Pengpu Bulldozer Operating, Maintenance and Parts Manuals PDF

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Pengpu Bulldozer owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, tech specs, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Pengpu Bulldozers Technical Data [PDF] 350.7kb Download
Pengpu PD140-2 / PD140-3 Crawler Bulldozer Parts Book [PDF] 12.3Mb Download
Pengpu PD165 Bulldozer Parts Manual [PDF] 14.7Mb Download
Pengpu PD165Y Technical Data [PDF] 6.8Mb Download
Pengpu PD220Y / PD220YS Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
Pengpu PD220Y-1 Technical Data [PDF] 110.5kb Download
Pengpu PD320Y-6 Bulldozer Technical Specification [PDF] 2.4Mb Download

Pengpu Bulldozer Manuals PDF

The collection of documents listed includes technical data, parts manuals, and operator and maintenance manuals for various models of Pengpu bulldozers. The technical data documents provide specifications such as engine power, operating weight, and dimensions for the PD165Y, PD220Y-1, and PD320Y-6 models. The parts manuals provide detailed diagrams and lists of components for the PD140-2, PD140-3, and PD165 bulldozer models, which can be used to identify and order replacement parts. Finally, the operator’s and maintenance manuals offer guidance on operating and maintaining the PD220Y and PD220YS bulldozer models, including safety precautions, inspection and maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting tips. These documents can be helpful for technicians, mechanics, and operators who work with Pengpu bulldozers and need detailed information to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Pengpu Bulldozers

Shanghai Pengpu Machine Building Plant Co., Ltd. is a Chinese machinery manufacturer established in 1959. The company is primarily engaged in the research, development, production, and sale of construction machinery, including bulldozers, excavators, and loaders.

One of the most well-known products manufactured by Shanghai Pengpu Machine Building Plant Co., Ltd. is the Pengpu bulldozer. The company has a range of bulldozers with different specifications and capabilities, including the PD165Y-1, the PD220Y-1, and the PD320Y-1.

The PD165Y-1 bulldozer has a net power of 120 kW and an operating weight of 17.7 tons. It is suitable for earthmoving, road construction, and mining operations. The PD220Y-1 bulldozer has a net power of 162 kW and an operating weight of 23.5 tons, and it is ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as mining and quarrying. The PD320Y-1 bulldozer has a net power of 235 kW and an operating weight of 38.5 tons, and it is suitable for large-scale earthmoving projects.

Overall, Pengpu bulldozers are known for their durability, reliability, and high performance. As a result, they have been used in various construction and mining projects in China and other countries around the world.

PengPu Bulldozer Manuals PDF

PengPu PD165Y

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