Oliver Tractor Operators, Workshop and Parts Manuals PDF

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Oliver Tractor Operators, Service, and Parts Manuals are a collection of valuable resources in PDF format for owners, operators, and enthusiasts of Oliver Farm Equipment Company products. These documents provide detailed information, guidelines, and illustrations to help users better understand and maintain their Oliver tractors and equipment.

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Oliver 1600 / 1650 Service Manual [PDF] 56.5Mb Download
Oliver 4240 Plows Parts Manual [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Oliver 550 Service Manual [PDF] 5.4Mb Download
Oliver Row Crop 77 Tractor Brochure [PDF] 2Mb Download
Oliver Tractors Parts Manual [PDF] 6.1Mb Download

Founded in the early 20th century, Oliver Farm Equipment Company produced agricultural machinery in the United States until its purchase by White Motor Corporation in 1960. The Charles City, Iowa-based firm was a major player in the tractor industry for many years. Tractors, plows, and harvesters were all manufactured under the “Oliver” label.

Oliver Farm Equipment Company has made some well-known tractors, such as:

  1. Oliver Row Crop 70 (1937-1948): This tractor was available in standard and row-crop configurations. It had a 6-cylinder engine, producing 30 horsepower at the drawbar.
  2. Oliver 60 (1940-1948): This model was a smaller, more affordable tractor with a 4-cylinder engine, producing 18.5 horsepower at the drawbar.
  3. Oliver 88 (1948-1954): This tractor featured a 6-cylinder engine and produced 45.5 horsepower at the drawbar. It was available in both standard and row-crop configurations.
  4. Oliver Super Series (1954-1958): The Super Series featured upgrades to existing models, including the Super 44, Super 55, Super 66, Super 77, and Super 88, with improved engines, hydraulic systems, and other enhancements.
  5. Oliver 500 (1960-1963): This model was a compact utility tractor produced in partnership with British manufacturer David Brown. It featured a 4-cylinder diesel engine and 37 horsepower.
  6. Oliver 1600 (1960-1964): A mid-sized tractor, 1600, offered 6-cylinder gasoline, LP gas, or diesel engine and produced around 60 horsepower.
  7. Oliver 1800 (1960-1964): This larger tractor model had a 6-cylinder engine with up to 80 horsepower and was available in various configurations, including row-crop, standard, and industrial.
  8. Oliver 1950 (1964-1969): One of the largest tractors produced by Oliver, 1950 featured a turbocharged diesel engine with up to 104 horsepower.

In 1960, White Motor Corporation purchased the Oliver company, bringing it under its wing and other agricultural machineries producers such as Minneapolis-Moline and Cockshutt. The company used the name until the early 1970s when it began marketing its tractors and other farm equipment under the “White” brand.

Oliver Service Manuals PDF

Oliver 600

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  1. steve kissell

    How do we tell if an Oliver 1450 has ampli-couple as a function! Can’t seem to find info on this feature!

  2. steve kissell

    There is a lever on this 1450, on the left side that seems to be hooked up to nothing! Suspect it to be a hand clutch lever? Would that be correct?


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