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NAMCO Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Namco Forklift Manual PDF

North American Manufacturing Company (NAMCO) was founded by Elmer Hansen in 1947. Mr. Hansen created a self-unloading farm wagon in 1941, and he moved his manufacturing operations from Nebraska to Sioux City in 1946. In 1955, a garage measuring 50 by 70 feet was built for use as the first factory in Sioux City. By the late 1950s, the facility was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the rising demand for agricultural products. Previous plant congestion and overpopulation made it more difficult to move movable equipment from one area to another. After looking into the different lift truck vehicles, Elmer Hansen decided that they would be too big to fit in his garage. Due to the lack of a suitable commercially available alternative, Mr. Hansen built his own lift. As it became apparent that there was a need for such a vehicle on a national scale, the truck was rethought and improved, eventually giving rise to a whole new market segment. NAMCO is the brand name of the new forklift.

Three years of research, testing, and refinement culminated in the summer of 1962 when the first NAMCO was released. The company moved to its present site, three miles east of Sioux City on a 15-acre plot. However, the NAMCO forklift truck, shown at the October Products Show in Des Moines, Iowa, and immediately garnering the attention of manufacturers and the market, is available in electric, gasoline, and propane variations.

By 1973, manufacturers had created 10 unique models of self-unloading wagons, with one of them bearing the John Deere name. Before 1975, North American Manufacturing Company not only produced snow blower OEM flighting, but also auger elevators, chisel plows, and other snow removal equipment. The company was purchased in 1978 and renamed NAMCO, Inc. after its new owners, Don Stoterau and Group (George Watsonville, Otto Ermler, and Del Norton). NAMCO, Inc. kept making forklifts and farm equipment. Karl Schaeff GmbH and Company of Germany, our current owner, purchased the company in October 1981 and changed its name to Schaeff-Namco, Inc. Manufacturing of agricultural equipment, forklifts, and a new kind of construction machinery all continued. In March of 1987, Mr. Schaeff renamed the firm he founded to Schaeff, Inc. All that changed was the name. The agricultural equipment line was discontinued, while production and sales of forklifts and construction equipment continued. For Schaeff, 1992 was a watershed year. To make Schaeff the go-to supplier for industrial and construction equipment, a new management team was brought in. In 1993, the market was restocked with stand-up, counterbalance, materials transport vehicle, and tow tractor models. Meanwhile, we launched a new dealer network to aggressively offer our new products to local markets.

The Warehouse Series lift truck, which is electric, stand-up, and counterbalanced, first appeared on the market in 1995. Years of study and development went into making this forklift better than anything else on the market. The greatest value for the client’s material-handling demands is provided by the electric steering, ergonomic working space, upgradable software features, programmable controls, built-in run-time diagnostics, and solid, durable construction. The W90t Turret electric, stand-up, counterbalanced lift truck from Schaeff, Inc.’s Warehousing Series revolutionized the industry in 1997. The W90innovative t’s turret attachment lets you swivel cargo 180 degrees, providing convenient side-to-side maneuverability even in narrow aisles. It has become the norm for forklifts everywhere. To meet the needs of most businesses, Schaeff, Inc. introduced the Echo 3,000 TM electric stand-up counterbalanced forklift in 1999. Its elegant design can raise that much weight and stand an impressive 189.5 inches tall. At long last, the Namco forklift was re-released to the public thanks to Schaeff, Inc. This compact forklift addresses a previously unmet need in the material handling sector by entering previously inaccessible spaces.

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