Palfinger Truck Mounted Forklift Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Palfinger Truck Mounted Forklifts owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Palfinger Crayler CR 45 / 50 / 55 / 65 Technical Manual [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
Palfinger Crayler F3 203 PX 4W Truck Mounted Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 338.9kb Download
Palfinger GLS 55 Truck-mounted Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 5.2Mb Download
Palfinger GT55 HP Technical Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
Palfinger GT55 PALreach Truck Mounted Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 710.6kb Download
Palfinger Modus CR 253 4 Wheel Truck-mounted Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.4Mb Download

Palfinger Forklift Manuals PDF

Forklifts produced in Austria by PALFINGER can be used for lifting, transporting, unloading, loading, and storing cargo. Many product groups of 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 tons make up the model range, with the following models being particularly noteworthy:

  • All-wheel drive helps work without a paved surface;
  • maneuverability allows work in crowded areas;
  • distinctive features include easy installation and mounting on the car and conversion into a side loader;
  • radio control is helpful for complex and hazardous tasks.

Palfinger Crayler

Palfinger’s distinctive little transportable forklift is called the Crayler BM.

The loader platform features four wheels, all of which are hydraulically driven. Rear-wheel drive-only LITE packages are also available for purchase.

The primary goal of Crayler BM is to perform loading and unloading tasks at the point of cargo delivery without involving the loaders of the customer. This shortens the time required for unloading and enables cargo transportation directly to where it will be used or to areas inaccessible to trucks.

The forklift’s enormous load capacity, compactness, outstanding mobility, and cross-country capability make its capabilities exceptional.

The “breaking” frame causes the loader to spin (folding the front and rear half-frames). This engineering choice greatly enhances mobility.

The loader’s design elements have a variety of benefits over conventional transportable forklifts.


  • Overall dimensions (l / w / h) – 2430/1950/1925 mm
  • Maximum load capacity (depending on model) – 1500/1800/2100 kg
  • Engine – diesel / 34.4 hp.
  • Maximum lifting height – 2850 mm
  • Own weight – from 1485 kg
Palfinger Forklift Manuals PDF

Palfinger Crayler

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