 / 950 / 950.3 / 952 / 952.2 / 952.3 [PDF] 10.3Mb Download
Belarus 920.4 / 952.4 Operating Manual [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Belarus 952.5 Operating Manual [PDF] 8Mb Download
Belarus MTZ 50 / 52 Operations Maintenances [PDF] 7.6Mb Download
Belarus MTZ-50 / 52 spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 38.6Mb Download
Belarus1025.4 Operators Manual [PDF] 8.5Mb Download
MTW Diesel Engines D-245S3A М, D-245.2S3A М, D-245.5 S3A М, D-245.43 S3A М Operation Manuals [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
MTZ 1220.1 / 1220.3 Operators Manual [PDF] 50.3Mb Download
MTZ 80-82 Service Repair Manual [PDF] 4.9Mb Download
MTZ 82 Assembly Instruction Manual [PDF] 52.6Mb Download
MTZ 820 / 820.1 / 820.2 / 892 / 892.2 / 920 / 920.2 / 952 / 952.2 Service Manual [PDF] 3.8Mb Download
MTZ 952 / 1220 Hose Kit A X3944 Assembly & Instruction Manual [PDF] 644.4kb Download
MTZ Tractors 900 / 900.3, 920 / 920.2 / 920.3, 950 / 950.3, 952 / 952.2 / 952.3 Operating Manual [PDF] 16.2Mb Download
MTZ-50, MTZ-52, MTZ-50L, MTZ-52L Maintenance Operating Manual [PDF] 29.8Mb Download

Belarus MTZ Tractor Spare Parts Manuals & Catalogues

Title File Size Download Links
Belarus 1220.1, 1220.3, 1220.4 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 39.3Mb Download
Belarus 1221, 1221В, 1221.2, 1221В.2, 1221.3, 1221В.3 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 24Mb Download
Belarus 1221.2, 1221В.2, 1221.3, 1221.4 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 16.1Mb Download
Belarus 1221.4 Deutz Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 38.5Mb Download
Belarus 1221.4 MMZ Catalog of Parts and Assambly Units [PDF] 37.9Mb Download
Belarus 1221.5 Catalog of Parts and Assambly Units [PDF] 37.8Mb Download
Belarus 1222, 1222B, 1523, 1523B Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 22.4Mb Download
Belarus 1523.4 MMZ Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 29.3Mb Download
Belarus 1523.5 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 35.4Mb Download
Belarus 2022, 2022В, 2022.3, 2022В.3 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 16.2Mb Download
Belarus 2022.5 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 24.3Mb Download
Belarus 512, 512.2, 520, 522 Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 18.3Mb Download
Belarus 80.1, 80.3, 80У, 82У, 82.1, 820, 82.3, 82Р, 82П, 90S, 92S, 92SL Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 34.8Mb Download
Belarus 892, 892.2, 892.3 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 45.4Mb Download
Belarus 90, 92 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 14.3Mb Download
Belarus 900, 900.2, 900.3, 920, 920.2, 920.3, 950, 950.2, 950.3, 952, 952.2, 952.3 Catalog of Parts and Assambly Units [PDF] 31.9Mb Download
Belarus 920.4, 952.4 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 43.2Mb Download
Belarus 952.5 MMZ Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 26.1Mb Download

MTZ Belarus Tractor Manuals PDF

The Minsk Tractor Plant’s history began on May 29, 1946. Then he became involved in engine manufacture.

Only in 1953 did the facility reconfigure its manufacturing capacity for tractors. Finally, in 1958, the one-hundred-thousandth tractor to be manufactured in Belarus went off the manufacturing line.

A series of machine improvements and accolades for superior performance and quality for the Minsk Tractor Plant have marked each succeeding year.

The release of the millionth Belarus tractor occurred in 1972.

During the country’s crisis years in the 1990s, sales decreased, but the facility did not lose its export market leadership.

To grow the European market, it was important to certify all manufactured goods, and May of 2000 marked a turning point in the plant’s history when it got the ISO-9001 quality certification.

Not only did the tractor factory begin supplying the European market with its products, but it also began competing effectively with the equipment of other nations.

Today, the factory offers more than a hundred types of tractors that are suitable for operation in a variety of climatic zones and have several distinguishing features.

The ability to aggregate Belarus tractors with various attachments, not only from our own manufacturing but also from other manufacturers, is a tremendous advantage.

Numerous manufacturing complexes support the main facility, make replacement parts, design non-standard extra devices, and repair machinery.

The complete range of Belarusian tractors is tailored to various climatic conditions, allowing equipment to be used in various places.

Using mounted, semi-mounted, and trailed equipment, tractors may become vital agricultural aids for plowing, harvesting, and other tasks, as well as in the utility industry and other fields.


The compact tractor Belarus MTZ-40 is fitted with a 45-horsepower diesel engine that permits reasonable fuel use.

Due to higher ground clearance and a high tread pattern on the tires, the vehicle was distinguished by its off-road performance.

The tractor includes a reverse for all seven gears, allowing it to be utilized for a variety of agricultural and non-agricultural tasks.


Due to the availability of all-wheel drive, the Belarus MTZ-920 and MTZ-921 tractors belong to traction class 1.4 and are characterized by their excellent maneuverability.

The upgraded exterior and interior design of the cabin were created with the driver’s convenience and comfort in mind, which was not the case with prior manufacturing versions.

The 81-horsepower engine was upgraded to meet all European regulations for toxicity and noise.

When comparing photographs of tractors with different modifications, there are no visible variations. The sole difference between the available versions of the MTZ-920 tractor (MTZ-952.2, MTZ-952, MTZ-900, MTZ-590, and MTZ-592) is the horsepower of the engine.


The sole difference between the Belarus MTZ-921 and its equivalent is that the latter has an 89-horsepower engine.

On the market are variants of the Belarus MTZ-921.2 and MTZ-921.3 that differ solely in engine power and torque.

MTZ-50 and MTZ-52

Belarus MTZ-50 and MTZ-52 tractors are renowned in the post-Soviet world for their dependability and lack of pretension.

The 55-horsepower engine consumed 8 l/h of diesel fuel. A transmission has nine forward and two backward gears.

Several factories made several variants of the Belarus MTZ-50 tractor: MTZ 60 and MTZ 62; MTZ 50X and MTZ 50K; T 50 and T 54V; MTZ 50R, MTZ 52N, and MTZ 50L.


The Belarus MTZ 892 tractor has an 89-horsepower engine designed for agricultural operations.

The 3,9-ton tractor is fitted with a strengthened system for the attachment of implements. Moreover, due to the existence of all-wheel drive, the machine can effortlessly navigate complicated terrain and does not skid on sticky ground.

Belarus features a nine-speed transmission with two low-speed settings.

MTZ Belarus Tractor Manuals PDF


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